Enemies Of The Sengoku

Chapter 641

Chapter 641

When Chu King Xiong Sheng took the pen to give the dragon a finishing touch, Li Xie had ordered people to lift the kite one by one.

After the winter, the northwest wind blows, and the feeling is especially obvious after approaching the Yangtze River. If it were not for the temporary support of the hard curtains, the Chu Guomin people would have a strong wind to blow the king to death.

"Uncle, is this the finishing touch?"

With his head tilted, a little scared Chu Wang Xiongsheng looked at Li Jie. He was not afraid of Li Jie, but he was more afraid of the dragon.

The dragon head is terrifying, and it has only white eyes. If it is really explained to Li, it will come alive after the finishing touch, isn't it to eat people?

Xiong Sheng has heard the story of the palace. It is said that there is a big monster from the southeast, called Gou Chen, which is particularly powerful at eating people, especially children who love to disobediently eat salt without eating.

Thinking of Gou Chen's story, Xiong Sheng was even more afraid. I thought that the big dragon in front of me would be bigger than Gou Chen.

So I thought about it, and I got a little stunned, and when someone saw you, it was only a child who was afraid of cold. After Li Jie knew him well, he knew that the bear child was instigating.

"Little cock, the finishing touch is. If this beast is alive, I will kill it again!"

With a big wave, Li Jie, wearing a bear and tiger paw, gave the King of Chu the great courage.

His uncle was so powerful, everyone said that he was the world's first fierce husband, and he must surrender to the dragon.

Xiong Sheng remembered it again, and his uncle said that this big dragon was killed by his uncle before, but now the finishing touch is to revive it.

Since you can kill once, you can certainly kill it a second time.


A little nervous Xiong Sheng, lightly clicked on the longan, hard pen Zhu Qi, but a long one, Zhu Qi left a small spot on the long eye, here is the pupil of Da Long's eyes, looks ... It's funny.

Anyway, from Lee ’s point of view, even if it is a real dragon, it also has Alzheimer's disease. If a tongue is pulled out from the dragon's mouth, it is probably an Alzheimer's blood dragon with husky origin.

Ugly and stupid.


As if he was surprised to find Mo Da, Xiong Sheng felt that the dragon did not look like he was about to be resurrected, and his heart suddenly rejoiced: Uncle must have killed it for a long time, nodded aside, and there was no vision.

With confidence, he immediately touched the other side.

It was a little softer, Xiong Sheng ran to Li Jie's side, and subconsciously stretched out a hand, holding Li Jie's hem, and shrunk under Xiong Hu's aunt.

When a group of Chu people met later, they felt helpless. The king was so close to the man, it was almost speechless.

"Okay, look at it!"

With his hands shaking, Li Jie swayed forward, holding a thick and long mixed hemp rope, and then said, "Listen to my password."


After walking ten or twenty steps, holding on to the rope, Li Xie yelled, "Get up!"


It was no small movement, and a row of soldiers went all out and threw them into the air. By the wind, Li Xie pulled the dragon easily.

Although the workmanship is not very good, but the momentum is very strong, and a lot of copper suzuki bells are hung on the top. After being lifted off, it is only a moment before wearing the "ring la la la" copper bell.

Then after the sound of the copper bell stabilized, the wooden bell suddenly issued a "woo-hum-woo" call sign, which was particularly loud and mixed with the copper bell, plus the northwest wind sound, the sound of the Yangtze River waves, this kind of The weird reverb is really scary.

Rao was a knowledgeable person in the Chu Kingdom, but he did not expect that this dragon really came to life.

The long dragon was in the sky, and soon his teeth twisted his body. Li Jie laughed, and shouted at Chu Xiongsheng, "Xiao Xun, your finishing touch is really to be put away, and you can't use it in a mess. Today, you finished your life with a finishing touch. Maybe after you click another monster, you will have to live! "

At this moment, Chu King Xiong Sheng was stunned, the bear child opened his mouth wide, and looked up inconceivably at the twisted dragon in the air: "The dragon is resurrected!"

In shock, Chu Wang Xiongsheng looked down at Zhu Qi in his hand again and murmured, "Is this a magic pen?"

"Hahahaha ..."

Li Jie laughed and saw a group of crocodiles eager to try, beckoning: "If you want to play, come and try."

When Sha Dong saw this, the first stepped forward: "Shou Li, is this a kite flying with his hometown?"

