Enemies Of The Sengoku

Chapter 644: Green Forest Hero

Chapter 644: Green Forest Hero

If you want to talk about integrity, there is no shortage of doctor Zeng Shan to follow the country, otherwise you will not be old, and you are busy to follow the country's safety.

At first, in order to avoid being annexed by the Chu State, it could be said that he was fighting for his life. Wang Wei and Gou Chen made a heavy bet there, and then continued for many years. This was stable and stable, and he passed for almost a generation without surprise people.

Master Zeng's vision is also unique. He can see the difference between the Han Dynasty and the Wu Kingdom, and the system is wonderful. The key is the ability to digest and absorb the bottom layer, which is not at a level.

During the period of King Wu Wei, Wu Guo's utilization rate of savages was very low, and the system construction was extremely chaotic, which made the old monsters rely on it from beginning to end, which is the core population in the area of ​​King Susu.

That is to say, while the old monster has a lot of gambling, he can win every stud. If it happens that the Chu people explode and steal a chicken, as long as one wave wins, Wu Guo has no hope of turning the book.

It is a pity that the old monster did not give Chu the country such a chance until his death, and even the Yue country that might steal the chicken and aunt Su was straight.

What is even more shocking is that because it was the mortal battle of the old monster, that is, the last battle of his life, it was the survivors of the Yue Kingdom that did not dare to quickly organize rebel forces after his death.

The reason is simple and captivating.

The kind of overlord Yu Wei really made a large number of lower-level Vietnamese warriors dare not presumptuously. It takes time to digest the fear of the overlord Yu Wei.

It was also during this period that Li Jie was hooked up with the country. Zeng Shan's second bet was on Li Jie.

At all costs, even the accompanying daughters of Houhou took up, tightened their belts, and also supported Huaizhongcheng Grain.

Seemingly no-brain licking or even lower limit operation, the final harvest is extremely rich. After the large-scale guerrilla war on both sides of the Huai River, the development of Huaizhong City is extremely rapid.

The granary in Xu Guo's hometown was redeveloped less than half a year later.

If the yield per unit is not enough, then the total output, coupled with advanced agricultural technology, and more advanced organizational management, in the eyes of Master Zeng, the food pressure in Huaizhong City is decreasing day by day.

Later, as Huaizhong City began to return grain borrowed from Suiguo, Suiguo also began to re-export trade of Huaizhongcheng specialty products.

After all, the Yangtze River waterway has no strength at all this year, it is not good to go at all. A Peng Xuanze, like the sea, runs across the intersection of Wu and Chu.

Communication on land has naturally become an important way.

Where Huai and Han meet, even if you don't take the Dabie Mountain Sanguan and follow the country's caravan, you can still have a guaranteed profit of three times. Subsequently, glassware, ceramics, lacquerware and other special products of Huaizhong City were transported to the south through the water, and the profits doubled directly.

If the burden is a bit bigger, go directly to Yunmengze, and go to the state or Luo country in Jiangnan, then even if it is a replacement transaction, the guarantee is ten times the profit.

Compared with the original consumption of borrowing food, organizing the caravan twice, you can get back the money.

The benefits are visible, but Master Zeng did not feel that everything was fine because he saw the benefits.

With the country's position, it is destined to become the focus of the dispute between Chu and Han.

Even if it was not the place where soldiers fought, now it will become the place where soldiers fought.

This is where Zeng Shan was very anxious. He was afraid that for the sake of convenience, Li Jie would soon destroy the country, which made Suihou unable to rush to Huangquan with peace of mind.

For Zeng Shan, this is where his career is imperfect.

Therefore, he had to find a way to drag it to Suihou's resignation, or to which son he passed, and then the last monarch of Suiguo was not him.

Psychologically, I feel better.

As for what ancestors should not give up, it depends on when.

If it was Zhou Tianzi who sealed the world and there were 1,800 nations, then there is no need to be afraid. The boss Zhou Tianzi has the strongest strength. He can fight whoever he wants. This ancestor's foundation can't hold himself back and shake people.

Now Zhou Tianzi is a vegetable chicken, and he has sealed Li Jie, a savage who doesn't know where to come from, as a man. Who can he depend on? No one can be trusted.

This is no longer an era when Jin State and Chu State fought each other. Jin State did not care about the rise and fall of the country.

