Merry Master In The City

Chapter 214 Peeking at Uncle Shower!

Chapter 214 Peeking at Uncle Shower!

Qin Wei took the wine gourd and ran to the Taohua Forest. Although he and Han Qingyan only had a few faces, Qin Wei was still a little bit sad when he heard the news that she was leaving. If the uncle left, he would be there. I ca n’t see such a charming and charming woman, alas ~ it ’s a pity ~

Qin Wei is such a person. He hopes that the beautiful women in the world are his wife, but that is impossible, so I can only imagine it in my mind.

Because of the map Han Wei gave himself, Qin Wei, who had already passed through the peach blossom forest, was already familiar with Taohua Forest. He walked out of the forest in a few minutes and went straight to the door of Han Qingyan.

Qin Wei remembered that the last time he trespassed in, Han Qingyan just caught himself. This time, be careful, otherwise you do n’t know what Uncle Master wants to do with himself.

Qin Wei slammed the door of the room softly, and whispered outside.



"Sister? Are you there?"

Qin Wei asked three times without hearing an echo. Qin Wei looked at his watch. What time is it? Not to sleep so early. Could it be that Uncle Shi has left? Thinking of Qin Wei pushing the door open, I saw the door empty.

"It seems that I came late, is the uncle really gone? Oh!" Qin Wei said to himself, with some resentment between the words, the room was full of Han Qingyan's rouge smell, I really don't know if I can still The chance to meet such a charming peerless woman!

When Qin Weixi sighed, he suddenly saw the whole jeans and pants stacked on the cabinet. Isn't this what urban talents wear? Qin Wei had doubts in his heart. Everyone in Changshengmen was wearing a robe and was approaching the costume. Only when they went down the mountain to avoid other people's ideas, they would change clothes.

Suddenly Qin Wei had a thought in his mind, that Han Qingyan might not have left, otherwise his clothes would not stay here. Where can he go? !!

Qin Wei looked at the peach blossom forest outside, and looked at the rockery between the peach blossom forests. He remembered that when he first came to the peach garden, he fell into the water from the rockery. It was a wolverine, a puddle? Qin Wei looked at the closet again, clean clothes? Then there is only one possibility! Qin Wei's mouth hangs with a charming smirk and runs towards the puddle.

The clothes are clean, so there is only one possibility, that is, Han Qingyan is taking a bath! As Qin Wei ran towards the rockery, he thought in his heart that he has now started to imagine what Han Qingyan would like to take a bath. Whoops ~ so shy ~ so shy ~, Qin Wei's saliva that wants to enter the non-feeling will flow down!

Peeking into the bath, people have stopped doing it since they were five years old. Now they should pick it up again? When thinking of Qin Wei here, my heart fluttered, and a female beauty like Han Qingyan took a bath, but it is rare in the world. Qin Wei could not wait to fly over the rockery now!

Excited Qin Wei passed through the Taohua Forest at a speed that could not cover the ears, and ran under the rockery, then climbed on the rockery with his hands and feet. He looked at the Shuitan Hot Spring with only a glance, and was unable to close. Mouth!

"Chunhan gives a bath to Huaqing Pond, the hot spring water slips and thickens the grease, and the waiter lifts up the weak and weak, it is the time of Xincheng Enze!"

I saw Han Qingyan leaning on the shore, soaking in the hot spring, closing his eyes on his back, and the black three thousand green silk immersed in the water. The whole person was shrouded in a layer of mist with a charming and hazy beauty.

Just looking at her two willow leaf eyebrows, a pair of hooked Danfeng eyes, red lips, dripping and charming, Han Qingyan shook her hair slightly, and the water droplets on the green silk dropped on her hibiscus, like a diamond emitting a bright light , Gorgeous!

"It's really exhausting to read thousands of women all over the world, and it's as if I don't know the long life green smoke!" Qin Wei wiped the saliva overflowing from his mouth and said to himself, he had never read a few books in his life, and he was able to export a chapter. Still rhyme like this, it seems that the charm of beautiful women is extremely great, so that it can make a illiterate, ridiculous, and literate.

"Nima! What a stunner!" Qin Wei's saliva flowed out once, and he was always informal, and once again wiped his lips with his rough hands.

