Merry Master In The City

Chapter 199: Blood Transfusion!

Chapter 199: Blood Transfusion!

Qin Wei knows that Han Nianxing accepted himself as an apprentice in order to make him the host Han Changsheng. As long as he changed his blood to Han Changsheng to wake him up, then Qin Wei could go down the mountain. He was so angry tonight because he was black first. Women play first, and are framed behind by fellow students! Coupled with Liu Xue's goodbye, his mood is very unstable, which is commonly known as mental disorders!

In fact, Qin Wei has always had a doubt. Tonight, even the uncle who has always been above the top, came to the court to plead for himself. Where did his master Han Nianxing go? Where are you going to drink again? Drink it, no wonder you hit your bachelor all your life, deserve it! Qin Wei muttered in his heart.

Qin Wei followed Han Dao through the courtyard, through the garden, and finally came to the willow garden. The yard is quiet and elegant, especially the large willow tree with long leafy leaves. It is estimated that this tree is older than arrogant. Han Does Longevity Live Here? It's quite chic here, it's a good place to cultivate.

Qin Wei looked around. In Qin Wei's impression, a career as big as the doorkeeper, the residence is also the kind of brilliant, but there is nothing else in this courtyard except flowers and grass, except for the static one. Where people live is nothing strange.

Han Dadao pushed open the door of the room and took Qin Wei in.

As soon as Qin Wei entered the room door, he followed Han Dazhi to the bedroom. Since Han Changsheng has been sleeping for more than 20 years, he must be lying in bed.

"Let ’s all go out." Han Daxi said to several servants, who were specially invited to take care of the longevity in the door. They have never made mistakes in the past 20 years, but the blood exchange is a matter of confidentiality. May let them stay in the room.

Several maids nodded, didn't ask much, and then backed out, as if they were very afraid of Han Daxi, but Han Daxi had a face every day, not afraid of him!

After they all went out, Han Daxi went to the bed and said to Qin Wei, "Can't you just say hello to your uncle?"

greet? Isn't he alive and dead? How to say hello? Although Qin Wei was puzzled, thinking that this might be the last thing to do for Changshengmen, he came to the bed.

"This is the gatekeeper, is it too young to be too long?"

Qin Wei looked at Han Changsheng who was drowsy in bed, and saw that he was slender, his sword and eyebrows were strong, his nose was high, his lips were rosy, and his face was like a knife. This is a living dead man. This is obviously a beautiful man. !! Has he really been lethargic for twenty years? Qin Wei couldn't believe his eyes.

Even lying on the bed, Qin Wei could feel the elegance of Han Changsheng's body. It can be seen how many thousands of girls he should have lost 20 years ago! Fortunately, he was faint, otherwise he would have another competitor.

Qin Wei wanted to reach out and touch Han Changsheng, but before he felt it, he felt a cold air condense in the air.

"Why is it so cold ?!" Qin Wei couldn't help crying out. This cold was not like the weather, but the cold in the ice caves of Hanyao.

"This is cold poison, and as time goes by, the toxins will enter his blood." Han morality said.

Han Dadao took out the knives for surgery. He told Qin Wei: "We have tried 10,000 methods, and none of them can release the poison in Changsheng. You are the only hope now."

"Don't forget the promise you just made." Qin Wei reminded Han Mori again that he didn't want to be accounted for after the fall. Although Han Moral was good, Han Shengwu was very poor.

It ’s really a villain ’s heart for a gentleman ’s belly. If it ’s not your Qin Wei who is still useful, Han Daxi will not leave him at the Changsheng Gate, so he said, “Relax, as long as you wake up the Changsheng, I will let you down . "

"Okay! Let's get started." Qin Wei agreed quickly, he was not stingy, so he asked, "How can I save it?"

Han Dali's eyes shot a light suddenly, saying: "Change blood!"

After finishing this sentence, Han Dadao immediately set off and clicked Qin Wei's acupoint at a very fast speed. Qin Wei couldn't move for a while.

