Merry Master In The City

Chapter 206: Blood Clam Makes Up For Dan!

Chapter 206: Blood Clam Makes Up For Dan!

"What's wrong?" Qin Wei hurriedly heard Han Qianer's words.

"Brother, your trauma has been finished." Han Qianer said, chatting with Qin Wei, she forgot the serious things, and then she remembered.

"What's the fuss about it, isn't it in Baicao Pavilion, just pick up some." Qin Wei doesn't care. He has already visited Baicao Pavilion. There are thousands of medicinal materials in it. Just take it.

"No." Han Qianer shook his head and said, "Your medicine is made by me. The medicine in it is made of blood clams. It's long gone in Baicaoge."

Han Qianer has studied medicine since he was a child. Han Nianxing specifically instructed that Han Qianer could enter and leave Baicao Pavilion freely. Blood clam trauma and internal injuries are available. Oral administration can restore the strength and restore internal force. External use can accelerate wound healing. Catkins are stitched, but it's better to be cautious, and the province's own worry.

"Blood Clam? Blood Clam Dabu Dan?" Qin Wei blurted out. This name was what he saw in the martial arts movie. Qin Wei calmed down a bit. Anyway, there are so many strange things in the Changsheng Gate. Qin Wei used to meditate in his heart. Just fine.

"Nothing wrong, nothing wrong, just so chic and elegant ~" Han Qianer learned Qin Wei's appearance and shook his head, not to mention the similarity.

"You're naughty ~" Qin Wei looked at Han Qianer with a smile, reached out and gently scratched her nose, which was very petting.

Han Qianer's mouth was curved, just like the sun in June, bright and bright.

Qin Wei is now a bit worried. Changshengmen is a beauty nest. He lives here by himself. Later, when she returned to urban life, the women there were also unable to enter her own eyes. This is very likely, Qin Wei thought to herself.

Han Qianer stood up, fluttered his hands, and said with a look of joy: "Let's go!"

"Where to go?" Qin Wei asked, holding water grass, and he looked like a little rogue now.

"Go to Houshan to catch blood clams!" Han Qianer squatted down and took Qin Wei's hand, trying to drag him up, but after all, Qianer was a girl. Where was Qin Wei's opponent, Qin Wei just lay on the ground. Staying still.

"Brother, don't make fun of it, you're so lazy!" Han Qianer said as he dragged Qin Wei, the two of you came and went like a tug of war.

Want fast? Isn't it easy? Qin Wei is also a kung fu person now. A carp is standing up. Although he has a good relationship with Qianer, it will only annoy a woman if he keeps on doing so.

It is necessary to have a good handle on women, otherwise Qin Wei is very good at it.

"Qian Er, Brother reads a poem for you?" Qin Wei asked, he hasn't cultivated his sentiments for a long time, and he is in a good mood today, intending to give a poem to express his feelings.

"Okay!" Qianer said excitedly. She hadn't heard Qin Wei's poems yet, and she had a little expectation.

"The cool breeze has a letter ~ Qiuyue boundless ~ Thanks to my seductive emotions, it is like living a good life ~ Although I am not Yushu Linfeng ~ Chic ~~ But I have a broad mind ~ Strengthen my arms ~

"Is this a poem?" Han Qianer laughed, covering her mouth, and didn't know where her brother had learned it.

"Of course it's a puppet ~"

Qin Wei carried Han Qianer's shoulders and was very close, but Han Qianer did not feel uncomfortable. Just like his friends for many years, two people walked on the river embankment and drifted away.

At this point, Han Shengwu stepped out from behind the rockery on the famous lake. He just heard the conversation between Qin Wei and Han Qianer.

"Qin Wei! I will never give you a good look!" Han Shengwu clenched his fists, his face a little groaned.

Blood clam? Ha ha! Han Shengwu's eyes revealed cold light, shudder!


In Ziyunju, Han Qingyan sat alone on a chair, while Han Nianxing meditated in bed with closed eyes. He passed on the internal forces to Qin Wei and needed to be carefully nursed, otherwise his decades of skill would be ruined.

