Enemies Of The Sengoku

Chapter 645: Eat, Drink, Drink More Exercise

Chapter 645: Eat, Drink, Drink More Exercise

"Lvlin ... are you guys?"

When he received the urgent news from Shang, President Li said that he was in Chu and had just been under the palace. He was busy.

Take Chu Wang Xiongsheng to eat hot pot. The vegetables are mainly bean sprouts, leek, and amaranth, and then a lot of mushrooms are dried. At this time, it is used as a soup base.

Xiong Sheng, a young boy, felt that life was colorful for the first time.

Don't look at Xiong Sheng being a little bit older, but never bother when uncle Li Xie reads the letter in the office, honestly sandwiches the food in the bowl alone, and the waiters are waiting there, lest the Han give them their king Poison.


He patted his thighs heavily, Li Jie wiped his mouth, put the stationery in his hand on the table, and then patted it gently, smiling as he patted, "This Zengshan, OK."

Most of those who can come and serve the king of Chu to eat hot pot are actually not inferior status, especially those like the puppeteers. Strictly speaking, they rely on them as important ministers. Of course, puppeteers depend on the situation and the mood of the monarch.

If you are in a bad mood, you may break your leg and let you be a tadpole, which is basically full of malicious intent.

The person who accompanied the King of Chu to eat hot pot, without breaking his legs, was naturally not a bad luck, but it was a bit of an idea. At this moment, I heard Li Jie talking about Zeng Shan, and immediately opened his ears to listen carefully.

Others don't know Zeng Shan, they Chu people, can they still know?

There was a mutter in the heart of the old man: Could he meet the Han country with the country, and meet and attack Chu?

This is not impossible. It will definitely work out with the country. The world is difficult, and the dead friends are not dead. This is the normal operation of the country below.

Anyway, Li Gong Li Xie here already wore out a message that Qin Guo and Huai Zhongcheng had already agreed to attack the Chu country together.

It was just that Li Xie did hit the Chu Kingdom, and the crocodile was directly under the city of Fubo, but the old Qin people did not even see their legs and hair. This incident also made the Lidu Chu people think it might be a rumor.

But even if it is fake, it must be taken seriously, in case? In case the old Qin people really want to come and show the people of Chu their own leg hair, how dark and shiny, how disgusting? How terrible?

Now that the old Qin people are not there, the old people of Chu State can't help but think, is it not Qin State, but with the country? Compared with the Kansai hegemon of Qin State, it is still possible to follow the country like this.

Qin Chu is across the vast mountains, where is it so easy to call.

However, the old man is also clear. Now in the palace, the news is quite closed. What really happened is not known to him, and he is not clear.

Still, the world is difficult.

"Uncle is so happy. What is this Zeng Shan doing?"

"You became the king of Chu. Why don't you even know who Zeng Shan is?"

"I don't know."

"Xiao Yun, Zeng Shan is the doctor who followed the country."

"Master Zengzi?"

After blinking, I chopsticks green mung bean sprouts in the bowl, Xiong Sheng looked up at Li Jie, "I would know if it was Master Zeng. He still gave me a few 'Donghai glass beads' when I was still on the fly. Then. "


Hey ... this old man is so bad!

President Li has to admit that Zeng Shan is an old man who can play. With the country, he can survive for so many years in such a complicated environment. This old man has contributed.

No wonder Wu Chu did not lose much in the war, but continued to influence each other. It is not easy to be able to mingle his reputation in the Huai and Han basins. It is truly level.

For Jie Zeng, Li Jie is a cherished admirer. The old man's character is indeed very good, and it is very suitable to be used as a moral benchmark in the Han Dynasty.

One more thing, Sui Hou has been pulling his hind legs so well. He can also be very organized, so that the boss can live comfortably and decently, and can be said to be worthy of the doctor's job.

It can even be said that Zeng Shan deserves the title of Doctor of the State, but the title of Doctor of the State, on top of Zeng Shan, is a bit lowering the grade and style of Zeng Shan.