"Otherwise do you think?"

"So it is."

In Jiangyinyi, Li Jie let go of the tortoise kite. The interest between this country and the countryside is not so much vertical and horizontal, giving people some recreation, and it is also a combination of work and rest.

Sha Dong also flew the kite, but he did not fly such a large one, and it was still a big dragon kite. It felt that the experience was very different.

Now I took the rope in Li Jie's hands and then dragged or pulled, very energetic.

"Little sister, how?"

"Do you want to kill this dragon later?"

"Do you want to kill?"

Li Xie didn't answer the question and looked at Xiong Sheng.

The original Chu Guozhang who was still shocked, when Li Jie asked such a question, the soul would be scared. He quickly looked at his king and frowned quickly, lest Xiong Sheng could not answer well.

"It can't run away either. Uncle can control it and catch it alive ... or keep it alive, it is a spiritual thing."

Hearing the answer from Chu Wang Xiongsheng, the sigher was relieved, and his eyes were relieved.

In the eyes of the slanderer, if his own king answers that he wants to kill the dragon on the day, I'm afraid that he will disguste the man. Maybe it will increase the man's heart.

However, Li Xie didn't think that much. It was just fun to fly a kite. Seeing that the Chu people had never seen the world before, he was quite happy.

Eventually, the dragon fell to the ground, but when it landed, King Chu Xiongsheng had returned to the palace to take a nap. After waking up, he asked how the dragon was, and then the palace told him that the dragon had been The man was caught alive and kept under strict supervision.

I heard that the dragon is still alive. Chu King Xiongsheng was relieved. He really cared for that dragon, because he knew very well that Uncle Han was very powerful and no one could beat him. Uncle wanted to kill the dragon. Can't stop it.

After a few days, Xun Du spread the story, one is "the finishing touch"; the other is "the harmony between Chu and Han".

After these two stories came out, Yin Duhuang, the Chu state commander of Badu, almost drew blood from his anger. After the winter, his mouth became soaked, and what he ate was not fragrant. It was ... getting angry.

The original plan of the King of Fighters was to change King Chu to a person as soon as the opportunity matured.

It doesn't matter if it will be the opponent of the Hanzi country at that time, anyway, now you have to remember it?

But now, I really can't do it.

What does "finish the finishing touch" mean? Explain that my great Chu country also has gods coming into the world.

This god-man is not someone else, or our king, like the big monster of Soochow, absolutely no small matter.

Otherwise, how can I take out a Zhu Qi hard pen and click on the longan? This dragon ... will fly into the sky?

Of course, the dragon heard that it was later captured alive by the monarch Li Xie of the Han Kingdom, which was a late story, so don't worry about these details.

But his own king can point his eyes and make him soar, which shows that it is not easy, and he is also very human.

With such a story, as long as he didn't die, he wanted to get him out of the office by means of face-to-face means.

"Ghost" is not low among the nations, but it is especially important in the land of Wu Chu.

The old monster allowed the Chu people to arrange him into a cannibalism monster. He also had other considerations. He could frighten others by his reputation. What could he refuse?

To many stubborn old Chu Kingdoms, their own kings have such divine differences, and they are definitely different and protected by the "ghost gods" in the midst.

Otherwise, his own king should die in the palace now. The cause of his death was homicide, murderer, and man monarch Li Jie!

Nowadays, Li Jie not only did not kill, but also spread the story of "Harmony between Chu and Han". Chu King Xiong Sheng even affectionately named Han Jie, the monarch Li Jie, as "uncle".

For these two stories, no one in Chu of the Chu Kingdom now has the power to count the Empress Zhao and the Empress Zhao's cub, Chu Wang Xiong Sheng.

To deal with Queen Mother Zhao and King Chu, the original goal was one, and that was Li Jie.

Now it's no longer possible. Everyone was afraid of the Han Army and afraid of Li Jie. They just found an opportunity and an excuse. Honestly, the users, Queen Mother Zhao and Bear King Chu.

Don't ask, ask is "Blessed by ghosts and gods", and ask again is "King Xian Xian Wang", continue to ask and commit suicide.

And Li, who took Chu King Xiong Sheng to eat hot pot in the palace, heard the story that he had spread horrible stories: "'Put the finishing touch'? Or 'Chu-han harmony'? Really imaginative! "

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