Merry Master In The City

Chapter 217 I Can't Do It Without You!

Chapter 217 I Can't Do It Without You!

Just when Qin Wei was worried about how to defeat Han Shengwu, the same scene was staged in the office of Dongshan Group in the remote city of S. Since Qin Wei disappeared, the entire company seemed to be missing something, a little angry. nothing.

"Well, you said where did Brother Qin go? It's been almost a month, why is there no news yet?" Lu Shuang whispered around the desk, these people are the original Qin Wei's men, An old employee in the sales department.

If it was normal, they would definitely not dare to speak openly, but now they are different. Since Qin Wei disappeared, they can feel that Liu Yihan's mental state is particularly bad. They were all motivated and now they are like a person. .

"I don't know, but there is no news of Brother Qin depending on the look of President Liu." Cheng Yudao, he usually does not follow Qin Wei in the company to earn extra money, so the relationship with Qin Wei is better, although he is not The person in the sales department, but was close to the sales department, he also wanted to inquire about Qin Wei's news. I didn't expect that the people who worked with Qin Wei knew not enough.

"Yeah!" Hong Fei couldn't help but sighed, "Without Qin Wei, our company is not angry at all, and it is boring all day." When Qin Wei was there before, everyone didn't feel anything. Okay, now suddenly disappearing, only to show the value of a person.

"It's not. You see President Liu, he doesn't laugh all day long. It's not good for us to go on like this." Xiao Li of the design department, who just came here to work after graduating from university, has just figured out the status of the company and chose Dongshan Company is because of the good working atmosphere here, but after I came here, I realized that it was not what I originally thought.

"Actually, I feel that we are all outsiders no matter how we feel. The only person who can truly feel the sadness here is President Liu." Hong Feidao, like everyone, is worried about the company's prospects, Qin Wei As soon as he disappeared, Hong Fei lost a few opportunities to make money.

"Yeah, when I heard that Brother Qin disappeared, it was the day when he was about to get engaged with President Liu." Lu Shuang whispered, she shared the news she heard, and President Liu only invited the engagement ceremony that day. High society people, wage earners like them can only continue to work in the company.

"Poor! The fiance disappeared on the day of the engagement." Xiao Li sympathized. Of course, as a woman, she understood the pain, the kind that sparked hope, but was instantly extinguished.

"Don't say anything, President Liu is here."

When everyone was talking, Chengyu whispered to remind him that Liu Yihan stepped on the heels of the company and came over the company's door.

"Hello, Mr. Liu!"

The employees greeted Liu Yihan one after another, hoping to make a good impression on the general manager, but to their disappointment, Liu Yihan just passed by with a smile and went to the meeting room.

"Did you see that? It's far-fetched to laugh!" Xiao Li said. She could feel Liu Yihan's expression. She was unhappy. Remember when Qin Wei was there, Liu Yihan's expression was exceptionally bright.

"It's really embarrassing President Liu, everyone has lost a circle!" Hong Feidao said, when they were outing, they all witnessed the good relationship between Qin Wei and President Liu. I can only sigh. As a brother, Hong Fei hopes Qin Wei will come back soon!

"Don't talk about it, go to work, and cheer for our tomorrow with the fullest enthusiasm!" At this time, Chen Ming, the sales manager, said to his employees that Qin Wei was no longer in the company. He was in the company. The status is also much worse than before. He is the manager recommended by Qin Wei. Several veterans in the company have criticized him.

After listening to Chen Ming's words, everyone went away by themselves. What should be done? Chen Ming looked at the company and shook his head. He really hoped that Qin Wei could return to the company as soon as possible.

"Notify the managers of various departments to come to my office for a simple meeting." Liu Yihan came to the office and said to the secretary Xiao He.

"Okay, I'll arrange it." Xiao He went immediately.

Liu Yihan also wears a professional suit today. Although she is still so beautiful, her eyes seem to be less shining, not as rushing as before, and since Qin Wei disappeared, she has lived step by step every day. Fifth, I have never been to the company early.

Liu Yihan has spent a lot of money to inquire about Qin Wei's whereabouts, but he did not reply. It is also good to have no reply, at least better than bad news, which indicates that Qin Wei may be alive.

"Mr. Liu, the managers are here." Xiao He knocked on the door. During this time, she was extra careful when she was working. She was afraid that she would be angry because she could not do anything because in these days, she never saw Liu Yihan smiled.

"Well, let's come in and sit down." Liu Yihan sat on the boss chair and pointed to the sofa in the office.

"Talk about the performance this month." Liu Yihan said.

"This month's performance has dropped by 5% compared with the previous month, but it is still profitable." Chen Ming was a little embarrassed. As the sales manager, he had not made the company's sales performance obvious in the past two months. Compared with Qin Wei when he was a manager, his performance fell a lot.

"Mr. Chen, what are your sales department doing this month? Five percent? This is not a small number. In the long run, the company will lose money from you." Qi Lang, the financial director, said that he hated Qin Wei, so he also He hates people who have a good relationship with Qin Wei. He doesn't dare to speak badly to the young lady, so he can only take out Chen Ming.

"Director Qi, I can guarantee that every employee in our sales department is dedicated to working for the company. As for the performance, it is really not good enough. We will work hard this month, please Mr. Liu believe in us." Chen Ming has taken out Determined to say, this month must show results, not let colleagues despise!

"Um." Liu Yihan nodded, and didn't say much. Dongshan Group had a great career and didn't care about the money.

"I heard that there are some problems in your advertising department?" Liu Yihan asked the boss of the advertising department.

"Ah, yeah, President Liu, but all are minor problems, that is, several models are not working, and the company lacks models that can be used for advertising." Pharaoh said, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, for fear of Liu Yihan's blame, because The departure of several models has something to do with him.

"Then you are recruiting a few new models." Liu Yihan said.

The reason why Liu Yihan did not put the meeting in the conference room was because it was a normal trivial matter and there was no need to mobilize teachers.

"Mr. Liu, the branch of He's Group proposed to cooperate with us. What does Mr. Liu mean?" Secretary Xiao Hedao, the general manager of He's branch has made many phone calls.

"Which project?" Liu Yihan said.

"Children's Dream Workshop" Xiaohe Road.

This is the first time that Dongshan Group has created a children's playground for children. It is currently under planning. Once successful, it will become another sign of Dongshan Group!

"Just reject them." Liu Yihan said that this project can be done in Dongshan, so no outsider is required to divide.

"Well, that's it for today's meeting. Let's all get busy." Liu Yihan rubbed his head and issued a guest order.

Each manager also left the office. When Liu Yihan was left alone in the office, she looked at Qin Wei's office. She even looked expectantly that Qin Wei would come out from there. How long will it take you to come back? I really miss you...

During the month that Qin Wei disappeared, she became thinner and thinner. Her friends persuaded her to travel abroad to relax and let time dilute her memory, but all were rejected by Liu Yihan. She looked at Qin Wei's office and looked at him once Used chairs, used water glasses, and even sleeping sofas, she realized that there were some things that I could n’t do without you ...

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