Merry Master In The City

Chapter 210 You Want To Fight? Then fight!

Chapter 210 You Want To Fight? Then fight!

what? !! Han Shengwu couldn't believe what he heard!

"Qian Er, you actually said that I bullied him!" Han Shengwu pointed to Qin Weidao, and when he said this, his heart was bleeding. I have been with you for 20 years, and I did n’t even know you for a few days. Qin Wei, you healed him, took medicines, and contacted him intimately. These are things you dared not even think about, but Qin Wei seized the opportunity.

"Isn't it?" Han Qianer had injuries to his feet and couldn't stand up. He could only help Qin Wei to barely stand on one foot. Although it hurts, this time, he must tell Han Shengwu to understand, otherwise he wo n’t know What misunderstanding is to be made.

"Qian Er, have you forgotten how Qin Wei hit me last time ?!" Although Han Shengwu was like a reckless husband and a hot-tempered man, in front of Qian Er, he had been converging his temper and had been depressed, not wanting to The shortcomings are exposed to the beloved.

"That ’s why you bullied Brother! If not for you, how could Brother fall on the cliff!" Han Qianer finally expressed her dissatisfaction. Since Han Shengwu killed Qin Wei and fell on the cliff, she has a little opinion of Han Shengwu. Approached and began to alienate.

Qin Wei squatted with a pitiful face on the ground, and there was Qianer, but Han Shengwu didn't dare to take himself unless he gave up on Han Qianer completely. For a moment, Qin Wei felt that Han Shengwu was also very poor. He I think Han Shengwu is a bit like He Mu. He has been in love for so many years, but he is unrequited.

But the poor must have hate, Qin Wei feels that Han Shengwu is now hateful, very hateful!

Because Han Qianer turned his back on himself, Qin Wei could n’t see what Qin Wei was doing. Now Qin Wei was holding his chin in his hand, leaning against a tree, waiting to see a good show, but he did n’t forget to mock Han Shengwu with his mouth. "Come and hit me! It hurts but itches!"

"You!" Han Shengwu saw Qin Wei's devil look like it, and really wanted to slap it on Qin Wei's face! But he knows that if this palm goes down, then the relationship with Qianer will really break up.

"I bullied him? Qianer, you must not be deceived by Qin Wei, he really has no good intentions for you. You see his eyes with affection, it is not a good thing at first sight!" Han Shengwu said. Han Shengwu now shifts all the attacks on Qin Wei's face. This bastard doesn't look like a good guy. He believes him!

I rub! How can I say it is shallow, and started to attack from my face? How many sisters bow down to my peach, now you say that I'm not a good thing, are your eyes blind?

"Isn't it a good thing? I don't think the second master will let a rogue enter the gate of longevity!" Han Qianer argued that when Qin Wei started, he was also there, and said the brother was a little naughty , But not as bad as Han Shengwu said.

Whoops, my little sister still understands me. Which man is naughty and not bad, I'm just too lively.

"Shallow." Qin Wei tugged at Han Qianer's dress.

"Huh?" Han Qianer felt that someone was pulling himself behind him, then turned his head.

I saw Qin Wei's eyes reddish, tears swirling in his eyes, he took Han Qianer's hand, and said sincerely: "Little sister, you still understand me!" Qin Wei's tears flowed down.

What is acting school? This is the acting school! Cry or cry! Do not use eye drops! Emotions are so rich!

"Brother, I will not make you bully you!" Han Qianer panicked, apparently she did not expect a big man in Qin Wei to shed tears, her heart was moved by this man, just like a piano string.

"Hmm!" Qin Wei, like an injured child, nestled in Han Qianer's arms, leaning her head on her shoulder.

Maternal love is a woman's nature. No matter how old the woman is, as long as you touch the softest part of their hearts, they will open their hearts to you.

Qin Wei leaned lightly on Han Qianer's shoulder. This was the first time he had snuggled up in a woman's arms. He felt that he was a small bird now, but after this incident, Qin Wei realized a truth, that is, When dealing with women, big men who can't just blindly, occasionally pretend to be cute, will have miraculous results!

"Shimei, do you believe what he said?" Qin Wei suddenly looked up and asked with tears in his eyes. He felt it was time to sublimate his feelings.

Han Qian'er shook his head. When he was about to speak, Qin Wei's hand was gently placed on her lips.

"Needless to say, I understand everything ~" Qin Wei said with affection: "As a child, don't blame Han Shengwu, he is right, I do, if you are not so beautiful, not so kind, look like you and sister Feng One way, I don't think I will approach you. "

"Brother I ..." Han Qianer wanted to say something, but Qin Wei's lips were blocked by his fingers.

"Qian Er, listen to me, I'm not as good as you think, I'm bad and stigma, but I treat you, I guarantee that my body and my soul are pure, and I have put all my shortcomings I told you, like me, would you still like to play with me happily? "Qin Wei was serious and affectionate. After finishing speaking, he took off his fingers, lowered his head, and waited nervously for Qianer. Reply.

Rather than let Han Shengwu hit the rake, it ’s better to go ahead first. Do n’t you just want to talk about Lao Tzu ’s color? I now voluntarily admit my color. I think you have any excuses. I ’m not as good as you on Wu Gong. With a turn, what do you fight with me?

"Brother, I believe in you!" Han Qianer nodded. She believed in Qin Wei's words. If Qin Wei was really as bad as Han Shengwu said, how could he save himself just now.

"Qian Er ~ You are my acquaintance!" Qin Wei moved two drops of urine. He wiped his eyes, and Rong Guanghuan said, "Qian Er, I'm fine now, let's catch the blood clam. I carry you! "

"Um." Han Qianer handed Qin Wei, Qin Wei was going to pick up Han Qianer, it seems that his play is good, when the business can not continue, he can go to the movie.

"Blood clam? Oh." Han Shengwu laughed coldly when he heard Qin Wei's words, then laughed loudly, and then laughed at him!

"Qin Wei, want to catch blood clams, don't dream about it!" Han Shengwu said: "The only blood clam in the cold water pool has been killed by me, soaking wine."

During the talk, Han Shengwu untied the wine gourd in the waist and threw it to Qin Wei.

Qin Wei took the wine gourd, unplugged it, and looked inside, and saw a toad-shaped thing floating on the wine. Qin Wei had not seen the blood clam, so he handed the wine gourd to Han Qianer.

Han Qianer took the gourd, looked inside, and threw the gourd on the ground.

"Ah, Shimei, it's a pity to throw such a precious medicinal material." Qin Wei picked it up immediately and said that the blood clam wine was a big supplement. If it was given to Han Nianxing, I don't know what the old man was happy about, Qin Wei I am going to be a good friend.

"Blood clams lose all their medicinal effects when they encounter wine, why do you do this!" Han Qianer pointed at Han Shengwu and asked!

No wonder Han Shengwu will be here. It turned out to be a step ahead, first got the blood clam, Qin Wei secretly said.

"Qin Wei, I will challenge you to take the challenge in the contest after three days!" Han Shengwu directly answered Qin Wei without answering Han Qianer's words!

I go! You obviously will be me! But Lao Tzu is not easy to mess with, how could he be ashamed in front of Qianer!

"If you want to fight, then fight!" Qin Wei was the one who took over Han Shengwu's war!

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