Merry Master In The City

Chapter 216: Help For The Snow!

Chapter 216: Help For The Snow!

On sunny days, young people should cherish this. This is the martial arts training of Changshengmen for hundreds of years. All disciples of Changshengmen have to learn martial arts since the day they got started. That is why Han Luoxue can become a martial art master at a young age.

If Han Qianer is studying medicine to be able to wake up Han Changsheng, then Han Luoxue practiced martial arts so that he could one day find the murderer who poisoned Master and avenge him!

The difference between a personal disciple and an ordinary disciple is that the elder disciple has the elders to teach martial arts personally, so you don't need to go to the martial arts to practice martial arts, while Han Luoxue's martial arts are taught by three Han elders, Han Dadao, Han Qingyan Han Luoxue was talented and intelligent, so he integrated several skills.

Early in the morning, after Han Luoxue got up, she simply washed and prepared for morning exercises. This is her habit of thundering for years. It took more than a decade to train Han Luoxue's current martial arts. Behind every success Have their own sadness and hard work.

As soon as Han Luoxue opened the door and looked up, he looked at the person who was most reluctant to meet: Qin Wei!

I saw Qin Wei holding eight big white teeth and cracking a 180 ° smile. There was a red mark on his forehead. It was a drink last night and hit the wall. Qin Wei held a tray in his hand. Planting bowls, but these bowls are interlocked, I don't know what they are used for.

"Shimei ~ Early ~" Qin Wei said with a smile, although he was sleepy, but also pretending to be enthusiastic. He finally realized what it was called this morning. He got up earlier than the chicken, and the rooster had not croaked. Qin Wei got up from the bed, but this was the first time.

"What are you doing here?" Han Luoxue said coldly. She was always frosty all year round. She used to live with Qin Wei, so she knew that Qin Wei was an unprofitable person. In the evening, he came to his door, certainly not kind.

"Oh, Shimei, you see what you ask, what else can you do here? Of course it's here to find you ~" Qin Wei smiled, and he swears that he smiled from the bottom of his heart, his face is like a flower. It's the same.

"What are you looking for?" Han Luoxue said indifferently, Qin Wei could come forward? This shows that he has something bad hidden in his heart. Han Luoxue doesn't eat his set at all!

"What? Of course it is to send you warmth and joy!" Qin Wei still smiled like a flower.

"I don't have any good mood on this day when I see your face." Han Luoxue said coldly, the plan of the year lies in spring, and the plan of the day lies in the morning. When Qin Wei's face is seen early in the morning, What a good mood.

I rub! You dare to insult me? Qin Wei's heart was already angry, but he thought for a moment that impulse is a big vixen. Qin Wei, you have to calm down, and you can't have general knowledge with the little girl. You are a gentleman, you can do it!

"Sister, look at what you said. I've been waiting here for you all morning. Wouldn't you invite me to sit in?" Qin Wei deliberately lifted up the tray on his hand, which he brought to Han specifically. The snow fell, hoping to melt her cold heart.

"No plan." Han Luoxue said.

"Why?" Qin Wei said with excitement. I waited at your door for almost half an hour, and you just rejected me so casually? Am I cheap?

"Dedicate your diligence to nothing, or steal it!" Han Luoxue said indifferently, after she said that she wanted to practice, but was blocked by Qin Wei.

"Sister, can't you be nice to me? I think we can get along very well." Qin Weidao, I wipe, for my younger sister, I endure you! Wait until the race is over and see how I can repay you!

"No!" Han Luoxue said directly, maybe only on such questions, Han Luoxue would answer Qin Wei directly.

"Why?" Qin Wei asked without understanding. He actually wanted to know why Han Luoxue was always prejudiced against himself. What did I do wrong? Can't I change it?

Han Luoxue stared at Qin Wei and said, "Because you are so cheap!"


