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201 Seven wounded door!

201 Seven wounded door!

In the martial arts, there are countless ancient martial arts like Changshengmen, but because of their martial arts battles 20 years ago, many martial arts have been destroyed. There are positives and evils in the rivers and lakes. Changshengmen is the representative of the decent school, and the seven wounded gates. It is an evil faction, and the two factions are already enemies and never communicate.

Seven wound gates followed the Fire Dragon Association to attack the decent group together, and were later resisted by Han Changsheng and other decent factions. Cao Xing was wounded and killed in the attack. So far, the seven wound gates never appeared in the rivers and lakes. Yes, but this does not prove that the Seven Injuries Gate disappeared, because they are planning to make a comeback.

Cao Bao is the current goalkeeper of Seven Injured Doors. He is Cao Xing's son. He is also over 30 years old this year. For more than 20 years, he has been planning how to avenge his father, how to kill Han Changsheng, and destroy Changsheng Gate. He has also worked hard for this, but has not found a feasible solution. The biggest reason is that the strength of the Seven Injuries is no longer in the past.

The Tiger and Leopard Garden is the residence of Cao Bao. There used to be a tiger and a leopard, but after the school was lonely, they were all returned to the forest.

"Master, there is a distinguished guest who wants to see you." At this time the housekeeper came in respectfully, this old man, his hair has been grayed out after years of baptism.

"Noble guest? Oh, seven wounded doors haven't been asked for twenty years, but now there are noble people to come in? It's ironic." Cao Bao sat on a stone chair and laughed at himself. There was no rejection, and no one was willing to cooperate with a martial that was almost destroyed.

"That master means no see?" The housekeeper asked tentatively, and if he didn't see him, he would reject them.

"See, Da Lao Yuan can find the seven wounded door. Isn't it possible that they can't bear their hard work?" Cao Bao revealed a kind of fun in the eyes, he will not miss any opportunity to revenge, he wants to let Qi The injured door returned to Wulin, and everyone talked about the tiger's discoloration. All he had to do was this tiger!

Two men are waiting for the news of Cao Bao in front of the Seven Wound Gate Mountain. One of them is wearing a robe with a slender face and a slender figure, and looks very chic, while the other is not tall, less than one meter seven, wearing He was in black clothes, and he was wearing a black cloak behind him, as if he were not a person in this world.

"Master Chen Tang, why do you have a soft spot for the Seven Wounds Gate?" The very handsome man asked the man in black next to him, and it seemed that they were both martial arts people.

"Old friend, it doesn't take much trouble to cooperate, are you right?" The man in black answered the man's question in a way of asking questions. He was satisfied with the handsome man in front of him, so he took him to Qi Discuss major events.

"It seems that Chen Tangzhu is ready." The handsome man laughed, but in his heart he scolded Chen Qingmu for being a slippery head, but if he wants to make a big deal, he must be friends with such a serious person, otherwise If you become an enemy, it will cause you a lot of trouble.

"Do not do unprepared things is our consistent principle of Qingmutang." When Chen Qingmu said these words, his face showed a great confidence, although he was not tall, but the kind of mad temperament I had revealed , People dare not underestimate.

The handsome man heard the words of the man in black and sneered: "So you can disturb the martial arts dogs." He actually disdains to cooperate with people like Chen Qingmu, but the reality makes him have no choice but to choose Can be so.

"Why don't you say that you are decent or incompetent?" Chen Qingmu's eyes were full of playfulness, and he looked at the handsome man with a victorious attitude, and said, "Since ancient times, the winner is the king and the loser is the king. If I were you , Will never die for decent people, isn't it worth it? "

"Oh!" The handsome man only smiled awkwardly when he heard it. The man understood Chen Qingmu's meaning. He was insulting himself, but he did not care about the big ones. He didn't care about personal honor and shame, as long as he could sit at the doorkeeper Location, what's all this!

