Merry Master In The City

Chapter 215: Love Jiang Shan, Love Beauty

Chapter 215: Love Jiang Shan, Love Beauty

How could anyone take a bath in clothes? Suddenly, all Qin Wei's imagination collapsed. He closed his eyes and meditated silently: This is not true, this is not true. I hope that after opening his eyes, he can wipe out Han Qingyan's clothes.

When Qin Wei opened his eyes, reality once again drew a sentence on his imagination. Han Qingyan still wore a red robe and looked at her coldly and hot, alas, it seems that today is no drama! Don't say it for nothing, or you will be scolded! It's not worth it! Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

"Isn't I disappointed." Han Qingyan stood on the shore, watching the bubble in the hot spring, and only revealed Qin Weidao's head.

"What disappointment?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, saying that he would reach out and not smile at people. Although Qin Wei thought he was losing, he still put on a smile to win the uncle's favor.

"Seeing me wearing clothes." Han Qingyan said lightly. As for Qin Wei, she knew what he was thinking at a glance, so she asked directly.

"Cough!" Qin Wei coughed with Han Qingyan's words. This uncle was too straightforward. Qin Wei blushed. This is the first time he has blushed in front of a woman in more than 20 years. The shy state said: "Uncle ~ You asked so straightforward, what do people say!"

Qin Wei began to make his first move, pretending to be stupid! No matter what you say, I'm just pretending to be stupid!

"Honestly!" Han Qingyan stared at Qin Wei's eyes, with a look of indifference. His complexion was still plain, making people not see a little emotion.

"Hey, uncle, I don't think it's worth it. Some things are clear to us, so why bother to say something to hurt your feelings!" Qin Wei looked with a smile on his face, intending to confuse him.

Qin Wei's hand was on the shore, and he wanted to go ashore with his own strength. It was the same thing when he was soaked in water. This was the second time we got wet. Why was he so connected with the hot spring?

Just when Qin Wei was about to get up and was about to go ashore, Han Qingyan stepped on Qin Wei's hand!

"Oh! What are you doing, uncle! It hurts!" Qin Wei grinned his tooth grin, and I rub it, what the hell are you doing! It hurts me!

Qin Wei was struggling, but Han Qingyan was cloudy and sunny, with a smile on his face, and asked, "Are you very disappointed?"

"You bad master! I tell Master to go!" Qin Wei saw that Han Qingyan was not loose, and had to move out of Han Nian.

"Go, see if your master is facing you or towards me. You and him have just met each other. I have known him for almost half my life. Who do you think he would believe?" Han Qingyan lowered his head, his eyes playing with taste.

If she changed to another woman, Qin Wei would have become furious, but it was Han Qingyan. There was no way to take her by herself, just as she was being bullied by being pinched by 7 inches. Qin Wei felt a little refreshed in her heart. This may be the legendary culprit.


"Sister! Please forgive me!" Qin Wei raised his head, glaring his eyes, and looked at Han Qingyan pitifully. They all said that the woman is motherly by nature, and she planned to sell her for mercy, but Han Qingyan's indifference let him know that he It doesn't work at all!

"Okay!" Qin Wei, who had no choice but to admit it, said, "I admit that I'm disappointed, all right!"

"Haha!" After hearing Qin Wei's remarks, Han Qingyan laughed, as if the two had just been judged.

"Uncle, you can let go now!" Qin Wei looked at Han Qingyan's feet poorly, what a beautiful foot, how could it hurt so much?

After seeing the truth from Qin Wei, Han Qingyan took his foot down. I had known this, and it would be over if I just said it.

"It hurts me!" Qin Wei was blowing his hands, stepping on the red, rubbing, this woman's heart is so hard!

"Haha!" Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei's grievances and couldn't help laughing, she looked quite heroic. After she laughed, she squatted down and stared at Qin Wei. Actually, she wasn't wearing any clothes just now. The moment Qin Wei entered the water, Han Qingyan flew out of the water, and then covered Qin Wei's sight with light work, which prevented the light from going away, which was also considered thrilling.

"Uncle, if you look at people like this, they will be shy." Qin Wei pretended to be shy and said, rubbing his rough palms like a newly married young daughter-in-law.

"I wasn't so shy when I saw you with Luo Xue?" Han Qingyan crouched in front of Qin Wei, and within a few feet of him, Qin Wei could smell the unique rouge smell on her body.

"That's because Luo Xue has no uncle and you are beautiful!" Qin Weixue is smart. Every woman cares about her looks. As long as she praises her beauty, the woman must be happy.

Han Qingyan laughed after listening to it, the smiling flower branch fluttered, smiling extremely charmingly, and said, "Is it?"

"Yes!" Qin Wei looked at the idiot for a while, and nodded quickly after responding.

"Tomorrow I will tell Luo Xue that you said she was ugly."

Giggle, Han Qingyan couldn't help laughing.

Oh damn! It was obvious to me that this was being played! Qin Wei now feels very pale and helpless. No matter how he fights with Han Qing, he will eventually be defeated. This makes him face of a big man!

Han Qingyan stood up and walked to Chenyan Pavilion. Suddenly, she stopped and turned around, facing Qin Wei: "What? Still want to soak in the water?"

"Oh!" When Qin Wei heard this, he knew that the uncle wasn't angry, so he crawled out of the water with a smile, his clothes were soaked and clinged to his body, showing Qin Wei's healthy figure. .

I didn't expect this kid to be good! Han Qingyan leaned back on the horizontal chair and looked up and down Qin Wei. This kind of gaze made Qin Wei very uncomfortable and made him feel light.

