Merry Master In The City

Chapter 205 Asahi's Ideal!

Chapter 205 Asahi's Ideal!

Yang Liu Yiyi, Xia Feng Xu Xu, Qin Wei and Han Qianer sat side by side at Weiming Lake.

Qin Wei is handsome, handsome, and personable. Han Qianer is gentle and handsome, with a beautiful face. In the eyes of outsiders, he looks like a wolf and a girl.

Because of Han Luoxue's relationship, those sisters and sisters just dispersed themselves. Now Qin Wei and Han Qianer are on the lake.

"Qian Er, you haven't told me yet, why did you suddenly come to Weiming Lake?" Qin Wei was sitting on the shore with a plant in his mouth, and looked a little bad.

Han Qianer raised his head, pulled the bangs off his forehead, and said with a smile, "I'm here to find your brother."

"Looking for me?" Qin Wei was surprised, but thought again and relieved. The little sister came to me, explaining that she had me in her heart. If Han Shengwu saw it, he didn't know what he was angry with, but when he thought of Han Shengwu, he was angry. Qin Wei was happy in his heart.

"I don't know if your body is better, so take a look to prevent you from hurting yourself again." Han Qianer smiled, the breeze blowing over her cheek, blowing her hair, beautiful.

Because Han Qianer was worried about Qin Wei ’s wound, she went to Cuiyuyuan to find him, but she did n’t find Qin Wei ’s shadow, so she could only go to Han Luoxue and split up with her. After all, the Changsheng Gate was too big and the terrain was complicated It is not so easy to find someone.

"Little sister, you are so kind to me, the Yin family's heart will let you melt ~" Qin Wei said rudely, and at the same time leaned his head on Han Qianer's shoulder unconsciously, pretending to be a little bird. Look like.

"Brother, this way ... being seen by others ... not good." Han Qianer's shyness has begun to stutter, where she has had such contact with people, even her sister did not, Qin Wei's actions made her instantly Her face was crimson, and she was embarrassed to push Qin Wei away. She felt uncomfortable now.

Qin Wei grinned, then walked away from Qian Er's shoulder, biting the waterweed and said, "Fun to you ~"

"Hate!" Said Han Qianer Jiao. She twisted her face aside and deliberately did not look at Qin Wei. She didn't want Qin Wei to see her embarrassment, because her face was too red. At this time, Qianer's heart was already swaying Ripples, but she never noticed.

Qin Wei is a person who has experienced the vicissitudes of love, and love is the same. He can guess Shallow's mind at a glance.

Qin Wei looked around at Han Qianer. Every time when he was in distress, this simple and kind little sister used her body to stand in front of her. Thinking of this, Qin Wei's heart would be warm. Although she was very affectionate, Qin Wei swears that in this life he will not do anything that hurts shallow children.

"Shallow child" Qin Wei lay on the grass, spread his head with both hands, and shouted softly. He enjoyed the present time and was comfortable and comfortable, which was not experienced in the city.

"Huh?" Qianer turned to look at Qin Weidao.

"Do you have any ideals or things you want to do?" Qin Wei asked, in fact he was curious, what a girl like Qianer was thinking in her heart, and to capture someone ’s heart, first of all understand him.

"Ideal?" Han Qianer thought with a crooked head and said, "My biggest ideal is to hope that Master can wake up soon!"

After talking about Han Qianer, he smiled at Qin Wei.

I rub! Qin Wei sighed. How could this little girl be like Liu Su, with her head full of masters? It seemed necessary to enlighten her. How could a man be trapped when he was an upright young man? But then again, Han Changsheng and Liu Su's masters are quite destined, they can't afford to sleep for 20 years.

"Qian Er, your master is kind to you? That's why you want to save him with all your heart?"

Qin Wei looked at Liu Su and asked his own doubts. The elders of the Changshengmen rescued the master in order to be afraid that the fire dragon would come in while they were empty. What about it? Judging from her age, she is only in her twenties. Han Changsheng has been in a coma for more than 20 years. It is reasonable to say that the relationship between master and apprentice is not so deep. Why are both Qianer and Han Luoxue so anxious?