"This old master, if you have time, you can ask him a lot. If you have any doubts, just ask."

"Uncle knows Master Zeng?"

Xiong Sheng is very curious. In Chu, there are not many talents in other countries that can make Chu people look high.

What makes Chu people linger unforgettable, either makes them very envious, or makes them very afraid.

The old monster is the latter. As for Zeng Shan, it is naturally the former.

"Very well cooked." Li Jie picked up the chopsticks, picked up two pieces of beef from the hot pot, and dip it in the sauce, and then stuffed it into his mouth. The old man ate with angina.

This bastard was killing the cow in the public palace. The scream of the cow was afraid that it would reach the capital. I do n’t know how many people swear on the back, cursing this beast is best to be killed by thunder. No, Niu Zhao Sha Zhao eats, and eats a lot of variety.

In this situation, the old man also had to admit that char-grilled beef tongue ... really fucking sweet!

However, this does not prevent the puppeteer from secretly cursing others, after all, he has to eat charcoal-grilled beef tongue.

The culprit of all is Li Jie from Wu Guoye!

Above the iron plate, two beef tenderloins are sizzling. Qin and Shu's specialty condiments are sprinkled a little like this, which is called an aroma.

Xiong Sheng was crying, but he could n’t eat peppercorns. When he saw the peppercorns sprinkled, the whole person was not good. The little face collapsed there, scaring the old man to nod apologize to Li Xie.

"Don't pout, this slice has no peppercorns."

After saying that, Li untied a piece, put it in front of Xiong Sheng, and then smiled and said, "This Zeng Fuzi gave me the green forest, and said that the people of the green forest admire the style of the man. Please attach it. 'Hello man,' said I was driven. '

The bear child ate the tender beef tenderloin tenderly. This piece of beef tenderloin cannot be said to be melted at the entrance, but it is easy to draw, and the fineness of the shreds is almost catching up with the fish pond. When I followed the Empress Dowager before, it was never eaten.

When the king is to lead by example, it is not good to take the lead in eating cattle. Although the ancestors started to steal cattle, the ancestors did not steal cattle for food, but for sacrifice.

Take the lead in eating cows, that is fainting.

Therefore, Xiong Sheng likes to eat and drink with his uncle. It's good. He can't scold him, but he will only call his uncle the monarch.

The bear child is happy. The Chu bureaucrats who accompany the food, no matter how savory they are, they almost choked to death at the moment.

The old puppet's eyes were bulging there, and he was as big as a ghost, trying to explain something to Li, but he couldn't put out a half fart.

It is really that the "green forest" is the border between Chu and Chu. For many years, the Chu State has been tossing, but there is no way to get the green forest.

When attacking Suiguo, as long as Suiguo was forced to rush, he went into the green forest and dragged his family around. The Chu people really could n’t take Suiguo.

Because it is necessary to sweep through the green forest, you can only go through the levels one by one.

Chu country bragging about hundreds of thousands of armored men, blowing you four or five or six hundred thousand, even if you enter the green forest, it is also a dead end.

Without elite soldiers and strong generals, don't even think of fighting beautifully in the green forest area.

As a result, the Chu people now listen to it. The Sui Guo green forest that made the Chu people hematurate was sent out by the doctor Zeng Shan of the country, or was it sent to the Han people?

A group of bureaucrats in the Chu Kingdom turned pale at the time, and even the beef in front of their eyes seemed to be fragrant.

The old man's look was very ugly, and his eyes revealed the sadness. The green forest fell into the hands of Li Xie. The country of Chu wanted to counterattack Handong. The difficulty factor was unthinkable.

It was only that the old man soon became slightly more comfortable.

"Oh, here's the shark fin!"

Clapping his hands, King Xiong Sheng of Chu suddenly stood up and asked Li Xie anxiously, "Uncle and uncle, besides the fish pond, can there be cuttlefish soup, can there be cuttlefish soup?"