What Qin Wei hopes to see now is that he hopes that the uncle can get up, turn back slowly, and then smile with a smile, so that he can see everything clean, who will wear clothes in the bath! Now I have eyesight!

"Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!" Qin Wei muttered in his heart countless times. When he thought of Han Qingyan standing up, he couldn't help but grinned, but it was this laugh that betrayed him!

"Who!" Han Qingyan turned back! Since she practiced martial arts, her hearing is several times that of ordinary people. There is a silence around the hot spring, and a little sound cannot escape her ears.

It's over! This time the uncle was found, all blame you for this stinky mouth! Qin Wei hit his mouth twice, all blame you! Lao Tzu's good show is not destroyed by you! Peeping was found, Qin Wei had other thoughts, and it seemed that he was shameless in the fire!

Qin Wei saw Han Qingyan's face behind the rockery. She was already angry, but even the anger was so charming. Alas, being taught by such an uncle was also a kind of happiness. I thought that Qin Weixi jumped out from behind, With a smile and Han Qingyan greeted: "Uncle Shishu ~ It's me, Qin Wei ~"

Speaking of Qin Wei, he also stretched out a finger, pointed to his cheek, pretending to be tender, and now he has developed a set of methods to deal with women, that is:

To deal with such an iceberg as Han Luoxue, you can only be rogue. The more she ignores you, the more shameless you are!

To deal with such a simple and silly girl as Han Qianer, you can pretend to be silly with her.

To deal with a woman like Han Qingyan who is so intelligent and demon, you can only pretend to be tender and sell adorable, because what you say will be seen through by her fiery eyes! Women's emotional intelligence is really terrible!

"Qin Wei? How could he be here?" Han Qingyan whispered, what a second person Han Qingyan was. When she saw Qin Wei's expression, she knew what Qin Wei was thinking!

"Are you peeking at me to take a bath?" Han Qing Yan raised an eyebrow!

"Ah ?!" Qin Wei was confused by Han Qingyan's words! He didn't expect that Uncle Shi would be so direct. How should I answer? Said to be taking a peek at the bath, then the consequence would be a tragic death. If she lied and fooled her, the result would be a peaceful death. After thinking about it, Qin Wei decided to choose the second method of death!

"Uncle ~" Qin Wei shook his hair, simply arranged his hairstyle, and he was handsome and handsome when he died, so he said, "Actually, since that day, Uncle Master has helped me, and I admire you. Feelings are like the endless stream of water, so I came to thank you uncle! "

After that, Qin Wei pretended to bow to Han Qingyan! Let me know in your heart, let me go.

"The mouth is smooth and flickering. It looks like it's made up now, it's time to hit!" Han Qingyan said angrily.

After speaking, Han Qingyan raised her right hand, and the water droplets also flew up from her hand. With a bounce of her finger, the water droplets flew towards Qin Wei.

"Fingering the magic?" Qin Wei couldn't help but exclaim, trying to escape, stepping on the last stone again, slipping at his feet, and suddenly falling off the rockery, falling directly into the hot spring.

Oh Nima! As soon as Qin Wei sneaked in from the hot spring, he couldn't help but curse. Didn't he just peek at you? Besides, he didn't look at anything, you didn't suffer, and there was nothing exciting.

Hey! Why is uncle in the hot spring? !! I was still here just now! Qin Wei looked around and swam to the shore.

Just as he swam to the shore, suddenly he felt a wind blowing and he couldn't open his eyes. Where is the wind in Nima! Qin Wei covered his eyes, and when he opened his eyes, he found that he was facing the jade foot of Han Qingyan in front of him!

"It turned out that the uncle was ashore! The uncle's kung fu is so good!" Qin Wei smiled with a rogue look, Han Qingyan's jade foot was white and tender, and Qin Wei was dumbfounded.

Qin Wei slowly moved his eyes upwards, and saw that Han Qingyan's legs were round and tight. At first glance, it was caused by years of martial arts, and he was flexible. Now he is a leg. Then the next thing is, thinking of this, Qin Wei smirks and slobbers. Come out.

Qin Wei looked up, but couldn't laugh.

"Uncle! Why are you wearing clothes!"

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