Merry Master In The City

Chapter 208 Sneak Attack on Qin Wei!

Chapter 208 Sneak Attack on Qin Wei!

This sudden roar rang through the mountains, and the birds in the forest were shaken by a loud noise. It was also an opportunity for Qin Wei to know that there are really big birds in the forest, and what are red and green. Flicker flicker.

"Remove your dirty hands!"

Han Shengwu stood behind Qin Wei and shouted again! There are only three of them in the forest, and no one else is present, so he doesn't care. Han Shengwu now wants to chop Qin Wei and chop it into thousands of flour to feed the chicken!

Qin Wei turned his head to look at Han Shengwu, and then turned to Han Qianer and asked, "Why is he here? It may be too inexplicable to appear!"

"I don't know." Han Qianer shook her head. She was a little flustered, not because she was seen by Han Shengwu, but because Han Shengwu might have trouble with Qin Wei again, and she could not help but think that her head was too big.

Alas ~ Qin Wei sighed. It seemed that his trouble was coming again. He was about to get up and was pulled by Han Qianer.

"Brother, please be careful, I think Shengwu looks very angry." Han Qianer sat on the stump and whispered, because she had a sprained foot, so she had difficulty moving.

Qin Wei looked at Han Shengwu, who was furious and looked at Han Qianer, who was pure in heart. He sighed again. These two people, one lost his love for love, and the other, like nothing else, did not notice anything. Their IQ is in a hurry!

"Relax, he can't treat me like that." Qin Wei patted Han Qianer's hand, so that she should not worry, there is no other way to take this simple little sister herself, don't you realize that it's all because of you Get up?

"You still touch children!" Han Shengwu can't stand it anymore. If he was roaring just now, now he is roaring. He really can't stand any man in the world who touches him, except himself.

"What are you calling!" Qin Wei dug and dug his ears at will, which was louder than the sound of a dog barking. He was deafening his ears. The whole person heard you calling, I just touched the little sister What's your hand, and not stealing your money, what are you doing!

Of course, Qin Wei didn't know. In Han Shengwu's heart, Han Qianer was the most precious person in the world. He grew up with Qianer from childhood. He was a young girl. As always, he always met with a smile on his face. But after Qin Wei came, It changed completely. Instead of smiling at herself, she began to care about Qin Wei.

"You dare to deny it!" Han Shengwu clenched his fists, his eyes widened, as if he were about to spit out flames: "I saw them all!"

"What did you see ?!" Qin Wei asked, spreading his hands in a straight line, straight, straight, kind, simple and kind, green and fresh, too, I'm afraid you won't succeed?

"You were just taking advantage of Chanel!" Han Shengwu roared and roared, and the surrounding animals fled. This was even more terrible than the bear invasion. It was because of your appearance that Chen Er ignored me! it's all because of you! She will stay away from me! The root of all this is you! Qin Wei! Han Shengwu secretly scolded in his heart, he has lost his mind now.

"What are you talking about!" Qin Wei pretended that he didn't understand what you were talking about. At this time, Qin Wei couldn't admit that he was killed. He said, what if he just took advantage of Qianer's advantage? , Qianer didn't say anything, what are you doing here as an outsider!

"You still say! I won't forgive you!" Han Shengwu is now like an angry bull, and everyone wants to get in trouble. When he saw Qin Wei's innocent look, he became angry. I clearly saw what you did, and you are still sophistical! Can't spare you! Houshan's distance from the Changsheng Gate is a great opportunity for hands-on, and it can humiliate Qin Wei in front of Qianer!

"I really don't understand you! Qianer, let's go." Qin Wei was too lazy to deal with the second commodity of Han Shengwu, turned around and said to Han Qianer: "Qian Er, your feet are inconvenient, let me carry you."

Han Qianer nodded, which was a promise. The pain from the feet made Qianer's forehead begin to ooze sweat. She heard it from Qin Wei's words. She wanted to leave here quickly and didn't want to entangle with Han Shengwu.

After Qin Wei's permission was obtained, Qin Wei turned around and crouched down, holding her hand, and held her on his back.

This move of Qin Wei was unintentionally provocative in Han Shengwu's eyes. He had warned Qin Wei to keep him away from Asahi, and he dared to be so intimate with Asa, which obviously did not put me in his eyes.

"Qin Wei, you die!" Han Shengwu sighed, transported the internal forces in his body, gathered them on his fist, and hit Qin Wei. Han Shengwu's people were not moving, but the anger was out! The anger was filled with Han Shengwu's anger.

"Brother, be careful, it's the Tianquan fist!"

Han Qianer, who was lying on Qin Wei, immediately reminded Qin Wei that this day's boxing fist is the unparalleled skill of the three masters. He has pure inner strength and is suitable for such a hard-bodied person as Han Dadao to practice. It is a matter of course that you learn to pass on your own knowledge.

After hearing Han Qianer ’s reminder, Qin Wei hurriedly raised his head, but his fist energy was about to reach his eyes. If Qin Wei avoided at this time, then the injury must be Han Qianer behind him. He had vowed that he would not be hurt. So Qin Wei is ready for this fist!

Qin Wei knew that it was too late for him to take up the move, but he was still willing to give it a try. Qin Wei held Han Qianer behind him with his right hand, and used the moves in "The Sword of the Imperial Sword" with his left hand.

"Finish the finishing touch!" Qin Wei's little finger pointed at the fist that was coming towards him!


The fist gas and the sword collided, but due to insufficient preparation by Qin Wei and the deep foundation of Han Shengwu, his "painting touch" did not disperse the fist gas, but only slowed it down, the fist gas was already Come to Qin Wei!

"Brother! Go away!"

At this time, Han Qianer had seen through Qin Wei's intentions. He was afraid of being injured, so he didn't blink away, so Han Qianer pushed forward Qin Wei and wanted to push him away!

But Qin Wei seemed to have guessed Han Qianer's thoughts. When Han Qianer pushed him, Qin Wei dragged him back with his right hand, so that he could stand in front of him.

Han Qianer, a fragile woman, was more powerful than a man. When Qin Wei was so pulled, her body followed Qin Wei's strength. She watched the fist coming from Qin Wei!

"Brother!" Shouted Han Qianer. She wanted to remind Qin Wei, but it was too late!


Tian Quan fist hit Qin Wei, Qin Wei suddenly took a few steps back, showing how hard Han Shengwu started! This punch just hit Qin Wei's chest, Qin Wei holding the towering ancient tree next to him, his face was ugly.

"Brother, are you okay!" Han Qianer, who was thrown aside by Qin Wei, immediately ran over and asked.


Qin Wei spit out blood!

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