Qin Wei has clenched his fist, he really wants to punch it with a punch, it's really amazing! No no no! Qin Wei shook his head and shook his head, he said in his heart, Qin Wei, you have to bear it! How can you be a big husband with a little girl?

"Oh, I'm tired outside, I'll go first!"

Qin Wei entered her room without Han Luoxue's consent. He walked straight to the table, put everything down, and then sat on a stool with one butt, looking at Han Luoxue, who was still standing at the door: "Oh! Shimei ~ why are you still standing there, come and sit down, you're welcome! "

Qin Wei's shame makes Han Luoxue very helpless. This is obviously his own room. With Qin Wei here, how could Han Luoxue go to practice martial arts.

"Qin Wei, if you have something, say it quickly, I still have to practice martial arts!" Han Luoxue leaned on the door.

"Why is it urgent to practice martial arts? Come, Shimei, you can taste what I made for you early and see how it tastes." Qin Wei greeted Han Luoxue and came over to sit, but Han Luoxue just snorted and ignored Qin Wei , There is no plan to eat Qin Wei early.

Ignore me, don't you treat me as air? OK, don't blame me for my trick! Qin Wei stood up and looked at the room and said, "Ah, since you are not eating breakfast, sister, you should go to practice martial arts. I'll wait for you here, and by the way visit your room to see if there is any valuable baby . "

"You!" Han Luoxue pointed at Qin Weidao, didn't you just want to get me mad, and then you were so nonsense, I wouldn't let you succeed! Han Luoxue walked to the table and made it.

As soon as Qin Wei saw that Han Luoxue had been fooled, he immediately smiled and greeted him: "Look at me, these are all the breakfast I prepared for you." When Qin Wei spoke, he opened the bowl and saw that it was full. Meals, a bowl of porridge, a few home-made light side dishes, and the few days Han Hanxue lived, he had figured out her taste.

"Come, taste it?" Qin Wei filled her with a spoonful of porridge and handed it to her: "This is a carrot porridge I made for you, I hope the nutrition of carrots will melt your soul."

"..." Han Luoxue was very helpless, and she was so particular about eating a meal. She ignored Qin Wei's kindness, picked up chopsticks, and put a few dishes in her mouth. Although Qin Wei was abominable, her cooking skills were good. As a result, Han Luoxue once thought Qin Wei was a chef.

"How good it is." Qin Wei smiled.

"I've eaten your food, you can talk about it when it comes to you." Han Luoxue said directly, she had no time to talk nonsense with Qin Wei, if Qin Wei talked nonsense, it is quite inked.

"Hey, sister, that's the contest in two days." Qin Wei asked tentatively.

Han Luoxue bowed his head and didn't say a word, all he had to do was eat.

"I want to compete with Han Shengwu." Qin Wei continued,

Han Luoxue was silent when Qin Wei was farting.

"Sister and sister, do you have any quick way to teach me, I can beat Han Shengwu." Qin Wei hoped.

Han Luoxue was silent. She was helpless to Qin Wei's question and didn't even know how to answer it.

"You know Snowfall, I have to win this game, otherwise Qianer will be sad and die." Qin Weixiao moved with affection, and had no choice but to move out of Han Qianer, hoping to get the answer from Luoxue's mouth. Because Han Qingyan said that she is a martial arts wizard, since she is a wizard, she must have unique insights, so Qin Wei would wake up and cook in the morning to please her.

Han Luoxue put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a tissue: "No."

"Really ?!" Qin Wei stood up and asked.

"None of the world's martial arts is quick. If there is one, I don't have to get up early every day to practice." Han Luoxue told the truth, she was disgusted by this eagerness to succeed, and martial arts should be down to earth, otherwise Come to practice, you ca n’t endure hardships, what skills are you practicing!

"Are you sure ?!" Qin Wei asked again.

"No!" Han Luoxue refused.

"Okay! Those who ate me will spit it out for me!" Qin Wei reached out and said, "Grandma's, who ate me, told me not to play me!"


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