"Squid pork rib soup, that must be there!"

Li Jie laughed and patted his thigh and shouted, "Come, go and ask Sha Dong, is this cuttlefish rib soup ready? Come on, and eat it on the barbecue. What can I do without soup?"

"Add onions!"

Before the crocodile crocodile had gone far, Chu Wang Xiongsheng stretched his neck and shouted loudly.

The old man who was waiting beside him was very embarrassed, but looking at the shark fin salamander, as a senior bureaucrat in the Chu Kingdom who could take a cup, the old man took the spoon with shame, and even more shamefully shoveled the shark fin into his mouth give away.

Why the fuck is so fragrant!

too delicious!

"After a while, I may be going on an expedition. Will you go to Lidu to accompany your mother, or stay in Ligu, or follow me?"

"Is there anything delicious for the expedition?"

"It's not that there aren't delicious, but not many. It's not like staying in the palace. If you want to eat beef, eat beef. If you eat shark fin, eat shark fin."

"Then I'll stay in the palace. Will General Dong stay? The cuttlefish rib soup he made is really delicious."

A bowl of shark's fin under the stomach, in fact, is already a bit full.

However, Chu Wang Xiongsheng is more looking forward to the cuttlefish rib soup. After cuttlefish is cut into small strips, use a casserole and pork ribs to simmer over low heat. Add dried mushrooms and edible fungus. The taste is quite fresh.

It combines the fresh and dry flavor of cuttlefish, and crispy ribs, the non-greasy oily fragrance, how to eat and how to taste.

Especially now that it is winter, drinking a bowl of soup like this will warm up the whole person, and can withstand any cold wind.

Regardless of the surrounding Chu officials who are waiting for the King of Chu, they are silent, they really can follow the King of Chu, they also feel super cool.

Even after closing the door every time, when the old man closed the door, he spearheaded the man and spoiled the children of Chu King, but often he had to be at the scene when he got a seat.

In a word, it must be on the scene!

Scolding and scolding, eating and eating.

"Then you will stay in the palace, and you want to eat, tell the kitchen. But Sha Dong will not stay, he will go with me."

"Where is Uncle going?"

"East of Hanshui, the rebellion everywhere, without conquering them one by one, wouldn't they come to grab my meat and grab my soup?"

"I wish my uncle a successful expedition."

The bear child was sincere, and his uncle must succeed. If it was unsuccessful, wouldn't that mean he was robbed?

However, Xiong Sheng glanced at the old man with extremely complicated expression, thinking how everyone is not emotional today.

The old concubine was also speechless, and his own king wished Li Jie the success. Where did the man go for the expedition? Aren't they all the homeland of Chu? !!

Those Handong rebellions, but the king's courtiers!

"Hahahahahaha ..."

Li Xie laughed and raised his head, "Okay! After I settled Handong's rebellion, it was almost time to eat winter bamboo shoots. At that time, people will make the winter bamboo shoots minced meat noodles!"

In a good mood, Li Xie didn't bother to have general knowledge with the doctors of Chu Guoqing. These guys have a hard face every day, and they don't know who to show it to.

As if not so, he does not appear to be loyal to the King of Chu and loyal to the Kingdom of Chu.

Unfortunately, just like shark fin and cuttlefish rib soup are served now, they are drinking it correctly. Li Jie ’s current fleet has successfully started to set up lighthouses and water villages along the Yangtze River. This is quite significant for commuting Peng Yuze Protection.

Even in winter, you can use this route to transfer animal supplies directly from Huainan.

On capacity and efficiency, I don't know how much better than land transportation.

The only drawback is that sailing in the center of the Yangtze River is extremely risky. It is better that the boat is retrograde in the near-shore currents, relying on the experience and technology of the public and boatmen to move forward.

As a result, the capacity has been reduced by two-thirds, and the number of transports can only be increased, but the risks have also been greatly increased.

