Merry Master In The City

Chapter 209: Little Teacher's Wrath!

Chapter 209: Little Teacher's Wrath!

Han Shengwu looked at Qin Wei who was injured by himself, and sneered: "Qin Wei, do you have today? Did you slap my face that day and didn't think that one day would be defeated in my hands?" Han Shengwu is now proud. What could be more fun than making Qin Wei ugly?

Han Shengwu hates Qin Wei, but he has a bit of conscience. Although he takes a lot of shots, he has the right grasp. It can hurt Qin Wei and not be fatal. No matter what, he has nothing to do with himself. Already.

"Brother, how are you?" Han Qianer took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood from the corner of Qin Wei's mouth, then took out the medicine bottle, poured a pill out of it, and gave it to Qin Weifu himself, saying: "This is the treatment Internal injuries, brother, please take it first. "

Qin Wei nodded, and then took the pill. After taking it, he felt that the pain in the body was relieved a lot, but he had injuries on his chest, back, and Han Shengwu's punch no doubt hit his wound. The wound Some hurt.

"You did it on purpose!" Qin Wei asked, covering his chest, and it was clear that Han Shengwu's fist was directed at himself. Qin Wei was already angry. Although he came to Changshengmen, he also suffered a loss, but this time Han Shengwu The sneak attack behind him made him very upset, he must find it!

"What is it that you can do to me on purpose?" Han Shengwu slowly walked towards Qin Wei, and said with a victorious attitude, "I once warned you to keep you away from the shallows, not only did you not listen, On the contrary, I have made it worse. This is also to educate you. Do you say that my punch was excessive? "

It turns out it's all because of me? Han Qianer then reacted, but why did Han Shengwu do this, and she and Qin Wei did nothing, Han Qianer studied medicine in Changsheng Gate all the year round, she did n’t understand the interpersonal relationships outside, and she would not speculate on people ’s minds, she Sister is very simple, pure like a pool of clear water.

"Hehe!" Qin Wei sneered, this time it was indeed his own carelessness, and he will not succeed in the next time, but this is too aggrieved, and the courtesy is the character of Qin Wei. If Qin Wei does not find it today He will suffer from insomnia. As soon as he suffers from insomnia, Qin Wei himself is afraid.

Can you get into magic? Then leveled Changsheng Mountain? Qin Wei couldn't wait to get into the magic himself, and then smashed Han Shengwu, but he just thought about it. It was a long time since he was in the magic for the last time. No matter how irritated he was, he couldn't ignite the magic in his body. This made Qin Wei very worried. He thought Quickly wake up Han Changsheng, so that you can go down the mountain to find the big lady.

"Qin Wei, this is my warning to you. Stay away from Qianer now. If I see your hands on Qianer, I will let you taste the power of Tianquan." Han Shengwu proudly said, Now the tail is going up to the sky.

In Han Shengwu's consciousness, winning Qin Wei is equal to winning half the world, and the remaining half is Han Qianer who is glaring at himself. Han Shengwu believes that as long as he has perseverance and perseverance, Qianer will understand that he is 100 times stronger than Qin Wei. of! Her heart will definitely come back!

"Don't think you are a disciple of Ershibo. You can do whatever you want after you learn his skills. Tell you whether you can get out of the longevity door or converge!" Han Shengwu has forgotten at this time, and he can't hold anyone in his eyes. .


Han Qianer couldn't tolerate it anymore, shouting, she couldn't let Han Shengwu humiliate Qin Wei! Brother obviously can run away just now! If it wasn't for Qin Wei who was standing in front of him, then it must be himself who was seriously injured, and it was all his brother that dragged him down! Han Qianer felt guilty in his heart!

"Han Shengwu! I didn't expect you to be such a person! You are too despicable!" Han Qianer scolded.

A person who never gets angry is now angered by Han Shengwu, and he can see how much he is!

"Qian Er, I ... you listen to me explain, I just saw Qin Wei kicking you by hand." Han Shengwu was angry when he saw Han Qianer, he was also a little panicked, and hurriedly explained to her that what Han Shengwu hated was Qin Wei, he didn't want Han Qianer to misunderstand himself.

stupid! Qin Wei scolded in his heart that it was normal for the two men to fight with each other because of the woman, but if they fight each other in front of the woman, the result will only make the woman more resentful. Look at the expression of the little sister and know that she has How annoying Han Shengwu! Qin Wei, who is well versed in this truth, intends to sell Meng and use his bitterness.

"Oops!" Qin Wei mourned, covering her chest, and started his acting like an Oscar-winning actress.

"Brother, what's wrong with you? Is it chest pain?"

Hearing Qin Wei's howl, Han Qianer immediately went to Qin Wei's front and squatted down and cared, knowing Qin Wei's wound himself, and receiving that punch would most likely crack the wound.

Seeing that Han Qianer had come, Qin Wei was overjoyed, and there were many ways to get revenge. It wasn't necessary to hit it hard. Rou Kegang was the best way. Han Shengwu, I will give you a lesson today

"Hey, sir, I really hurt!" Qin Wei deliberately grinned his teeth. Although his acting skills were exaggerated, he was particularly useful at Han Qianer.

"It hurts there? Let me see!" Han Qianer anxiously, how can she now go to deal with Han Shengwu, Han Qianer put his eyes on Qin Wei's body.

"Does it hurt here?" Han Qianer reached out and touched Qin Wei's chest, trying to see if his wound was cracking.


As soon as Han Qianer's hand touched Qin Wei, Qin Wei blew a throat, and this scared Han Qianer quickly retracted his hand.

"Did I hurt you?" Han Qianer asked with concern, how could she still hurt him because she had already moved very gently just now.

"No, it's too comfortable, Xiao Shimei, can you rub me a bit, I don't know why, when your hand touches me, my wound will not be in pain!" Qin Wei squinted his eyes and looked forward. Look like.

Qin Wei did not wait for Han Qianer to answer. He grabbed Qianer's hand and pressed it on his chest, pretending to look weak: "Oh my little sister, your hand really has a magical effect. Touch it twice, I My chest doesn't hurt, can you help me press and rub it? "

"Well," Han Qianer agreed, my brother had been injured for himself. How could he not satisfy her with such a small request.

"Ah, it really doesn't hurt anymore." Qin Wei said peacefully, because Qin Wei was on the left side of Han Qianer, so he was facing Han Shengwu, and Qianer was facing away from Han Shengwu.

"Really comfortable!" Qin Wei said to Han Shengwu against his mouth. He was deliberately provoking Han Shengwu. Didn't you sneak in on me? Then I indirectly retaliate against you. How can you be envious? You have been waiting for more than twenty No treatment, Feng Shui takes turns, come to my house today, now Qin Wei's turn is proud!

"Qian Er, don't be fooled by Qin Wei, I didn't use all my punches at all! How could I hurt him!" Han Shengwu justified himself: "Qian Er, Qin Wei is a satyr! He wants to occupy you Cheap! "

Turns out he didn't use all his energy? No wonder I didn't feel so painful, Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, but this bitter plan was pretentious!

"Yaner, if you don't believe me, I will tear his clothes open for you to see!" Han Shengwu said he was going to pull Qin Wei's clothes. He must let Qin Wei show his true colors! Qin Wei is a pervert!


Without breaking out in silence, annihilating in silence, Han Qianer couldn't stand Han Shengwu, pointing at him, "Don't bully your brother!"

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