Merry Master In The City

Chapter 202: Big Things Can Come!

Chapter 202: Big Things Can Come!

Is the fire dragon society that their father followed them 20 years ago? !! Cao Bao was awakened by memories. He was still a child. He didn't know what happened. He only knew that Cao Xing had never been back when he went to Changsheng Mountain. This also made Cao Bao's hatred for Changsheng Gate slow. Deepen slowly.

In the past 20 years, Cao Bao gradually transformed from a young master to the master of the door, and also carried the banner of the Seven Injury Gate on his shoulder, but the Seven Injury Gate has no more glory than before.

"Don't the fire dragon disappear on the rivers and lakes?" Cao Bao said. He heard the steward said that the fire dragon would have suffered a lot in the past. Why did it suddenly come out now? He didn't understand it. A martial artist who had disappeared for twenty years suddenly appeared in front of you, and whoever put it on, would be cautious.

"Disappeared? Haha!" Chen Qingmu Yangtian laughed. "Did Caomen never hear that sentence?"

"What is it?" Cao Bao asked the opportunity.

Chen Qingmu stared at Cao Bao, saying one word at a time: "If you don't sing, it's amazing!"

This sentence of Chen Qingmu moved Cao Bao's heart. His 20 years of tolerance was one day and it was a blockbuster!

"In the past 20 years, our fire dragon will be recuperating like your Seven Wounds Gate, so that it is now making a comeback, don't you want to dominate the martial arts?" Chen Qingmu stared at Cao Baodao, persuading Cao Bao that he came to Seven Wounds For the purpose, he needs a leader, Cao Bao is the best choice.

The handsome man stood next to Chen Qingmu. His face was dull, but he just listened to the conversation between Chen Qingmu and Cao Bao. Now he feels that Chen Qingmu can become the master of the fire dragon society. It is a simple conversation based on his strength. , Already holding Cao Bao's nose.

Reckless husband! This is the handsome man's first impression of Cao Bao.

Chen Qingmu walked in front of Cao Bao, and he was like a dwarf in front of the burly Cao Bao, but you can't ignore the domineering power of Chen Qingmu, which has nothing to do with his height.

"Is it uncomfortable to be forgotten?" Chen Qingmu stared at Cao Bao, his eyes like steel needles, piercing Cao Bao's eyes. Chen Qingmu had already seen Cao Bao's heart.

Forgotten? !! Cao Bao clenched his fists. Someone knows his 20 years of suffering! Someone remember Seven Wound Doors! What he has to do is not so simple to revive the martial arts, he wants to dominate the martial arts!

Cao Bao ’s actions could not escape the eyes of Chen Qingmu, and certainly not the eyes of handsome men. Men now admire Chen Qingmu, but it just shakes Cao Bao in one sentence. It seems that persuading Cao Bao depends on how long Chen Qingmu wants to use .

"Twenty years ago, we fought side by side with your father, but we were eventually mixed by the Changsheng Men. If we won, then we are the martial arts overlords, but it is not too late now, what do you think?" Chen Qingmu Smiled.

There was a knife in his smile, which was Cao Bao's first impression of Chen Qingmu.

"How do you want to cooperate?" Cao Bao said, this is what he cares about. Chen Qingmu is right. He really wants to dominate Wulin. He wants revenge, but the ability of Qijumen now is simply a foolish dream. Cao Bao does not like it. Doing something unsure, so he chose to dormant.

"You work with us to solve the longevity gate first. What do you think?" Chen Qingmu asked with a smile, then patted his big belly, as if satisfied with himself.

"Is this your plan?" Cao Bao asked after hearing it.

"What? You're not satisfied?" Chen Qingmu put a smile on the face, instead changing to a serious look.

The handsome man saw the change of Chen Qingmu. If Chen Qingmu was just a smiling tiger, then he is a silent male lion. The man and Chen Qingmu also had some dealings and found that Chen Qingmu was a moody figure. Yu Se people.

"Do you think Changshengmen can be solved so easily?" Cao Bao sneered, if Changshengmen was so vulnerable, would he have to wait for twenty years? Started to Changshengmen long ago.

"It could not be solved before, but now there is no problem with him." Chen Qingmu pointed to the handsome man, this is the purpose of bringing him.

"Who is he?" Cao Bao looked at the handsome man. If it was useless, Cao Bao would never let the man go down the mountain. He didn't want other Chinese martial arts to know where his martial arts were, so he would kill the killer!

"A person who can help us get rid of Changshengmen." Chen Qingmu said.

"On him ?!" Cao Bao sneered, this long scholar-like man could get rid of a martial art, what a joke, Cao Bao now began to doubt Chen Qingmu's motive.

"He seems to look down on you." Chen Qingmu looked at the handsome man, anyway, it has nothing to do with him, but he wants to see a good show.

"It's no wonder the frog at the bottom of the well!" The handsome man finally spoke. He knew that this was Chen Qingmu's provocation, and wanted to make himself and Cao Bao conflict, and then Chen Qingmu was on the right and left, taking advantage of the fisherman.

"Who do you say is the frog at the bottom of the well?" Cao Bao roared loudly, apparently he was very dissatisfied with the handsome man's answer.

"A man trapped at the Seven Injury Gate for 20 years isn't a frog at the bottom of the well?" The handsome man stood on his shoulders. He was handsome and handsome, with pride all over his body. No one in his eyes was a handsome man.

"Dare you look down on our seven wounded doors!" Cao Bao cursed.

Cao Bao saw seven wounded doors more important than himself in his life. Here he carried too many expectations, how could he allow someone to insult it!

The handsome man heard Cao Bao's words, raised his head and looked at him, but didn't speak, but just put aside his lips. He disdain to argue with Cao Bao's reckless husband, that would only reduce his worth.

Those who don't put the seven wounds in their eyes must never forgive! Cao Bao's eyes were already full of anger, he wanted to show the color of this little white face!

"Seven Injuries Boxing!" Cao Bao shouted, "Let you taste the power of your Seven Injuries Boxing!"

Cao Bao's whole body brushed up, and he used his light skills to pounce on the man

I saw that Cao Bao's two fists seemed to be covered with air masses. This is something a man has never seen before. Is this the seven martial arts martial arts seven wounds? The Seven Injury Boxing is divided into seven types. This kind of kungfu has never been used in Wulin. Practicing the Seven Injury Boxing requires extremely powerful internal skills, and it hurts people first.

Since you have thought of two tricks, I will accompany you! The man said nothing, and was ready to take Cao Bao's punch.

Cao Bao's fist shouted! Approaching men!

"Master Caomen, please be calm and restless!" Chen Qingmu stopped decisively. Although he wanted to see the excitement, he didn't want the two to break his own affairs.

"What? You have to step in ?!" Cao Bao asked his fist and asked Chen Qingmu.

"He wants to destroy the gate of Changsheng, but he can't!" Chen Qingmu pointed to the handsome man, both of them are pawns in his own hands, both are indispensable!

"Who is he? So arrogant ?!" Cao Bao asked, pointing at the handsome man.

Chen Qingmu walked to Cao Bao and muttered in his ear in a low voice.

After listening, Cao Bao laughed and laughed, "Haha! Big things can happen!"

Chen Qingmu laughed. He knew that Cao Bao had agreed to cooperate with him.

The handsome man's face is not so good-looking, he doesn't know if he is doing it right, he just wants that position too!

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