Enemies Of The Sengoku

Chapter 642: Exclusive Dabie Mountain

Chapter 642: Exclusive Dabie Mountain

"Dabie Mountain Emergency News!"

"Follow me!"

During the "Chu-Han Harmony" drama in Badu, along the "Hanyang Old Road" east of Laoshui, riding and boating were used together. The Han army scouts ignored the large and small armed forces in the area. At last, the battle situation of the Great Tunnel and the evil was passed to the south.

It was said that the crocodile was panting, and immediately after seeing Li Xie in the palace, he immediately presented the red lacquered wax seal with a seal: "Shou Li, Shangjun urgent!"

"Lie down and rest for a while."

Raise your finger and point to a recliner, it's winter, it's very easy to die in this way.

In addition to the cushions on the chaise longue, there are blankets that can be wrapped. After a person rests, even if he is still sweating, he will not catch cold for a while.

"Thanks Lee."

The crocodile was also unpretentious, and quickly picked up a blanket, wrapped it on his body, and then lay down on a lounge chair. After breathing for a while, he calmed down.

At this time, Li Jie almost read Shang Shang's secret letter.

"That's awesome. It turned out that Dou Zun, the old man, actually dropped? This is really ... unexpectedly."

Li Xie wasn't particularly excited, but he never thought that this Chu would have such great benefits.

The battles on the north and south fronts can almost be said to have achieved the best results.

The entire Dabie Mountain is now completely in his hands.

In addition, the Baiju Pass has long been under his control. The entire Dabie Mountains, even if the Chu people want to fight guerrillas, they are not in the Chu country.

At this time, the actual control scope of Chu State had shrunk to the scale before the war with Hanyang Zhuji, and its influence was still low.

The Chu people originally started with the "Ballu blue ray." They insisted on saying that one of the Chu people's ancestral teachings was probably "three years without war is filial piety." And finally became the "ancestor instruction".

The original "Hanyang Zhuji" is still a role now, that is, following the two countries of Tang, as for the country of Lai, because of the disputes between the countries, it has been degraded to the original "the difference between the country and the wild". Autonomy is very serious.

And even with the Tang and Tang dynasties, they are still in the wall of grass. If it wasn't for the Chu people's extermination, the means would be a little dirty. When the doctor Zeng Shan followed the country, he would not bite his teeth and chose to stand in Wu.

Then he chose Li Jie between Wu Guo and Li Jie.

It can be said that nowadays, with the Tang Dynasty, it is a real dish.

Hanyang Zhuji, as the forefront of the battle for hegemony in the Chu Kingdom, has long ceased to exist, and has lost its prestige and international political status.

Now that the Han Dynasty has won the Dabie Mountains, there is no good choice for the Tang and Tang dynasties. Zeng Shan's choice at first was actually a bit of an excuse.

Well, a small country, just find a backing threat to threaten your once strong enemy.

Just to make Hanyang Zhuji feel a little bad, the Chu State wolf is lying down, but the Han State that came is a proper tiger, slap it down, and Chu State wants the opportunity to make a copy, almost Just not.

It's not impossible to drive a tiger to swallow a wolf, but if the tiger is here, then it will be a wax.

With the surrender of Dou Zun by the gatekeeper of the Chu State University, the hopes of the two kingdoms of the Tang Dynasty secretly wooing the heads of the Chu State to subsidize the powerful figures of the Chu State were completely destroyed.

Dou Zun ’s surrender was a complete surrender. The three levels of power were transferred to the Han Army.

This is a great advantage for Han Ziguo, who can annex Hanyang Zhuji at any time.

Sooner or later, and there is no need to cover up, even in the face of the country.

It is nothing more than a formality, supporting an obedient son of Suihou who comes to power, and then borrowing the name of the Princess of Suiguo to get things done.

It really doesn't work. You can also let Douzun go out directly, and let Douzun destroy the accompanying country and the Tang country. After that, the Han Dynasty will receive it again. The whole process is still flawless and earns word of mouth.

As for the two countries who went to the world with Tang Erguo to publicize what Li Jie and Dou Zun had long understood, it also had to be believed.

At this time, even though Dou Zun surrendered, he did not disclose it. Even if the soldiers in Sanguan moved to Luojing, it can be explained by the peace talks between Chu and Han.

Nowadays, Li Xie is the "uncle" of Chu King Xiong Sheng. Is it not a matter of course that Chu and Han are kind?

It is normal for Shang Wuji to serve as the right arm of the Chinese monarch Li Xie, and to serve the king's orders.

So when the secret letter from Shang Shang came to Li Jie and surprised Li Jie a little, President Li knew very well that the company Hanziguo really wanted to transform from a township enterprise to an international giant. .

