Merry Master In The City

Chapter 219 Cut the Wall and Steal the Light!

Chapter 219 Cut the Wall and Steal the Light!

Qin Wei is a good-faced person. His principle of life is to kill soldiers, and it is not shameful. If he loses to Han Shengwu on the day of the game, it will be more disgusting than killing him, so Qin Wei will go down to please Han Luoxue , But did not expect this chick actually did not tell herself!

Do you think this will stump Lao Tzu? Aren't you going to practice martial arts? Well, then I will practice with you! In this way, Qin Wei squatted in the garden to watch Han Luoxue practicing martial arts. Han Luoxue practicing was one afternoon. Qin Wei followed for an afternoon. He was hungry, tired and sleepy now!

During this period, Qin Wei fell asleep a total of three times. When she woke up all three times, Han Luoxue was still training there. Was the girl hit by iron? Not tired at all! The women of Changshengmen are really not messy!

"Hey! I said Shimei! Have you played enough?" Qin Wei yawned, and wiped his saliva by the way, but fortunately he was not seen by Han Luoxue, or he would be damaged again, but the words came back to him Sleeping beauty is fragrant.

Han Luoxue practiced her skills very seriously, and she would not be distracted at all. Now she is holding a sword and stepping on the red flower. She has a light body, like a phoenix dancing aloft, flying proudly.

"Sister and sister, I'm tired of watching. Can we both sit down and talk for a while?" Qin Wei said helplessly, although Han Luoxue's martial arts were very good and his sword skills were amazing, but Qin Wei didn't understand martial arts at all! He was sitting here all by Han Qingyan.

When Qin Wei and Han Qingyan were chatting last night, he asked his uncle a question, that is, what would happen if Han Qingyan and Han Shengwu did something? Han Qingyan just smiled and said two words, and he was totally defeated! Han Shengwu lost!

Qin Wei has been a sales manager for several years, and my head has already been trained to be flexible. I ca n’t fight you. I can learn from people who can beat you. Then I wo n’t be able to play Han Shengwu, so Qin Wei is willing. Just sit here for a day.

Han Luoxue suddenly jumped into the air, Qin Wei's head also lifted up, Han Luoxue slammed, Qin Wei's head lowered, Han Luoxue cut for six consecutive strokes, using the body as an axis, large Step by step, the sword in his hand danced with it, so Qin Wei ’s head was also swinging, so he went back and forth up and down. After a few rounds of left and right, Qin Wei ’s neck was stuck.

"Sister, don't test me, I really ask you for advice." Qin Wei crooked his neck and said, he looks very funny now, why did you fly down like this, Lao Tzu The head is about to break!

Qin Wei dipped his saliva with his fingers, wiped it on his eyes, and said sincerely: "I admit that it was not good for me before. I shouldn't touch your butt while carrying you"

Huh! clang! A Pu knife wiped Qin Wei's left ear and flew straight into the left post!

Oops I rub! What a danger! Qin Wei rejoiced in his heart.

Looking at Han Luoxue again, he was already slightly angry.

Qin Wei smeared two drops of saliva in front of his eyes and said, "Falling snow, I admit that I am frivolous, I shouldn't be in front of so many people and say I want to have a child for you! What a shameful behavior! How could I be born as a big man! But as long as your sister nods, I'm willing to have an operation to give you one. Now there are men abroad ... "

Huh! clang! A flying knife passed Qin Wei's right ear and flew straight into the right post!

"Qin Wei, can you close your mouth!" Han Luoxue finally couldn't bear the anger! It was a big mistake for Qin Wei to enter the garden by himself!

"Sister, you tell me, I promise you, after telling me, I will never pester you!" Said Qin Wei, raising his hand and swearing. I also don't want ink, I just want to know a way to win Han Shengwu!

"The world ’s martial arts, just don't break it! Take the other way and give it to yourself!" After speaking, Han Luoxue entered the room gracefully, and then closed the door with a slam. Han Luoxue took a deep breath to adjust her mood, she didn't know Why, every time I talk to Qin Wei, my mood will be disturbed.

Qin Wei stood outside and wondered, martial arts in the world, it ’s okay to understand this sentence, but what about the next one? In his own way, give him back! what! If you help someone, just tell me right?

Qin Wei stood cursing outside the door, suddenly he seemed to understand something, and shouted into the room: "Sister, thank you! I understand!"

Qin Wei ran away after speaking, the speed was astounding!

"Not too stupid." Han Luoxue stood lightly in the room.


After Qin Wei obtained the “cheats” of martial arts from Han Luoxue, he did not stop and ran back to his Jade Jade Garden. On the way, Qin Wei analyzed that his biggest advantage was that he had the internal force of Han Nianxing in his body. This is Han Shengwu Incomparable, if you can use the Royal Sword Demon like a six-veined magic sword, you will have magical calculations.

Qin Wei did not dare to practice martial arts on the martial arts ground, fearing that Han Shengwu secretly peeked. This was his winning weapon. How could he tell others to see it.

Qin Wei has firmly kept in mind the moves of "Broken Sword", but fortunately, he has now practiced sword qi, and can now develop to the second sword power!

This sword strength is also strength, and it is also divided into three layers. The level like Qin Wei is only the first layer. Listen to Han Qingyan said that Han Nianxing's Royal Sword Demon can smash the stones. What kind of strength is this, if I train Is n’t it that omnipotent things go to heaven?

Pop! Qin Wei himself slapped his two slaps, what time is it, what a imagination!

Qin Wei sat on the ground, first taking a deep breath, adjusting his breathing, and then blending the internal forces from top to bottom with his left and right hands. Because he already had some background, it was much easier to practice.

According to Han Qingyan, when Qin Wei first gathered in Neili, he used a move, so there was no power at all, and it was okay to deal with ordinary people. It was tickling to deal with people in the martial arts.

So Qin Wei planned to hold on this time to see how long he could endure. The internal force of his fingers gathered more and more. He felt his hand was about to explode, but Qin Wei was still patient!

"Broken!" At the moment when the hand was about to explode, Qin Wei released the internal force and saw a sky-blue sword rush forward.

boom! Hit on the fence,

"My grass, it's dangerous!" Qin Wei looked at his hand that was about to explode, and fortunately said that this time it was Qin Wei's luck, and released it at the moment when the internal force was about to explode, if it was a little slower, His hands are gone.

Qin Wei stood up and walked to the side of the wall to see his achievements. The walls here are made of blue brick, and the hardness is about the same as that of stone.

"I wipe! Such a cow!" Qin Wei stared at the tunnel on the wall! I even made a hole in the wall. I wiped it, did I just cut the wall and steal the light?

Is it fast? Does it mean that as long as you are proficient in applying it, you will increase your chance of winning? Qin Wei thought in his heart that it seemed that he still practiced more!


Just then, a clear voice sounded.

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