"Master, can't you look at me like that?" Qin Wei couldn't stand it anymore. He surrendered on his own initiative, could I obey you? Where is this uncle, obviously a female hooligan!

When Han Qingyan saw that his purpose was achieved, his eyes did not stay on Qin Wei, leaning against Zhu Qihongzhu, and leaning lazily, he asked, "Do n’t you say thank you, would you just say thank you empty-handed?" "

"Hey!" Qin Wei immediately frowned upon hearing this, but fortunately she had prepared herself before coming, otherwise she would be humiliated by her grasp.

Qin Wei ass runs to Han Qingyan, takes off the wine gourd from her body, and hands it to her: "Uncle, this is the thirty-year-old wine I brought from the old man, specially for you Tasting. "

"Count your kid smart!" Han Qing smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Qin Wei suddenly felt like the rest of the life after the calamity. It seemed that he had finally done the right thing. When he saw Han Qingyan at first glance, he decided that this woman had a special feeling for wine. It can be said that wine was her. Part of life.

Han Qingyan took the wine gourd and did not drink it immediately. Instead, he pulled the stopper and asked, laughing and cursing: "For five years, I really lied and didn't know how to blush!"

"Impossible! The old man said it was thirty years old! But how do you know the age of this wine, Master?" Qin Wei was curious.

"I've cleaned your master's good wine, and there's a baby there!" Han Qingyan said with a smile, and every time she hid the wine, she could find it.

"Haha!" Qin Wei couldn't help laughing when he heard this, the old man of Ying Ming I was also confused!

"Uncle, I heard the old man say you're leaving?" Qin Wei said, touching his watery face.

"Um." Han Qing nodded his head and used to sip his head.

"When are you coming back?" Qin Wei asked.

"Why? Can't bear me?" Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei, his eyes playing with taste.

"Hey, uncle, it's good to have something in mind." Qin Wei quickly interrupted, or it should be ugly again.

"I still like to hear you call my sister." Han Qingyan drank a second sip, and she had a very good drink. She didn't pour a thousand glasses, but her skin seemed to be sensitive to alcohol, and some of them would turn red.

"Why?" Qin Wei puzzled.

Han Qingyan took the third sip, his face was slightly sullen and charmingly: "Because you called your sister, it was cheap! Haha!"

Han Qingyan laughed and drank the fourth sip!

Han Qingyan was very happy, Qin Wei only cried, and originally wanted to come here to take advantage of her, but did not expect that he was playing around like a rattle.

"Don't you watch the contest in three days?" Qin Wei lost his helmet and gave up his armor, and could only change the subject once again. That was once every three years. If the uncle did not come to watch the game, who would I show to?

"You want to participate?" Of course Han Qingyan's thoughts knew Qin Wei's implication.

"Yes, Uncle doesn't want to see me chic and elegant?" Qin Wei asked tentatively.

"Just your two brushes, it is estimated that even Han Shengwu can't beat it." Han Qingyan drank a fifth drink, mockingly.

"Uncle, is there a quick fix?" Qin Wei said.

"About martial arts matters, you can ask Luo Xue." Han Qing smoked.

ask her? !! It ’s better to let me die peacefully. Before I can ask, I have to be killed by Han Luoxuebing. Qin Wei said in his heart, so is this uncle, ca n’t you see that I and Luoxue are not dealing with each other?

Han Qingyan knew what Qin Wei was thinking in his heart and shook his head: "Luo Xue is the most talented disciple in the door and has his own unique opinion on Wu Xue. If you do n’t understand, ask her. In order to ensure fairness, I do n’t Will tell you. "

"Uh ..." Qin Wei's head began to sweat, isn't it special to say nothing?

"It's boring to drink by yourself. Would you like to take a bite!" Han Qingyan said and threw the gourd to Qin Wei.

"Drink, drink! Who's afraid of anyone! It just happens that I'm so cold!"

Qin Wei took the wine gourd, which was a big mouth. He was soaked all over. Drinking some wine can drive the cold, right! This is not an introduction to kissing! Qin Wei looked at the lip prints on the gourds.

"No!" Han Qingyan answered directly.

"I rub, uncle, you read mind surgery?" Qin Wei was completely stunned. Why did she know what she thought?

"Your little thought is written on your face, then the fool will not know." Han Qing Yanjiao glared and glanced at Qin Wei with a charming look. The kind of style that blended into his bones made Qin Wei intoxicated.

The two of them pushed their cups and changed their cups. You took a bite of my mouth, and the night became deeper, and Qin Wei's face became more and more red. He looked at Han Qingyan, and with the spirit of wine, he finally called up the courage and asked, "Sister, you How old? "

Han Qingyan's age has always been Qin Wei's heart disease. If he does not solve it, he will feel uncomfortable.

Han Qingyan smiled and smiled extremely touchingly. He clicked Qin Wei's forehead and said, "I will tell you when you win the contest!"

"Haha!" Qin Wei couldn't help laughing, even if he was uncle's age, he had to win!



"Sing a song for you?"

"it is good"

"A few autumns in life, don't stop drinking!"

"My beauty to the east! The Yellow River to the west!"

"Come on, get some wine! Don't stop drinking!"

"Don't worry about worry and trouble!"

Qin Wei sang a song, relying on sleeping on the promenade, drunk from time to time he made snoring noises!

Han Qingyan looked at Qin Wei who was asleep, and an unknown smile appeared on the corner of his mouth ...

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