And judging according to the intelligence summary, plus the report of the child Che's, President Li boldly speculated that after the Chu State was carried down, he will face the winner after the battle between Qin and Jin.

There is a high probability that it will be Jin.

Qin Guo wants to win Jin Guo, and can only rely on explosives. Of course, Jin Guo does not rule out his own problems, let Qin Guo fight a beautiful counterattack.

And even if Qin Guo seized the opportunity, most of them could only be a miserable victory.

Jin, already known as the king, already had a huge body. Now, for the correctness and power of the "king", the war machine has to run wildly.

"When you came here, did Shang Wuji do something so that Douzun the old man obediently surrendered the Datun Pass and Minger Pass?"

"Shou Li, Shang Shang just gave some gifts to Chu Guozun as usual."



After hearing this, Li Jie analyzed it a bit, "It seems that this should be an important reason."

No good, who wants to surrender honestly.

Only when the benefits are given, this surrender is easy and straightforward.

Just like "Canglangjun" E Cang, Li Xie readily promoted him to a raise and raise his salary. So the unlucky old man who was originally unwilling in Chu State naturally was willing to work for Li Xie.

Leaving aside the question of efficiency, it is certainly not bad to just say willingness.

After the E people, anyway, they are serious nobles, to whom is it not their lives?

"The people of Dou are in Luojing. Is there enough house?"

"They all imitated the 'Daxie' type of house. Shangjun hoarded a large amount of bamboo in Xicheng, and the temporary housing of the Chu people was enough."

"What are the inner and outer walls besides bamboo rafts? Pu grass and bamboo weaving, opened skylights, and the whole family migrated, so they opened fire pits and set up coal stoves in temporary houses."


Li Xie nodded in satisfaction, "Shang Wuji is thoughtful."

It is said that the Crocodile thought for a while, and then said, "The Chu people moved to Luojing, and the Shang invited the people who followed the Tang Dynasty to testify, and the doctor Zeng Shan who came with the country came in person."


Li Xie said for a moment, "Will you go to Luojing with your country? Is it Huainan or Shannan?"

The reason why I asked this was because I had borrowed the grain with the country. This road that bypasses the Sanguan Pass of the Chu State is not easy to travel. You must first use the drifting water of the Lai State, and then pass through the Dabie Mountain, and then find a tributary of Huai River, called oil and water, to go down the river and enter the Huai River .

The next waterway will look relaxed.

At the time, the country that was able to borrow food was not only determined by the country, but also because Cai Guo fell into the hands of Li Jie, who had the human resources to deploy and cope.

But in general, the main loss of borrowed food is the self-consumption of the husbands and wives on the road.

The significance of winning the Ming'eguan and Datunguan barriers is that when the Dabie Mountains follow the east of the country, there is no need to go round and round in this way. Although it is still a hilly area to the east, even if you organize a husband, you only need to walk hundreds of miles. You can enter the Hengshan Sanguan of the Chu country.

In the past, the communication between Huai and Han was very inconvenient. The main traffic route was either ruined by Wu Guo or held in the hands of Chu. For Hanyang Zhuji, it can be said that it is miserable.

The situation is somewhat similar to what Qin Guo wanted to go out of Hakoya.

But the initiative is not in his own hands, so he can only nest in his hometown.

Today's situation is very different. At least Hanzi's control over Guanyu cannot be as chaotic as Chu's.

"Shou Li, it's Shannan." After the passerman answered, he said, "With the doctor Zeng Shan of the country, he also organized a horse team."


Li Xie nodded and organized the horse team with the country, that's also because of the support of Huaizhong City.

The main force of transporting food is to rely on this kind of horsepower in mountainous areas. It is highly tolerant and does not consume high-quality food. However, the only country that can play is the Han country.

The nobles of the nations these years are not unaware that long-distance sports will cause great wear to the horseshoes, but they do not have the skills to nail horseshoes, nor dare to be defeated like Li Xie, and consume a lot of metal directly on the horseshoes.

Therefore, the protection of the horseshoes by the nobles of the nations is usually "wrapping the hoof". The bottom of the horseshoe is protected with veneer, and then tied to the horse's leg with a rope.

But this is not really nailing the horseshoe. After long distance exercise, it should be worn away.

Therefore, Huai Zhongcheng supports the formation of the horse team with the country, that is not afraid of jumping back with the national horse team, the cost is too high, such a mass with the country, can not afford to play.

Therefore, after hearing the crocodile's description of Zeng Shan, the doctor who followed the country, Li Xie suddenly understood that the old man in the country was afraid that he would not be anxious to see Dou Zun surrender.

(End of this chapter)