Merry Master In The City

Chapter 213 Uncle is leaving!

Chapter 213 Uncle is leaving!

Qin Wei carried Han Qianer all the way back to the Changsheng Gate. The two people laughed and laughed along the way and didn't feel tired. Qin Wei even thanked Han Shengwu for creating this opportunity and made him and Qianer closer.

Qin Wei carried Qianer back to her room, because Qianer and Han Luoxue lived in a garden, and it was reasonable to meet him. With Han Luoxue's temper, he must have scolded Qin Wei as a bloody dog. Qin Wei was troubled by telling that Qianer Shao had contact with Qin Wei.

"Wipe, is Lao Tzu so bad? Do I have the words" I'm a satyr "on my face? All of them stay away from me!" Qin Wei cursed while walking back to Cuiyuyuan, but it's still uncle, Qin Weiyi Thinking of Uncle, she had the face of beings upside down in her head, and drooling when she thought about it.

"Ah ~ when will the life of this longevity gate end? There will be a contest after three days, winning or losing is unknown, hey ~" Qin Wei sighed twice and pushed the door into the room. He learned from Qianer The rule of the contest is to compete one-on-one, then win the promotion and lose the elimination.

"You sighed at a young age, what can you do when you get old."

Qin Wei just closed the door, and a voice came behind him to startle him. Qin Wei quickly turned his head, and it turned out that it was Han Nianxing.

"I rub! Old man, scary people will scare people, please do n’t engage in a sudden attack, can you make a sound?" Qin Wei vented his dissatisfaction with his brain, accurately speaking. The ridicule received by Han Luoxue was found in the old man. You are all named Han, and you are still a teacher-nephew relationship, which is not a loss!

"I've already spoken." Han Nianxing said lightly, you just didn't hear it yourself.

"I rub! You scream? Even the mosquito's voice is louder than you." Qin Wei was almost stunned by the old man's words. Did he just taunt himself and sneer, hey, the old fox scolded people and didn't take it Dirty words, Qin Wei unhappy in his heart.

With regard to Qin Wei's words, Han Nianxing said he was speechless. He had lost half of his internal strength and his skills naturally diminished. He couldn't hear it. However, Qin Wei is such a person, and he must take three points for rudeness. Han Nianxing doesn't care about this, otherwise he won't be brought into the Changsheng Gate.

"Old man, what are you doing here?" Qin Wei asked directly. He claimed that Wen Tao was the first in the world. Of course, he understood Han Nianxing's intention. There was no beauties in this place.

Qin Wei walked directly in front of the teapot, lifted his neck and poured it down. He was too thirsty. On this way, he was carrying a big living person, and his mouth was not idle. Smoke, because the tea was too anxious, the tea spilled out.

Han Nianxing looked at him and shook his head. He really couldn't do anything about Qin Wei, so he said, "There will be a contest after three days, and you will also go to participate."

puff! Qin Wei almost didn't strangle, and a spit of water sprayed out!

"Contest of competition? Why do you say that too ?!" Qin Wei said, did the betting with Han Shengwu spread to the old man's ear so quickly?

"Why? Someone else said to you?" Han Nianxing asked. Qin Wei was a new disciple, and among the disciples, the word of mouth was very poor. Who would tell him so kindly?

Qin Wei nodded and said, "It's Han Shengwu. He gave me a certificate and asked me to compete at the contest three days later."

Qin Wei told the old man that he was going to compete with Han Shengwu. He was his own master, and told him that he might help himself. When he taught himself a unique kung fu, he would not increase it when he competed. Have you won the chance?

"Oh?" Han Nianxing touched his wine gourd and asked with a smile: "What is the stake?"

Han Nianxing knew about Han Shengwu, and his grievances with Qin Wei originated from Qianer. It is estimated that this contest is also related to Qianer.

"Whoever loses will leave Qianer." Qin Wei poked his lips and said, "Old man, is there any quick kung fu that can deal with his Tianjiquan."

After hearing this, Han Nianxing couldn't help laughing.

"Old man, what are you laughing at?" Qin Wei didn't answer, was this crazy? The smile is so inexplicable. What I said is not funny. Is it that the people in Changshengmen laugh so low?

"It must have been a loss at Han Shengwu, so I came back to ask for help." Han Nianxing smiled. It seems that this boy also suffers, but it is also good, he is too brazen.

"I wipe!" Qin Wei was different, so he walked up to Han Nianxing, grabbed his shoulders, and asked mysteriously: "Old man, when did your thousand-distance transmission practice reach such a situation, unexpectedly? I can overhear Houyama, admire it! "

Qin Wei is now seizing every opportunity to smack Han Nianxing. As long as the old man is happy, he can really impart his martial arts.

"Have you fought?" Han Nianxing's eyes narrowed slightly, no different from the old man next door, except that his beard was gray.

"Of course! I'm your apprentice no matter how you say it. If you dare not even take a battle book, you will lose your face, won't you?" Qin Wei also bounced Han Nianxing's beard while talking.

"How big do you think your odds are?" Han Nianxing said, but Qin Wei said that he was quite satisfied.

"Not big, so I don't have to ask you for help!" Qin Wei leaned on Han Nianxing's shoulder, pretending to be close: "Old man, although we don't exchange much on weekdays, but you are also your apprentice anyway, you always You ca n’t just watch me lose the game, after my face, it does n’t matter if you win or lose, but it ’s not good to lose your face. ”

Qin Wei looked at Han Nianxing with a smile: "Old man help me, do you have any quick kung fu, teach me, when I defeat Han Shengwu, I will give you honor too!"

Qin Wei intends to use this reason to impress Han Nianxing in order to achieve his purpose.

"There are no quick martial arts in this world. I have passed on all my internal forces to you. Whether a mule is a horse or not depends on how you slip!" Han Nianxingdao, who has practiced himself for decades, has not I heard which martial arts was done overnight. It took three years and five years to learn.

"I'm going! Old man, do you hurt me, or is your sister-in-law a horse, am I human?" Qin Wei sat on the chair with a rump and had a bad breath. Since you didn't give it to me, don't blame me for turning my face. Alas.

"You want to win the competition, you still have to rely on yourself, haven't you taught you the sword to break the magic?" Han Nianxing said.

"I used Han Shouwu's tricks to defeat Han Shengwu today, but it still won't help." Qin Wei reluctantly said that he hadn't tried it, but he had limited ability.

"That's because your time is not up. When it's time, everything is not a problem." Han Nianxing said something Qin Wei seemed to understand.

What is not enough heat? What kind of thing is enough? Qin Wei said in his heart. Come on, if you want to say it, make it clear, who knows only half-knowledge. I have n’t played brain teasers since I was three years old.

"I'm here to tell you that your uncle is going down the mountain. You don't have to go over there." Han Nianxing said.

"Uncle? Which uncle? Just go down the mountain!" Qin Wei said indifferently, but his brain suddenly responded and asked: "You mean Han Qingyan ?!"

"If she hears you calling her by name, she will break your leg!" Han Nianxing smiled, and dared to call Han Qingyan's name, I am afraid he is the only one.

Uncle is leaving? I haven't seen enough? rub! When Qin Wei thought of this, he ran outside. The uncle was very helpful to himself.

Qin Wei ran halfway and turned back, taking away the wine gourd from Han Nianxing: "Old man, lend me this wine first, and it will be better for you later!"

After that, Qin Wei disappeared into the night ...

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