Questions like Qin Wei would n’t ask Han Luoxue, or they would be pinned. If she thought of Han Luoxue's coldness, Qin Wei would be cold, would n’t she feel cold? Aren't you frozen?

"Brother, you don't know." Han Qianer smiled and shook her head with a bitter smile. She picked up a plant on the shore and shook it in her hand, as if her memory was back to childhood.

"Brother, what do you think of Changshengmen?" Han Qianer looked up and asked Qin Wei. She knew that Qin Wei had a bad impression of Han Shengwu and Han Sheng, but she wanted to know what he thought.

"It's very rich ~" Qin Wei put a pair of scissors in his teeth and smiled. If the wealth of the young lady's family has shocked him, then the Changsheng Gate is shocked to speechless, such a large garden, so many Landscape, how much money would it make if it were developed into a tourist resort!

"Brother, why do you only have money in your eyes?" Han Qianer covered her mouth and smiled. From the first time she met Qin Wei, she knew the man's shrewdness, but she didn't hate it at all, because Qin Wei was just Small savvy, but some are great wisdom, otherwise they will not be saved so many times.

"Nonsense!" Qin Wei pretended to be angry when he heard it, then changed his smile again, and said with a low smile: "Actually, there is you in your eyes ~!"

After talking, Qin Wei laughed in his heart, the sun was shining, and she teased the younger sister. If I could drink two more drinks, how moisturizing would this kid be!

As a result of Qin Wei's amusement, Qianer's face turned red again. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at Qin Wei, pouting, exposing two dimples, very charming.

This little girl is totally two extremes with Mickey. Mickey is unrestrained, and Qianer holds it so cute. Qin Wei starts to comment in her heart.

Why is the brother so bad! Han Qianer secretly said in her heart that she was thin and not as thick as Qin Wei, so in order not to be too embarrassed, Han Qianer shifted the topic and said, "Don't look at all the disciples of Changshengmen. In fact, almost all of them are orphans. My sister and I were both picked up by the master. "

"So you ..." Qin Wei couldn't bear to keep asking when he heard this, because he had experienced the bitterness and helplessness, and the comfort was much paler than the company.

"At that time, we were still young. I only remember that one year we were taken to an island by the uncle. When we returned, the master was drowsy and unconscious." Han Qianer fainted at the thought of Master.

What Qianer said should have been twenty years ago. Han Qingyan took them away, also for their safety, Qin Wei thought in his heart.

"So you're here to repay?" Qin Wei asked tentatively.

"Yeah!" Han Qianer nodded hard. Although she was a girl, she knew Entu, Han Changsheng had nourishment for her. How could she forget it, so that ’s why everyone chooses to learn martial arts. At that time, she chose to study medicine alone.

"It's really hard for you." Qin Wei said earnestly. When he said these words, he would be distressed. A girl knew that she was thinking about the things in the door, and Han Shengwu's two pens were still in trouble for the children's private affairs!

After hearing this, Han Qianer shook her head and said, "In fact, sister is harder than me. She has traveled thousands of miles to find good medicine."

When Han Qianer said here, he turned his head and looked at Qin Wei: "Sister and I are all orphans, so you don't blame Sister."

Han Qianer's eyes begged.

It turned out that this little girl said so much that she wanted to be a peacemaker. Although Qin Wei felt that the contradiction between him and Han Luoxue was caused by Han Luoxue alone, but for the sake of shallowness, He nodded still, agreeing.

"Really ?! Brother you are so good!" Qianer said happily, and Qin Wei and sister could be reconciled as before, she was relieved.

Qin Wei smiled slightly, and Qianer was happy. He was also happy. This silly girl always thought about others, so she asked, "Qianer, don't you plan for yourself?

"Huh?" Han Qianer held his chin in his hand and thought, "If you want to do something, it is hope that in the future, I can use my medical skills to save more people."

When Han Qianer said these words, a sweet smile appeared on his face, especially the two dimples.

Qin Wei was holding water plants in his mouth and looking up at the sky. This summer, because of the shallows, everything was so comfortable.

"Oh, that's bad!"

When Qin Wei was enjoying the moist days, Qianer suddenly exclaimed.

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