The reality is so cruel, with the country either being annexed by the Chu country or Han country, then compared with the Chu country that cannibalize people, the Han country is obviously given much better conditions and treatment.

Is there a model project that can be an official monarch who forces the Yang monarch to force the Yangzi to leopard? This is the best case.

Living people say better than anything.

The old doctor also thought about this. If the Han and Sui merge at this time, is it not the boss who is willing to join, but also can be mixed with a pensioner errand, as long as it does not die, it will be no problem to support each other.

But then again, Master Zeng values ​​his career.

As far as possible, he allowed the followers to abdicate smoothly. It didn't matter which son he passed to. As long as the son was obedient, current affairs, and real reality, everything was fine.

In this way, he did not fool the monarchs and ministers. He had been kind and righteous, and he could have a good end with him. After he died, he went to Huangquan. He is not the last monarch. As for the future, he will not say Like other fallen kings, there is no cold pork on the grave.

In Hanzi, this kind of problem is not a problem at all.

However, everything takes time to carry. However, it is clear that an old Zeng Master can afford to wait for himself, and he is afraid that Li Xie cannot afford to wait.

In case the irritable man picked up the axe and said that he would "exclude the evil", and then threatened to kill all the remaining evils of Chu State, where would he justify?

Who can stop Li Jie from going up and down the country? At best, the princess of the country has a little hope.

But does Huai Zhongcheng lack a princess?

The most important thing in Huaizhong City is the princess!

So what Zeng Shan can do is to do his best, as far as he can get any results, he can't control that much.

Pull in Leopard, Cai Xi, Dou Zun, etc., that is, learn from the experience, and then let them help analyze and see if there is any place that they can push hard.

It was just that the old master did not expect that he was outspoken, but he was stumped by these people.

Cai Xi is actually very good at speaking. His official way, or the way of survival, is "the supremacy". The inner world and actual actions are highly unified.

"Supreme" is the core, and the specific operation is "statutes", but specific to "statutes", formerly Pingyu Sikou, he used the legal provisions he created to restrict and manage his administration.

Now, after learning and adapting to the laws and regulations of Huaizhong City, they are used in Cai Guo.

The whole process can be said to be silky.

When someone saw you, they would only call him a licking dog.

But in fact, this is not the case. The knowledge summarized by Cai Xi is how to effectively develop and grow up his master.

Since the existing legal provisions of Huaizhong City are effective, they can make Li Xie's strength stronger and turn the original savage savage into an efficient "national", then Cai Xi will implement it because it will make his lord more powerful.

Whoever pulls his hind legs, who stumps, is the enemy, and he can use the "law" tool, which will obstruct the powerful "enemy" of the lord, and do everything he can.

Cai Xi doesn't care about the infamous name in Cai Guo's territory, nor does it matter his name in Cai Guo's territory after his death.

Because Cai Xi firmly believes that his knowledge serves his lord, then one day, the little Cai Guo is just a scum under the lord's rule.

Looking at the whole picture, how did he get infamy?

It is difficult for others to understand how good Cai Xi ’s knowledge is, but this does not prevent Cai Xi from understanding the mood of the old Master Zeng sitting opposite.

It's just that the tools of serving the princes are not "rules."

In Zeng Shan's seat, his thinking style and knowledge reserve are completely different from Cai Xi. It is impossible for Zeng Shan to easily give up his current prince, that is, to be with him.

This is the "ceremony". Zeng wants to mix well in the future.

Otherwise, by betraying the monarchs for two generations, it will be obvious that Zeng's will eventually become a miscellaneous because of this black history.

Because man is a social animal, future generations can use the "worry and shamelessness" to attack Zeng Fuzi, and eventually involve the offspring.

Therefore, even if you want to sell Suihou, it should not be Zeng Fuzi. To be precise, it is Zengshan, a doctor in Suiguo who has been reused by Suihou.

Cai Xi empathizes, and understands Zeng Shan's situation.

Master Zeng and Master Tsai are completely different.

As Cai Guo's current ruling, Cai Mei should be arrested even if it was in the public, and it would not hurt his reputation, because Cai Mei had never been a "assistant" to Cai Dong.

He Cai Mei came to power, and then brushed the old face in Cai Guo territory. This opportunity was given by Li Xie.

The monarch Cai Dong got out because Zheng Hou Zheng Shuang. If it was still the period when the people were prosperous, it can be said that the monarch dragged down the people, not that the people were sorry for the monarch.

