Merry Master In The City

Chapter 204: The Iceberg Has Tenderness!

Chapter 204: The Iceberg Has Tenderness!

"In the Changsheng Gate, I can only say the disgusting two words so loudly, I'm afraid it's the only one who is you!" Master Luo Xue turned around, looking at Han Luoxue who looked like you owed me money He smiled.

I know you hate me, but what I don't know is that you hate me so much! Qin Wei complained about Han Luoxue in her heart, but she couldn't say on her mouth, and she still had a happy smile on her face. Otherwise, according to Han Luoxue's temper, the silver needle was indispensable.

"Guilty!" Han Luoxue hit a white coat. On this bright afternoon, he looked like an ordinary fairy, shining Qin Wei's eyes. Actually, it wasn't just Qin Wei. The surrounding disciples saw Han Luoxue, and they all evaded themselves. Which woman is willing to stand with her is tantamount to humiliation!

Qin Wei simply sorted out her clothes, walked to Han Luoxue, pouting, and said with a cynical look: "I can't believe these two words, but you will say it out of your mouth, aren't you the fairy above you? ? "

Qin Wei feels that fairies shouldn't be scolding people, at least Han Luoxue shouldn't be scolding people, but it seems that she has been scolding herself all the time, should I just owe it so badly?

"I always show no mercy against people like you!" Han Luoxue looked at Qin Wei, thanked his face with two words, that is: dissatisfaction!

When Qin Wei heard Han Luoxue's words, he smiled suddenly and pretended to be stupid: "Hey sister ~ do you want a loved one?"

"Go!" Han Luoxue immediately scolded Xing Muyuan, and in her eyes was a mass of fire, which would burn Qin Wei to ashes!

"Don't stare at me with that kind of look, it will make the banker misunderstand that you like me ~" Qin Wei said to Han Luoxue flying, anyway, he has become accustomed to Han Luoxue to treat himself coldly, as you curse, I am who I am, a different kind of firework.

"You!" Han Luoxue couldn't stand the provocative look of Qin Wei. She turned her sleeves in her hands, and the nine silver needles showed a bit of cold light!

"I'm going! Nine roots! There are some mistakes! Didn't they all have three before?" Qin Wei wondered, and it's only been a few days now that my market is getting longer? The three roots have already hurt me. It will take nine roots to fly together, and they will not be tied into a horse honeycomb!

"Don't hurt you, it doesn't take long to see you!" While Han Luoxue was talking, the silver needle was about to fly out, even though Qin Wei had internal protection, but it was impossible to escape from a short distance.


Just when Qin Wei obediently closed her eyes and waited for being pierced, Han Qianer arrived in time, Han Luoxue also recovered the silver needle in his hand, which made Qin Wei overjoyed. It seems that Qianer is really my lucky star!

"Qiaer, I'm here ~" Qin Wei waved his hands happily! Then glanced at Han Luoxue, and there was a lighter here, to see how you can take me!

"Brother ~" Han Qianer saw Qin Wei saying hello to herself, she quickly ran to the pavilion with a skirt, a smile on her face, and she was very bright.

"Little sister ~" Qin Wei mentioned with both hands, and found that she had no skirt but only a robe, so she ran to Qianer with a robe in her head, thinking to herself, it was better to stay away from Han Luoxue.

"Qian Er, you came at the right time, and Luo Xue had to pierce me again!" Qin Wei ran to Han Qianer, grabbed her hand, made a small report to her, and she was with him, watching Han Dare to dare to pierce me.

After listening to it, Han Qianer covered her mouth and laughed softly: "You must have bullied your sister again, so she will teach you!"

Han Qianer knew Qin Wei and Han Luoxue. Qin Wei's recklessness always disturbed his sister who was always in disagreement with the rest of the world, so it must be that Qin Wei first provoke the sister before being taught.

I'm down! Even the gentle and kind little sisters were on the side of Han Luoxue, and Qin Wei was suddenly unacceptable.

Han Qianer looked at Qin Wei's pitiful appearance and couldn't help but said, "Actually, don't be prejudiced against Sister. That day, when you fell on the cliff, Sister went down the cliff to rescue ..."

"Qiaer, don't talk nonsense to him!"

Just when Han Qianer was about to say the most important words, Han Luoxue hurried over to stop the road. She didn't want Qin Wei to hear her going down the mountain to rescue him.

"Sister, don't be mad at Brother, in fact, he's fine." Han Qianer held Han Luoxue's arm and coquettishly, she really can't take these two people, they will quarrel, or they will be so dark. That kind of thing, I really don't know how Qin Wei offended the sister. Alas, their sister is really hard to understand!

"Qian Er, don't you forget that you worry about him all day, but he laughs at the bottom of the cliff with others?" Han Luoxue finally explained her psychological unhappiness. The reason why she was cold to Qin Wei was Seeing the trouble between Qin Wei and Liu Su, I felt that it was not worthwhile for Qianer.

Han Qianer just shook his head and smiled bitterly. It turned out that the sister was angry because of this, but she didn't take it seriously!

"Sister, in fact Brother Qin Wei is a kind and righteous person, otherwise he would not have blocked the knife for you at the beginning, and almost died!" Han Qianer whispered, both Qin Wei and Han Luoxue were her friends, Qianer I don't want them both to be like enemies.

"You! I'm really helpless!" Han Luoxue wiped Han Qianer's nose. She loved the little sister and heart, and Qin Wei slipped her head. She was afraid that Qin Wei would be deceived.

Damn? Qin Wei looked at Han Luoxue and scratched his nose, but was a little surprised, and whispered, "I can't see it. The iceberg still has such a warm side."

"What did you say ?!" Han Luoxue glared at each other! She is inherently good at hearing, so whatever Qin Wei is saying can be heard in a low voice, unless he shuts up!

Qin Wei saw that Han Luoxue was angry, and immediately pulled out a smiley face, and then replied with a smile: "It's nothing, that is, you're all over the country, you are unparalleled in the world, your lips are red and your teeth are white and your lips are red."

Qin Wei said a series of idioms that he could not imagine, he felt that he had given Han Luoxue the face.

"The dog can't vomit ivory!" Han Luoxue scolded.

cut! Qin Wei has become accustomed to Han Luoxue's ridicule and sarcasm, and he doesn't take it seriously, besides, have you ever seen that dog with prominent ivory in its mouth?

"Sister ~ You don't need to see your brother in general ~" Han Qianer said coquettishly, she felt embarrassed now that she was caught in the middle.

"If you dare to bully Qianer, I will never spare you!" Han Luoxue said to Qin Wei, and she left after speaking.

cut! Qin Wei glanced at the far away Han Luoxue, despising in his heart, isn't it just that he looks more beautiful, martial arts is higher than me, when I will practice the three-tier practice of "The Sword of the Royal Sword", when I get through See how you stuck me! Qin Wei was not convinced!

"Brother! Don't blame Sister, in fact, Sister is very good." Han Qianer dragged Qin Wei's arm and said, "If it is not to inquire about your news, Sister will not risk the next line to rescue you At that time, her skills were not fully recovered. "

"She went to the cliff to save me ?!" Qin Wei couldn't believe what he heard. The iceberg actually rescued me?

"Yeah!" Han Qianer blinked his eyes.

After listening to Qian'er's words, Qin Wei looked at Han Luoxue's back and fell into a moment of contemplation, because he knew that Qianer would not lie.

It turns out that the iceberg also has a gentle side. Qin Wei looked at the distant back and climbed a smile on the corner of his mouth ...

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