Merry Master In The City

Chapter 198 Awakening the Master!

Chapter 198 Awakening the Master!

Han Qingyan was gone, and Qin Wei was not there for him. Now he is alone, surrounded by a dozen disciples. Although Qin Wei is a little bad, he is also principled. Although his purpose of going to Baicaoge is not pure, But he didn't steal the medicine, he would never admit it!

"Qin Wei, I'm giving you a chance at the end, as long as you hand over the long-life grass, I will spare you!" Han Dadao turned his back on Qin Wei, giving indescribable majesty and domineering, Han Dadao has not found it for many years This feeling, if it is not Qin Wei's violation, he really feels that he is old.

"I really can't stand it! Don't the people in Changshengmen have a brain?" Qin Wei said helplessly, he really felt that he was playing the ox on the cow. For a long time, they just didn't know how to do it. , Caught the robber long ago! Not afraid of enemies like God, but also teammates like Pig! Qin Wei knows it now!

Qin Wei doesn't care about anything now. Since you don't believe me, I'll follow you!

"Who says you don't have a brain!" Han Shengwu said, now that the uncle is gone, who will help you? Find a chance to learn from you!

"Say you! You! And you!" Qin Wei pointed three fingers at Han Shengwu, Han Dali, and Han Fei. Han Dali turned his back on Qin Wei and could not see his movements, otherwise he would have to beard and stare. .

Qin Wei came to Han Shengwu and said, "You! You are just a virtuous person with a sour and mean look! How can you like you, Bacheng will bother you now!"

After Qin Wei scolded Han Shengwu, he did not stop! Because the unhappiness in his heart has not been exhausted!

"And you!" Qin Wei came to Han Fei, stared at him and taught: "You, as a law enforcement disciple, let go of the real thief. If I were a thief, would I call a thief and catch a thief? Don't forget I called for the thief, and you came up! I'm going to stand silly and let you catch ?! "

After waiting for Han Fei to answer, Qin Wei pointed to Han Dadao and said: "There are you! Elders for law enforcement! Unreasonable, black and white! Just listen to one side of the word! Make a conclusion! How many times have I said that I did n’t take the medicine? Yes! If it was really what I took, I would have handed it over now! Waiting for the board! I am not stupid! "

Qin Wei is like a laser gun. He vomits all the people in the house. He is now in the same mood as constipation for a long time. He finally feels so happy that Qin Wei is pulled out. Qin Wei is comfortable, but everyone else in the room looks like constipation. In the same way, especially in Han Dali, Tie Qing's face is like it has been inconvenient for a long time.

"End of scolding?" Han Dali turned and stared at Qin Wei with a black face.

Everyone in the room was afraid to speak, and even Han Shengwu was panting carefully, because he knew that Master was really angry!

"It's over!" Qin Wei sat on the chair with his hips turned, and deliberately didn't look at these people.

"Qin Wei, regardless of whether you took the longevity grass, I will hit you today! What you hit is that you do not follow the rules and break into Baicaoge. Why do you go to Baicaoge? Only you know the best!" Tao said, Qin Wei has stopped looking at himself today, so tomorrow is Changshengmen, how could he allow such things to happen.

"Okay! Don't you want to hit me! Come on! If I blink, I'll follow your surname!" Qin Wei shook his shirt and put on a look of fearlessness, saying: "But Han morality, Don't blame me for not reminding you. "

Qin Wei looked at the people around him, then walked in front of Han Dazhi, whispering in his ear: "You can beat me, you can also kill me, but don't forget, you killed me, Who will save your gatekeeper! "

"Oh! Qin Wei, are you threatening me?" Han Dali asked, staring at Qin Wei: "No one has dared to threaten for more than 20 years!"

"Then I will be the first one!" Qin Wei did not fall in the slightest! He stared at Han Dato, without fear.

"Our gatekeeper? Aren't you the gate of the Changsheng gate ?!" Han morality said, Qin Wei has already entered the gate of the Changsheng gate, and even opened his mouth to shut down your gatekeeper. This doesn't even consider himself a gatekeeper!

Qin Wei originally thought what Han Mori would say, but he didn't expect to question himself with the longevity gate. Well, I'll just talk to you.

"Why have you ever considered me a part of the Changsheng Gate? When your apprentice and Han Sheng came up against me, why didn't you come out to preside over justice? Why do you believe what Han Fei said, and you do n’t believe me when I say, Why do n’t you believe me if I do anything? ”Qin Wei shouted, since everything has been said about this, there is no need to hide it, say it early!

"You are stubborn by nature, misbehaving, and have no respect for what you say! Who would believe it?" This is Han Dao's first impression of Qin Wei, and it has never changed. It shows how much he sees Qin Wei.

"What do you think I would like to stay at the Changsheng Gate?" Qin Wei said.

"If you don't want to, you can get off!" Han Mori roared.

The disciples watching around have been deterred by the majesty of Han Mori. Now no one dares to interject, stop to stay here, and retreats. They don't want to provoke the uncle.

Han Fei looked at Qin Wei. Qin Wei's scolding him was not unreasonable. When he took someone upstairs, he did hear Qin Wei's call for help, so he wouldn't call a thief to catch a thief. There might be another person, Han Fei shakes. After shaking his head, I still choose to leave this right and wrong place. Even if he believed Qin Wei's words now, it would not help.

"Are you still early?" Han Fei martial arts to Han Sheng beside him.

"If you want to go, I will be busy while watching." Han Shengwu whispered.

"Carefully lift the stone and hit your own foot!" Han Fei said coldly, he was upright, he hated falsification and reversed right and wrong, so he would prefer to be against a real villain like Qin Wei and a hypocrite like Han Shengwu. Be friends.

Qin Wei's scolding not only made him reflect, but also made him arrogant. Qin Wei, I remember your name, Han Fei walked out of the other hospital and said in his heart, it seems that occasionally fresh blood comes in. .

"Go away! Why don't I go now!" After Qin Wei opened his sleeve and left, he could finally leave this broken place, and I can finally go back to meet you! Qin Wei was excited when he thought about it. He hasn't seen Liu Yihan for so many days. I don't know how she is now, is she still thinking about herself.

"Wait, you can go, but ..." Han Dali stopped suddenly, and then said to Han Shengwu: "Sheng Wu, go out first."

"Master, me?" Han Shengwu pointed to his face, confirming that the master was not wrong, and he didn't do anything. Why did he drive me away?

"Go out, I have something to say to Qin Wei." Han Dazhi ordered, and he didn't want to say it twice.

"Oh." Han Shengwu shouted, then retreated.

Rub your uncle! Before Han Shengwu went out, Qin Wei did not forget to give him a middle finger.

After Han Shengwu left, Han Dali turned to Qin Wei and said, "You want to go, can you always threaten me with the doorkeeper? I promise you, as long as you wake up the longevity, I will let you go."

"Really ?!" Qin Wei confirmed.

"Really!" Han Dadao said.

"How to save?" Qin Wei asked, but his heart was already grassed at this time. As long as he woke up the doorkeeper himself, he could go down the mountain and see the lady, and after a few days of hermit life, think about it as a city suitable for himself!

"Change blood!"

"Okay, I promise you!" Qin Weixin swore, Miss, wait, I'll go back to meet you!

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