If Cai Dong had not lost his morality, how could he have recruited the "Rebel Army" and collusion with Zheng Guo, which would eventually lead to the exile of the monarchs of both Zheng Cai and Cai?

The monarch lost his morality and eventually lost his country. This is an important cornerstone of Cai Zizi's face in Cai.

Then one did not lose virtue, the other did not lose country, the situation is completely different.

So where the trouble is, here is the best way. Of course, Master Zeng went directly to the palace to find Li Jie and talk about things.

After all, Li Xie always liked to open the skylight to speak brightly. Master Zeng knew this.

But now it's winter, even if Master Zeng had that heart, he didn't have the strength to go south along the water.

It's freezing cold, don't get frozen in the middle of the road at that time, he took an old bone and confessed to the water.

What's more, at this time, Han Dong was pretty good except for the hang-up. In other places, the words "army and wild horse chaos" were used to describe it. It was not an exaggeration. The powerful and powerful surnames of the Chu countries were armed and separated Separation, self-protection and self-protection are obviously to save a little strength and negotiate peacefully with Li Xie.

There is strength to talk, Chu people are not stupid.

Anyway, the Han Dynasty has now been established. Although there is no sacrifice to heaven or god, but Zhou Tianzi's chapter has been stamped, it is not a messy cover.

The local forces of the Chu Kingdom in the Eastern Han Dynasty thought that if this man's monarch Li Xie was safe and secure for his wife, he would also take out a doctor's seat and distribute it to the big guys one by one.

There is no high prince.

In fact, this is not possible. It is not bad to follow the example of King Wu Wei and to smash "Chang Changji".

With such a mentality of the local forces in Chu, how could Master Zeng dare to pass through the north and south like a crocodile, he was so scared that he would die, got into the water, and was not frozen to death. To play dead.

Time does not wait, the old master also knows that the Han Army is capable of fighting in the winter, so after thinking about it, after being shocked by Dou Zun's surrender, he immediately went to Sanguan and asked for a consultation.

However, it's one thing to find a business, and it's another thing to find experience with these "comrades who sympathize with each other".

At the mountain station in Ming'erguan, the atmosphere was a little serious. A group of old and young people were drinking hot tea there, holding tea cups, and they didn't know where to start.

After Zeng Shan asked a question, Cai Xi kept talking and opened his mouth, but still wanted to consider carefully.

The tea in their hands gradually bottomed out. After fighting, the son of Dou Zun stood up and personally added a circle of old predecessors. Then he held open pine nuts, walnuts, horseshoe crisps, and millet cakes. One end came to their case. .

Lao Douzun grabbed a handful of pine nuts, peeled one, and scented pine nuts were full of oil. A fragrance was emitted in the mouth, and he chewed slightly. Douzun continued to peel the pine nuts, his eyebrows stretched, and then looked at the frowning Zeng Shan: "What Zeng Zi is worried about ... I don't know the rest, but if you look at it from the military, it's a little humble."

"Please also ask Danyang Gong for advice."

With a dude, Zeng Shan hurriedly put the tea cup on the case in front of him, and arched his hands in deep worship.

"How dare you."

Dou Zun Kaka Kaka peeled the pine nuts, and then said, "At that time, the Chu State fell in trouble, and there were two difficulties."

"One is Lao Shui; the other is green forest. The Lingshi crosses the river unfavorably, and the green forest is even more unfavorable. Therefore, the logging can not succeed, only by passing Hengshan a little, making the Shangyu the capital of the city, and the East and the West being attacked.

Lao Douzun did nothing else, but only explained the problems that the country would face from a military perspective.

When Suiguo was still an anti-Chu pioneer, the reason why he was able to speak loudly was that in addition to Hanyang Zhuji, there was the support behind Zhou Tianzi, Jin Guo, Zheng Guo, and Cai Guo because it was between Sui and Chu. It is risky.

A natural risk is the sluice of water. The Chu state fell along with it. It was originally intended to pass Hanshui. This process has already increased consumption.

At that time, the Chu State had not yet failed to such an extent that it could be wasted at will. The loss is a little bigger, and it will take another year or two to get back to blood.

With the state-owned international aid and the family's own family is pretty good, relying on Lushui, unless the State of Chu had 20 times the military strength, under the conditions of the time, there was no drama at all.

