Merry Master In The City

Chapter 196 Miss Catkins? !!

Chapter 196 Miss Catkins? !!

Qin Wei was put up by more than a dozen disciples and out of the Baicao Pavilion, Qin Wei wanted to escape, but one punch was more than 20 punches. How can he escape! The big disciple headed in front of him, unsmiling, looking no different from Han Dali! This makes Qin Wei very upset! Anyway, I'm also Han Nianxing's disciple. Is your second brother using this? !!

"I said, brother, where are you taking me?" Qin Wei grinned, asking if he was right, and that he was also a disciple in the door, and he should always give me this face.

"Go and see Uncle." The big disciple said with a serious face. His name was Han Fei, a law enforcement disciple at Changshengmen, which was equivalent to discipline. If he discovered any disciples who violated the rules, he would definitely know Where Han is moral, the biggest feature of Han Fei is his integrity. No matter who you are, if you do it wrong, you will never spare you.

Nima, I guess there is nothing wrong. Except for the old man of Han Daxi, who wants to be so nosy!

"Brother, you caught the wrong person, the thief is not me!" Qin Wei felt the need to tell him things, and now the chasing the little girl who stole the medicine is still in a hurry, if it is late, it may not be caught.

Han Fei walked in front, holding his head upright, like a victorious rooster, saying, "I only see you in Baicaoge!"

"There is also a female thief, who just fled through the window before you brought someone." Qin Wei continued, and he really couldn't accept the fact that the woman stole the long grass in front of himself!

After hearing Qin Wei's words, Han Fei stopped and turned to stare at Qin Wei and asked, "Since there are female robbers, why don't you chase them?"

"I rub? Let me go chase? I haven't waited to chase it, you hold me up!" Qin Weidao said, if Han Fei didn't ask this question, he couldn't remember it, you two More than a dozen people came up and stopped me without saying a word. I haven't come to your theory yet!

"You said that there are female robbers in Baicao Pavilion, so what about you? Why did you appear here so late?" Han Feizhi asked. He was upright, and in his eyes there was only the Changsheng Gate, and no one else. He will never forgive Ruansheng's interests!

Qin Wei stared at Han Fei, who was about the same height, and saw that he had thick eyebrows, a Chinese character face, and a very straight waist plate, exuding a sense of integrity from the inside out.

"I think you look good, why is your head so axis? You have asked me this time, and you have already caught up with the flying thief!" Qin Wei said with all his brains that he had just been in his heart, and he had been Han Fei Anger is about to stomp. Changsheng grass is very important to catkins. Now I lost it. How can I explain to her? I could go after her but was not controlled by Han Fei. I could only watch Changsheng grass fall into the hands of the robber. His heart is bleeding!

Qin Wei is right, Han Fei is a straight, straight! And it wo n’t turn! He identified Qin Wei as a thief, then Qin Wei said hundreds of reasons, and he will not change himself, so he asked: "You have not answered my question, why do you appear in Bai Cao Ge, do you not know Is that a forbidden area in the door? "

God! Help me! Qin Wei was completely defeated by Han Fei, and he sighed, remembering that silence was golden, so he chose to make a gold.

Han Fei looked at Qin Wei, still expressionless, saying: "You have the right to remain silent, but every sentence you say will become a testimony!"

I go to Nima! Qin Wei feels that Han Fei is standing in front of himself like an iceberg. What's so special about it is the male version of Han Luoxue! Why is Nima's Longevity Gate so amazing? Qin Wei is now saying that Tiantian should not be called earth to be ineffective. He came to steal the growing grass himself, and the grass was not stolen. He was also mistaken for a thief. He really lost his wife and killed him!

Qin Wei knew that he did n’t believe what Han Fei said, so he did n’t say it. The result was that he was taken to Ziyunju. In the face of several elders, he knew that it was going to be a storm waiting for him.

"Qin Wei, got into trouble again?" Han Qingyan walked in, how clever she was, and looked at the battle in the hall to understand one or two points, so she walked in front of Qin Wei and smiled at the corner of her eyes: "You really are No long memory. "

Han Qingyan once reminded Qin Wei to let him pay attention to romance, but Qin Wei still behaved as he did, and it seemed that his words were free.

Qin Wei heard this sentence, blinked his eyes, and pretended to be pitiful, saying, "Uncle, I was really misunderstood this time!"

"Qin Wei, which time have you not been misunderstood?" Han Qing Yan raised her eyebrows. She knew Qin Wei so well. Qin Wei's personality was the same. He farted and slap others in fact, so Qin Wei said this. It has nothing to do with him, it must have something to do with her.

Han Qingyan and Qin Wei were the closest. Although she was wearing a robe, she was wearing a layer of red veil on the outside, which made Han Qingyan, who had been a curse to the country and the people, a little more charming. The neckline of the robe was very low. Qin Wei looked down. , You can see the touch of Han Qingyan's chest, really big! Visual inspection is bigger than He Qin! This uncle is really a stunner on earth!

Han Qingyan, a fairy-like figure, did not know the mind of the man. When she saw Qin Wei's drool, she knew what he was thinking, but Han Qingyan was used to it, and any man who had met her had no dislike. What's wrong is that Qin Wei's performance is too obvious.