Chen Qingmu looked at the handsome man, and his heart was full of pride. He is such a person. I can achieve you or ruin you. If I want to hold my thigh, it depends on whether you are obedient.

"Two guests, please come with me." Just then, the mountain door opened, and the housekeeper came out of it.

The steward took the two men up the mountain, and Chen Qingmu and the man walked behind, intentionally pulling away from the steward, showing that Chen Qingmu was cautious.

"It's true that you said that, he did see us." The handsome man and Chen Qingmu walked side by side. He was still worried about whether Cao Bao would meet them, but he did not expect Chen Qingmu to guess.

Chen Qingmu smiled arrogantly: "He sees us as expected, if not, it is unexpected."

"How can you be so sure?" The handsome man frowned, and he didn't like the arrogance of Chen Qingmu.

"Because I can give Cao Bao what he wants most, just like you give you what you want most." Chen Qingmu's face was frivolous. For more than 20 years, he has been too low-key. Now is the time of arrogance and arrogance. !!

The handsome man was lost in thought after listening. He was reconsidering the advantages and disadvantages brought by his cooperation with Chen Qingmu. People like Chen Qingmu were too terrible. If they accidentally, they would be stabbed with a knife behind him. lose.

The handsome man looked at the seven wounded doors, and found that it was very barren, just like no one lived, very gloomy.

"Two of us, our young master is inside." The steward took the two to the door of the Tiger and Leopard Garden and left on their own.

Chen Qingmu looked up at the plaque on his head. If he remembered correctly, the last time he came here was twenty years ago, when Cao Xing was still there.

The deceased had gone, Chen Qingmu shook his head helplessly and entered the Tiger and Leopard Garden. The two did not take a few steps to see Cao Bao sitting on a stone bench. There was a scar on the nose.

After seeing the person, Cao Bao didn't react at all, and he didn't need to react at all, as long as he braked statically.

"You look a lot like your father." Chen Qingmu took the lead. Before Cao Bao opened his mouth, Chen Qingmu had already guessed Cao Bao's thoughts. It is very simple, because Cao Bao already wrote all his thoughts on his face.

After listening, Cao Bao raised his eyebrows and moved the scar on his face.

"Do you know my father?" Cao Bao said, but in his impression, he had never seen this person.

"Twenty years ago we were very familiar. To be precise, we have fought together side by side." Chen Qingmu said.

Cao Bao looked at Chen Qingmu. He didn't like the man's tone of speech very much, as if he always seemed to be planning.

"The Seven Wounds Gate has been retreating for more than 20 years. Others have never known where we are. You are here today, not just for the sake of recounting the old." Cao Bao looked proud and asked Chen Qingmu without looking. You treat yourself as a person, and I don't take you seriously.

"Nothing wrong, I really didn't come to you to talk about the old as simple as that." Chen Qingmu was a little direct to admire Cao Bao, after all, no one dared to talk to himself like this for a long time, except for that man.

"Then why did you come here?" Cao Bao said directly, he didn't give Chen Qingmu face, what about knowing my father, anyway, I don't know you.

"Come for what you think." Chen Qingmu smiled.

The handsome man was always standing beside him, just listening to the conversation between the two, without any indication, here only Chen Qingmu was alone, and the reason why Chen Qingmu brought himself was just to use himself.

"Oh!" Cao Bao sneered, "Zi Fei Yu, the joy of An Zhi Yu?"

"The child is not me, Anzhi, I don't know the joy of fish?" Chen Qingmu asked profoundly. I have eaten more salt than you have eaten. Without two brushes, dare to come to the seventh door?

Cao Bao looked at Chen Qingmu with a stiff and cold expression. He didn't expect the man to ask himself, so he said, "Want to cooperate with me, but you didn't even tell me by name, wasn't it polite?"

Want to know my name? Quite simply, Chen Qingmu laughed and said arrogantly: "Fire Dragon Club, Qing Mu Tang, Chen Qing Mu!"

Fire Dragon Club? !! Cao Bao couldn't believe his ears!

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