In addition, even if Chu could succeed, he could cross the water defense line. Regardless of how he passed, he flew around or swam past. When Chu passed, it was too tired to die, but the attack was with the country. , Have to face this mountainous area of ​​green forest.

As the country is fighting locally, it is clear that the green forest is better understood than the Chu people. If you disturb the country a little, the Chu country will have to divide the troops. As long as the troops are not local operations, the risks are greatly increased.

This makes the Chu country want to follow, and must first kill the countries around the country, so that it can be circuitous, so that it can have good logistics.

Chu State thought this way, and did so. Unfortunately, the plan could not keep up with the changes. Who would have thought that Wu Wei Wang Gouchen had emerged? The whole Chu State's grand strategy was interrupted by bluntness.

Zeng Shan is really lucky to be able to continue this for decades.

At this moment, as a handle of the Chu family, Lao Douzun naturally knew the strategic intentions of the former Chu country, so now speaking like a chat, it gives Zeng Shan a new understanding.

"Doujun means ..."

"As far as the country is concerned, Lishui and green forests are the world. As far as Chushang is concerned, why is Lishui and green forests barriers?"

Dou Zun's tone was calm and he didn't think too much. Zeng Shan said, "Zeng Zi should not think carefully. During the Chu-Han peace talks, he was not ceded."

The large city of Shangying is equivalent to a protrusion, and it has become a bridgehead in Handong.

For the Chu people, it was nothing to do with Han Ziguo's repression around Shanghang, and he was very confident.

However, it is not possible for Li Xie to use too many troops to surround the Shangyu. It is certain to establish a certain line of warning. Lishui is east of Hanshui, a very good natural warning line.

On the upper reaches of the Huangshui River, there are close countries like Sui Guo near the green forest. Sui Guo will certainly be happy to help the Han country and bring Chu to death.

Even though you might have thought carefully before, but now, absolutely nothing.

Li Jie must not be allowed to feel a waste of time. It must be seen that the establishment of the cordon and public security line with the country is rewarding and fruitful.

"It would be better if the green forest follows people and abides by the laws of the Han Kingdom."

Cai Guosi Kou Cai Xi, who had always wanted to speak but didn't say anything, suddenly jumped out like this.

Leopard froze for a moment, looked at Cai Xi, saw that this person actually finished talking, and kept fighting with the walnut in front of him, that is to understand the person's thoughts.

After listening to Cai Xi's words, Master Zeng has a little embryo in his heart, but it almost means something.

With a frown on his face, he also picked up a pine nut and peeled it for a while before asking, "So, in the coming spring, wouldn't a man try to follow the country?"

It is obviously inappropriate to annex the country with the country, if it annoys the people in the country, and if they don't make it, they will go into the green forest and play guerrillas with the Hanzi country. That is really worth the money.

However, even after trying to understand, Master Zeng still felt uninsured, at least he had to make the country more effective, and it would be better to get Li Xie's sponsorship.

As a result, Zeng Shan planned to ask again to see if there was any good way to allow Sui Guo to bind him for two or three years, so that Li Jie could use it easily, and it would not be destroyed by backhanding.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the leopard arching at him: "Why don't Zengzi ask the business man to mingle with a man, and want to form a" righteousness "in the green forest and water?


This suggestion by Lu Bao directly opened up Zeng Laozi's new ideas. He suddenly thought about it, instead of just being a "righteous concubine", it would be better to be in one step and directly become the man Li Jie.

Thinking of this, Zeng Shan thought about it, and still asked a few people directly: "If the green forest is a courtesy with the country, congratulations to the man ...?"

"Take the green forest as a gift?"

"If so ... wonderful."


Even Dou Zun was clapping and praising. Douyu was unknown behind him, so he whispered, "Master, what is the essence of this move?"

Douzun said loudly: "Zeng Zi's move is to make the green forest into a Han land. At this time, the people of the green forest are the people of the country?"

"With the country."

"If the green forest is a courtesy, it becomes Han soil. Ask again, at this time, the people of the green forest?

"This ... is Han."

After replying, Douyu was shocked and said immediately, "So it's more than just righteousness."

People who come under their own rule come to take refuge, and they have to re-organize it anyway. The specifications are not as good as the brave husband. The new editor can always feel it.

"Congratulations, if you call it" good guy ", you can also please the man.

"Man? Um ... very good."

The old master finally stretched his brow and whisked himself to smile.

(End of this chapter)