"Since you came to this longevity gate, I have never slept well, and my skin is slack, oh ~" Han Qingyan yawned, raising his hand to show that he was somewhat lazy and charming.

Nima! Would you like to seduce me like this, uncle! Qin Wei said in his heart that every time he saw Han Qingyan, he felt uncontrollable.

Han Qingyan is right. Since Qin Wei came, Ziyunju has become very lively. Just when Qin Wei is always in trouble in the middle of the night, Han Qingyan is about to get up in the middle of the night to come to Ziyunju. She feels like she's getting old these days. How old.

"Uncle, you are all over the country, you are not old, and if you look closely, you thought that you were a flower of eighteen girls!" Qin Wei was swayed by Han Qingyan's words, so he also slaps his uncle, After teasing the little girl and uncle, the fun is endless!

"I know how poor you are, and see how your three uncles clean up in a while!" Han Qingyan said close to Qin Wei's ear.

When the two were close, the rouge smell of Han Qingyan permeated the air.

Fragrant! This fragrance! Qin Wei sucked his nose a few times. Han Qingyan's smell was not like the chemical smell of perfume, but like a natural floral fragrance, which can refresh the heart and make people feel uncomfortable.

"Violent!" Han Qingyan laughed and cursed, his eyes were affectionate, his lips smiled, and he looked like a dead man.

Just when Qin Wei and Han Qingyan were joking, Han Fei had told the story of the incident to Han Dali, and saw that Han Dali ’s complexion changed from white to red, to black, and finally to white, showing how his heart went through Some distance.

Han Fei set aside all the things and he just stepped aside. He is just a disciple. The matter here is still up to the elders.


Han Daxi patted the table angrily, and said angrily, "Qin Wei, where did you get the longevity grass!"

Changsheng Cao is the treasure of Changshengmen, not to mention how much it is worth. The Changsheng grass in Baicao Pavilion is the only one in Changshengmen, and it is to be saved by the savior. Now it is stolen. pissed off.

Han Nianxing sat in a chair and closed his eyes, as if these things had nothing to do with him.

Qin Wei glanced at his master. He was accustomed to Han Nianxing's silence. It seemed that he could only rely on himself, so he said, "I said that the longevity grass was stolen by a female robber. You do n’t believe it, what do I have Method!"

"What a female flying thief!" Han Daxi said, Han Fei didn't tell himself just now.

"Uncle, Qin Wei said that Changsheng grass was stolen by a female flying thief, but when I rushed to the attic, I saw only Qin Wei." Han Fei falsely accused himself of seeing nothing. Add oil and vinegar.

"Master, Qin Wei must have gone to Baicaoge to steal medicine for the cat named Liu Su."

At that moment, Han Shengwu, who had suffered a few slaps from Qin Wei, suddenly appeared in Ziyunju and stared at Qin Weidao.

Well, why is he everywhere? It seemed that he was playing too lightly, Qin Wei shook his head, only to blame himself for being too kind.

"Why are you here!" Han Mori said angrily, apparently still angry with Han Shengwu. Originally he and Qin Wei had conflicts. Now let's make fun of it again.

"Master, I heard that Changsheng grass was stolen, and came here to take a look." Han Shengwu humbly said, Han Dazhi's slap made him dare not collide with Master, so respectfully: "Master, think carefully, the name is Liu Su. In order to cure Qin Wei, he took Changsheng grass. Maybe Qin Wei stole the medicine just to return catkins.

Han Shengwu, who rubbed your grandma's legs! Qin Wei greeted him over and over again in his heart, what a pity! When I'm hurt, I have to hit you a peach blossom!

After listening to Han Shengwu's words, Han Daci thought that his analysis was also reasonable. If it was Liu Su, she would return it, so he asked, "Qin Wei, did you give the stolen long-lived grass to Liu Su?"

"I'll say it again last time. I didn't take long grass. If you don't believe me, you can go to Liu Su and ask for it!" Qin Wei looked stunned, yelling at Han Shengwu: "Somebody wants to pour dirty water on me , But my Qin Weixing is doing straight, I'm not afraid! "

"Who do you say is a villain!" Han Shengwu asked in return: "Everyone knows that catkins are here to grow grass. If you lost your medicine, you two are most suspicious and you want to argue?"

You can insult me, but you can't insult Liu Su, Qin Wei immediately rushed to hear Han Shengwu's words: "Han Shengwu lying in bed, your uncle! Did I hit you too lightly, did not cure your broken mouth!"

enough! Just then Han Nianxing couldn't stand the shout. The two men hit each other as soon as they met. Is it because the constellations are different?

"Is it taken by Liu Su? If you do n’t know, just ask." Han Nianxing then asked her disciples to invite Liu Su.

Qin Wei was very happy to hear Han Nianxing's words. It was indeed his master who was still towards himself. Anyway, the medicine had stolen the female thief. As soon as Liu Su came over to confirm it, she was innocent.

"Not good!" At this moment, the disciple who just ran out came back and said, "Second Master, Liu Su is gone!"

"What ?! Gone ?!" Qin Wei was surprised!

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