Han Qingyan didn't speak, and she still looked like a fan of all beings. She picked up a gourd and drank it. Han Qingyan was able to drink very much, the amount of alcohol was amazing, and it was all hard liquor!

"If you drink it again, I will have to drink all of this wine." Han Nianxing closed his eyes and cleared the road. Although he had no internal strength, but he had practiced martial arts for many years, he had been able to feel the gas field, so what did Han Qingyan do, He can feel it.

"It's just that you drank. When did you become as stingy as Qin Wei?" Han Qingyan said, her eyes were smiling and charming.

"Cough!" After listening to her, Han Nianxing coughed twice. Qingyan always talked amazingly. She loved drinking, and she was holding her handle.

"You don't know, it's too difficult to get some good wine now." Han Nianxing opened his eyes and said that his wine gourd was filled with good wine, which he had made with his own efforts. No drink, how could he not feel bad.

"Let your baby apprentice go when it's gone!" Han Qingyan leaned back on the chair and looked extremely lazy. She was unrestrained. At that time, her master Han Bai asked about this female disciple, which naturally caused the extreme pain, so no matter Han Qingyan did a big mistake, and it was a trivial matter when Han Bai asked.

Han Nianxing almost turned over and said, "The stinky boy is just like the uncle every day. It ’s harder than calling him to do something! You know I asked him to drink me last time. What did the boy say? Are you there? "

"Oh? What did he say?" Han Qingyan looked up slightly and asked, she was curious about the wild Qin Wei, and what excuse could she use to reject her master.

"He said, I came here to save Changshengmen. I didn't come here to beat you as a junior and drink alcohol. I want to drink by myself!" Han Nianxing recounted Qin Wei's words without fail. He heard it at the time. Just sent hands to repair Qin Wei!

"Haha!" Han Qingyan laughed more than he heard. The boy was really different and dared to bargain with his master, only he was alone.

"Brother, you don't have to sell cheaply. Is there such a person in Changshengmen, are you afraid of reviving hopelessly?" Han Qingyan took a sip of wine, her eyes narrowed, she was looking forward to that day.

"How about you? Will you just come here to drink at my bar?" Han Nianxing asked. He and Qingyan have known each other for a long time, and they already know her nature very well. .

Han Qingyan stopped the wine in his hand and paused, "I'm leaving."

"Let's go so soon?" Han Nianxing said, "You didn't stay in the door for a few days this time. It doesn't look like your style."

"There are some things over there that I need to show up in person." Han Qing Yandao, Changshengmen, everyone's area of ​​responsibility, like Han Nianxing is in charge of martial arts, she is in charge of other aspects.

"Trouble?" Han Nianxing asked with a frown, and it should be difficult for Han Qingyan to get back so early.

"I guess it's related to the Fire Dragon." Han Qingyan's expression became obviously dignified when he said here. Although Han Qingyan sometimes likes to joke, he never does things carelessly when he does things.

"Do you need a disciple in the door?" Han Nianxing asked. If it was a fire dragon society, it would be very troublesome.

"No need for now, everything is my guess." Han Qing smoked.

"When does it leave?" Han Nianxing asked.

"Three days later." Han Qing smoked.

"Don't watch the contest?" Han Nianxing asked.

"Don't watch." Han Qingyan shook her head and said, she is such a person, doing things neatly, leaving no trace.

"It's a pity." Han Nian said.

After hearing this, Han Qingyan laughed and laughed, "How could it be a pity, there is your baby apprentice, and I don't know how busy it is!"

Han Qingyan smiled and asked Qin Wei to participate in the contest? It seems that I am about to miss a good show this time.

"Don't drink, you're the wine!" Han Qingyan stepped out of the chair, threw the gourd in his hand to Han Nianxing, and walked out of Ziyunju.

Han Nianxing looked at the wine gourd and showed a distressed look. This is the 20 years of aging. I haven't left anything for me. I got cheap and don't sell well, just like Qin Wei ...

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