However, this time, it was not Li Jie who was taking risks. Although the subject of the adventure was still the official state of Hanzi, the proportion of the people seemed to have soared by a dozen or twenty times overnight.

The profit is too rich.

The old local Chu tyrants in Chu State directly contacted Li Xie's department responsible for building lighthouses, outposts, and water villages through this channel of Chu King. It was not about exploring military conditions, but for shipping routes.

A mature route can let the old local clan of Chu country directly become the most unique second-hand trafficker on the Jianghan Plain.

They can go straight down and go directly to Jiangyinyi to get pearls that are not really valuable, and then transport these pearls to Pakistan and Shu to exchange a large amount of silk, pepper, fur, and ore.

Among these clans, there is also Qu, who is also a branch of the clan of the Chu Kingdom, and Qu has a large number of martyrs.

At the time when President Li was working as a foreman, no birdman had ever seen it, and there were so many cattle on the family who vowed to die of corruption. These people are usually good at treating people kindly and kindly.

Unfortunately, when it's time to fish, you can't control yourself.

At that time, foreman Li was quite impressed. He made an outsourcing wall for a factory directly under the printing and dyeing group, and then a deputy director vowed at the door of the factory. If he intentionally scraps a set of machines for cash, he will die.

Then he died for the whole family.

A fully loaded dump truck whistled past. At this deputy director, he took the whole family back to his hometown to visit relatives. He passed a crossroad with only warning lights, and for a moment, the whole family ascended to heaven, and there was no survivor.

This crossroad is no more than 500 meters away from the printing and dyeing group's direct factories.

At that time, the foreman Li also took a special look. The front fender of the dump truck was actually all steel, and the thickness of his fingers ...

Afterwards, foreman Li knew that the complete set of machines would cost 30 million yuan.

So after the work of the outsourcing wall was finished, the director of the factory directly affiliated to the Printing and Dyeing Group stated that the funds in the factory had been difficult recently. Can this work be done for a few days?

At that time, foreman Li saw that the factory had indeed encountered difficulties. In the spirit of humanitarianism, he said that it doesn't matter if money is not money. Everyone makes a friend and has regular contact in the future. Then he pulls the apprentice to the second gear and slams the accelerator.

The catapult started, driving violently, but as a technical streamer, foreman Li was at the crossroads and stepped on the brakes. After observing left and right to confirm that he was not coming, he slowly passed the crossroads.

The so-called: grab a few seconds, say goodbye to a good life; stay for a while, and enjoy a happy life.

Driving safety is important!

Nowadays, Li Jie ’s social status has changed dramatically. In his eyes, following this group of loyal officials who ate and drank with King Xiong Sheng of Chu, he was afraid to say that they were all loyal officials, but at least half of them were caused by the whistling of a dump truck Grinded into a meatloaf.

Zhi Tian swears this kind of thing. For the first time, there is the second time.

Like when President Li started up in Baisha Village, which time did he not swear by heaven?

No shit.

The people of Chu are very pragmatic. If they really talk about what the rules of the rivers and lakes give to the aristocracy, can they have such a large territory, such a large area, and such a large influence?

Of course being beaten up is another matter, what kind of cause, what result.

After eating and drinking the sea, it was a pretense. After eating and drinking, Li Jie made people keep the close friends and loyal ministers around the king of Chu. After the meal, there was a tea party.

In addition, melon seeds are prepared, all of which are salt and pepper seeds. They are fragrant and not numb.

Chu Wang Xiong was still young. After playing for a while, he felt a little sleepy. When he was stunned for a while in the warm room, President Li Dala invited the ministers of Chu Kingdom to sit down and talk.

The layout is different from that of Lidu. At this time, there are a lot of tables, chairs and benches, including wood and bamboo. Because it is cold in winter, it is covered with pampas grass, and then wrapped with sackcloth and two layers of embroidered silk.

The whole appearance is quite good, it is comfortable to sit on, and it is not cold.

"Are you full?"

President Li held a tea cup and looked at them with a smile like old cadres.

