Enemies Of The Sengoku

Chapter 643: Anxiety

Chapter 643: Anxiety

It is impossible for Zeng Shan, the doctor who followed the country, to be in a hurry. When Dabie Mountain fell into the hands of Li Jie, the future of the country was doomed.

After all, at this moment, the situation in the world is not the same as Zhou Tianzi's spirit at the beginning, and the country has a grand scene of 1800.

After seeing more national merger wars, Zeng's view of the rise and fall of the country, and even the change of the world, was relatively indifferent.

Disputes around the world are now an era of the Warring States Period!

Before Mingheguan, Master Zeng looked back at the road, full of rugged mountains.

Although the mountain road to the east of the country is not as steep as the Dabie Mountains, it is also a hilly place. Only the country's hilly areas can store water and the land output is considerable. This has led to a fairly large population.

Being able to resist Chu for hundreds of years is not vegetarian.

Hanyang Zhuji's few remaining great fruits are one of them.

However, looking at the dense hills and hills, Zeng Shan was sighed again. If these mountains can be more dangerous and the land output will be reduced, this should continue for decades with the survival of the country. of.


The sons of Zeng Shan all approached and asked, "Why does the Master sigh?"


Waving his hand, Master Zeng looked at the former Mingheguan Pass. At that time, this pass was simply a noose with the country, which forced the country to take a more rugged road before going to the Huai Shui countries.

Now, even if it is not a smooth road, it is to allow the teams that follow the country to come and go freely.

As a doctor in the country, there are ceremonial honors. Now Li Jie got the vassal certificate formally issued by Zhou Tianzi. The exchanges between the two parties are state-to-state, not individuals.

A handful of Zeng Shan at this age, fortunately at this time, the original insurance investment was bet on the right treasure.

A princess who accompanied the country and the support of the country, in fact, the result is quite good. Even if the future country will annex the country, at least Zeng's end will be very moist. The results with the monarch and the monarch will not be too bad. Under Huangquan, the festival must be celebrated every year, and the sacrifices and sacrifices will not be broken.

Before Mingheguan, he was greeted by the former monarch who forced the Yangzi to push the Yangzi, the image of the floating leopard, and the right and left guards.

The guards are almost bald, with occasional hair and hair, and the beard on the chin is extremely short.

These are crocodiles, with varying heights, but they are very strong. Standing around the leopard gives a great sense of oppression.

That kind of murderous look made Zeng Fu's sons afraid to look directly, even if they had ever been on the battlefield.

Maybe it is because of going to the battlefield that this kind of look will become even more awesome.

"Master, Leopard waits a long time."

"Sin and sin, let Xun Jun wait for a long time."

"How dare you, please!"

The leopard was very refreshing. He invited Zeng Fu to enter the customs. When the customs was cleared, the leopard also smiled and said, "The master returned to China the day before yesterday. Why is it so fast that he returned to Sanguan?"

"How could it be if it were not for state affairs."

After getting used to the style of Huaizhong City, Zeng Shan also sincerely asked, "Xun Jun ..."

After thinking about it, the old master who said restlessly had a firm look, then went on to say, "Xun Jun, the old and unknowingly known Jun Jun has a close relationship with the man, and has the friendship of" loyalty, righteousness and gall bladder. " . "

"Master, but it doesn't matter."

Seeing the appearance of the old master, the leopard probably guessed what Zeng Shan wanted to do.

"Xun Jun is now attached to the clan, how is the treatment?"

The question was very straightforward, but this is what a doctor in the country should do, and then treat Zeng Shan very well, and trust him quite well. Naturally, Zeng Shan also wants to find a place for Suihou and his descendants. Good way out.


The leopard groaned for a while, and stopped to think, "I know what Master is doing, but for a moment, it is actually difficult to say clearly. If you find a place in Guanzhong, I invite Dou Danyang and Ze Sikou to come and share together茗 Gossiping? "

After listening to Leopard's suggestion, Zeng Shan took a moment to nod, but immediately nodded: "If so, great!"

Listening to suggestions from all parties is good after all.

Now, with the future of the country, it is his heartache.

Find a place. Ming'e Pass is similar to the Great Tunnel Pass. In addition to a large number of small passes, there are naturally a large number of relay stations. These small stations store a lot of military supplies. After the Han Army took over, basically There were no plans to station troops, and the stations were mostly converted into units such as warehouses, guesthouses, and reverse brigades.

The Han army is marching, from north to south from Ming'eguan. The team is very long. They are going to station in the south of Dabie Mountain and then station in Handong land.

Zeng Shan could not help but wipe the sweat on his forehead just by seeing the number of troops passing through the customs at Ming'er Pass. It would n’t be impossible if Hanzi ’s country played “fake road cutting” and destroyed the country by hand. thing.

It is really close to Ming Eguan with the country.

"The military capacity is magnificent, the military capacity is magnificent."

Zeng Fuzi was astonished and said to the Panther, "The old man particularly appreciates the Han army, but the Han army transits, and there are few plundered places. If there is an offense, he has his own military law to deal with it."

"This is where King Shang is particularly confident and proud."

Hearing the words of Master Zeng, the leopard is also honored. The Han army ’s military capacity is really not to be selected, even in the most chaotic "Yidan camp" period, which is the predecessor of the newly edited righteous, and it is also prohibited from plunder .

For other troops, not allowing robbery is directly a mutiny.

But at the time of the battle forcing Yang, Li Xie was tough, and anyone who violated his rules had to be severely punished.

And this is also an important reason why Baobao firmly believes that Li Xie must be a golden thigh.

In retrospect, my judgment was correct. This gold is roughly rough and hard, right.

"Zeng Zi, Xun Jun."

The two were chatting, and at the station where they wanted to have a tea party, an old man came out and greeted them.



After saluting, Douzun smiled. "There is hot tea in the house. Come in soon."



After entering, Master Zeng took several sons into the seat, and saw Dou Zun also brought a few sons, including Douyu who had been transferred to Ming'eguan.

Unlike others, Douyu has been looking at the Han army passing by, and when it sees the Han army who silently hurried away, there is only shock in Douyu's eyes.

"It's really old-fashioned to disturb you here."

Zeng Shan took the ceramic tea cup, watched the undulations of the tea in the cup, and then said, "So, the old man will ask you frankly."

Seeing this, Cai Guosi, Kou Cai Xi, who was sitting opposite him, thought, and a rare face stiffened with a smile: "Zeng Zi said straight away, Xi Zhi knows everything."

After all, Cai Xi also picked up a tea cup and paid tribute to Zeng Shan. The etiquette was quite thoughtful, and she also put herself in a junior seat.

With the encouragement of this Tsai Kwok-Sok, Zeng Shan's eyes glanced over the leopard, Cai Xi and Dou Zhuang one by one, and then solemnly asked: "I do n’t know if the man has the intention to destroy it? If you want to swallow the country, can you suspend it for a while? When? "

As soon as this remark was made, the atmosphere in the small station room was serious. For a while, several people were drinking stuffy tea, and no one spoke.

(End of this chapter)