"Hey! What do you point me to?" Qin Wei shouted, is this the legendary sunflower point acupoint on TV? I thought these were shot by the director to deceive the children. I didn't expect to experience it today. The moment I was clicked was so numb, and then I lost consciousness and couldn't move.

Han Daxi did not speak. He took out a scalpel from the medicine box. This knife was much larger than the catkin's silver knife. The sharp edge of the knife made people feel chilling. Looking at Han Changsheng, he held the knife gently. With a swipe on his wrist, Han Changsheng's wrist immediately broke his mouth and bleed blood.

"Why is this blood black? Is it related to poisoning?" Qin Wei questioned in his heart. Is this bloodletting? The poisonous blood is released, but the toxin has been precipitated in the body for twenty years.

Han Daxi took the second knife out of the pill box and walked towards Qin Wei with a serious face.

"What are you going to do with Han Dazhi!" Qin Wei looked at Han Dadai and exclaimed. Is he going to use Han Changsheng to attack himself? This trick is really so insidious that it really has its masters!

"Why, don't you want to go down the mountain? You can go down the mountain completely with this sword!" Han Daxi sneered, where was Qin Wei who was not afraid just now? How can you be scared when you see the knife now. How can such a person stay at the Changsheng Gate and only shame the martial arts!

"Han Dazhi! Don't dare to strike me, I won't let you go!" Qin Wei shouted, pulling his neck. He now has numbness in all parts of his body except his neck. Now he understands what it means to eat fish. Already.

"Less nonsense!" Han Dali shouted, grabbed Qin Wei's arm with his left hand, and went down with his right hand!

"Don't!" Qin Wei closed his eyes and seemed to say goodbye to this world, Miss, Liu Su, Qianer, you may never see me again.

"What's the name! Isn't it just a cut? It's not killing the pig!" Han Daxi cursed, and he should have stuffed Qin Wei's mouth, calling and screaming, just like killing the pig. .

Hearing Han Dazhi's words, Qin Wei opened his eyes and looked down, only to find that his wrist had just been cut, and blood was flowing out slowly.

"Why don't I have any consciousness?" Qin Wei murmured softly. Shouldn't there be pain?

"I sealed your acupuncture points and temporarily paralyzed your nerves, so you can't feel it, otherwise you don't know what to call it!" Han Dali was expressionless, with a serious face, exchanging blood is extremely Slow things, if you do not seal the acupuncture points, then Qin Wei will definitely lose too much blood.

"I didn't expect you to have such a kind time." Qin Wei stared at Han Dadao, he found that when Han Dadao was not angry, he was quite gentle.

Han Dali ignored Qin Wei, took his arm directly, pressed Qin Wei's wrist against Han Changsheng's wrist, and then used internal force to press Qin Wei's blood into Han Changsheng's body.

I rub? Qin Wei has been stunned by the scene in front of him. He is really ignorant of living in the city. He has never seen such a blood transfusion method for the first time. Or my blood is universal, anyone can use it.

"I said it was almost enough. It was enough. I lost my consciousness when I lost!" Qin Wei said in a small air. He watched his blood flow into the body of others and felt a little uncomfortable. The feeling was like his own child shouting. Like other dads.

Han Dali has a dignified face, and has no time to deal with Qin Wei, and has been concentrating on blood transfusion!

"When the master wakes up, I will go down the mountain, and no one of you should stop me." Qin Weijue himself could not let his blood flow, let alone Han Nianxing promised himself that the things in Changshengmen were free to pick, so Qin Wei shamelessly said: "I said it well at the beginning. I completed the task. I chose whatever I wanted at Changshengmen. I didn't want anything else, and the jade garden belonged to me."

Qin Wei was thinking about his wishful thinking. Cuiyuyuan has a good scenery. He can come here with the young lady to travel.

Han Mori's face became more and more ugly. His brother said that Qin Wei's demon blood could save Changsheng, but he had already transfused blood to him. Why didn't Changsheng wake up? Did you use the wrong method? Han morality said in his heart.

"You can't save eternal life like this." A voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

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