The people who come here are mainly Qu's, Ji's, Du's, Yun's, Ji's, and E's. Ruo's and Dou's are not included in this list.

This is more in line with the current Chu power structure. Of course, the Chu country is completely lost in the East, and the hard work of the past century and decades has been defeated, but for Dou ’s, they have the right to speak in the Chu country. , Directly inflated to a record high.

In addition, there is only one queen queen who breaks the body, and there is only one queen who sells flesh to preside over the situation. As long as the queen is flattered on the surface, the underlying structure is entirely controlled by the Dou family ’s own. Just play.

Land that could not be annexed before can be annexed; enemies that could not be attacked before can now be attacked; officials who were previously unable to attack can now be rewarded.

Whatever is incompetent is farting.

Dou's is the only one in Badu. The only one who can get it may be Sima Xiangba, but this is a "deep sea". Little is known to others. Only when he is Xiang's waste wood, at most he needs to be mixed in the military. When I was an errand, I thought about giving him gifts.

So don't look at Chu King Xiong Sheng. There are many loyal ministers here, all of them are afraid of Li Jie's tragic appearance. In fact, they are shit, they are all business, there is no way out. Come to Chu King, anyway, there is one Good reputation, but also eat and drink.

The most important point is that the food is really good and the accommodation is really good.

Why do you think the Han people thought of using a coal stove? This room is very happy and hey!

Fortunately, the coal stove was used, and President Li still let the crocodile people publicize the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning, so he also avoided many vicious incidents in the palace palace where the wealthy people have died since winter.

"I don't know what the man asked?"

The people of the Clan first spoke, not to say that the people of the Qu family and the Du family were persuasion. It was actually that the Clan family and Li had such a dire relationship.

Today's Huainan River is built by their ancestors.

The so-called "Sun Shuao lifts up in the sea", this "sea" is a water conservancy project, and concretely, it is the reclamation and drainage of rampant water.

And this "Sun Shuao" is the head of the Clan, but he died a long time ago, sixty or seventy years before the old monster crossed the Jianghuai.

However, this did not prevent Li Jie from having a relationship with them, because Huaizhong City vigorously developed water conservancy projects, and after the reputation of "seeking virtuous thirst" spread, a large number of "survivors" came to trust.

These people, in fact, were the former Xiao's branch. With the development of the Chu people, the rise and fall naturally depend on the strength of the country.

At this time, the Clan family was long gone, not to mention such a small branch, but because Li Xie vigorously developed the water conservancy facilities in Huainan and Huaibei in Huaizhong City, this once developed the Clan family.

However, in order to distinguish, the Huainan Zhuan family changed the word “芍” in “芍 陂” to “Ji”, which was regarded as Li Jie and he was willing to work for Li Jie in Huainan for a long time.

It was only when the Huai Shui Bo government was collecting it that the word "芍" was recorded as "阙", that is, the two words were pronounced similar to "True", and it was also very good for the Wu Family to think of it. Family expertise.

Because "阙" has the meaning of digging, Li Shi explained to Li Jie and they were willing to make a nice and easy-to-use excavator in Huainan.

With this "source" in hand, at this time Li Jie called for a group of loyal ministers from Chu King Jinchen to ask questions, and it was natural that the Clan's mouth seemed to be closer.

"If you ca n’t talk, just talk to you about something."

Li Xie smiled and looked at the crowd, "I'm planning to ask Handong to fight against thieves. It's not fake, but it's always a chance to reform. Anyone can persuade any family to return anyway, no matter where, One counts one, persuades a person, rewards a pearl or 'Tokai glazed bead', persuades 10,000, rewards 10,000, is not capped, how? "




As soon as this remark came out, all the loyal ministers around King Chu were shocked. They had just finished eating and drinking, but their stomach was a bit supportive. At this time, they thought about it, exercise helps digestion, and they rushed to solve it with Li Said that they want to go to Handong, it can be regarded as more sports.

(End of this chapter)