My Wild Tribe

Chapter 572: Come to Kill You

Chapter 572: Come to Kill You


The snow and ice fell across the sky, and a snow country slammed down, shaking the entire Imperial City of Tianjing.


Just listening to the anger and drinking, there was a strong person soaring into the sky, the sky crystal light converged, and turned into a powerful torrent violently hit up.


A cold current swept down, collided together, and a fierce explosion occurred instantly. The sky was frozen into ice crystals for a long time, and pieces fell.

The cold air swept through, and snowflakes flickered with coldness, splitting like a sharp blade, drowning the amethyst emperor below.


The screams spread, and many Tianjing people were cut into tens of pieces on the spot by snowflakes on the blade, flesh and blood, and the scene was extremely bloody and horrible.

"I dare you!"

Watching a large number of Tianjing people were killed, the Dark Devil snarled and was about to be killed, but was stopped by a crystal-like withered hand.

The Dark Lord stunned and looked back. It turned out that an old Tianjing man appeared and broke through the crystal.

He is exactly the heavenly and strong man of the Tianjing tribe, looking dignified, looking at the snow country in the void, looking through the infinite frost, and seeing the magnificent figure standing above the snow country.


The old man of the Tianjing clan had a serious tone, and said a message that made the Dark Lord tremble.

One day a strong man struck, making him startle.

The Dark Demon Emperor looked at the white snow, a white country of snow pressed on the head of the Tianjing clan, and immediately came to his senses.

"This is, Medusa of the Naga?"

With an exclamation, the Dark Lord horrifiedly looked at the void. Deep in the snow country, the proud shadow of the frozen ice was Medusa himself.

She came and stepped on the snow country to descend into the old nest of Tianjing clan. What did she want to do?

"Medusa, what are you going to do to my Tianjing clan and kill my clan, do you want to go to war?"

The old man of the Tianjing clan stepped out, and the man was already standing in the void, the powerful breath was permeated, the roaring power swept through all directions, and shattered countless ice and snow.

His crystal-rich long hair fluttered, blooming with an amethyst luster, like a crystal. The entire face was coated with a layer of crystal, which was gorgeous.

"It's the ancestor!"

"An ancestor has appeared."

"It's great, my ancestor will go out, this man will die."

A large number of Tianjing people cheered and shouted one after another, looking extremely excited.

This Tianjing tribe is the belief in this Tianjing tribe. It is their most powerful existence and the pillar of the town tribe.

Now that he came out, naturally the Tianjing people who had been apprehensive and uneasy immediately settled down and waited for the ancestor to solve the enemy.

Unfortunately, the countless people of these Tianjing clan do not know that their ancestors are now full of solemn colors.

His eyes bloomed with crystal-like light, staring at the snow country in the void, the terrible shadow of ice.

"I'm here to kill you."

In the snow country, a crisp and cold voice suddenly came out, revealing the endless cold, there was a kind of bitter cold, straight into the soul.

Medusa simply, in the presence of the heavenly man, said he was going to kill him.

That's right, Medusa came here naturally to slay the heavenly and strong men of the Tianjing clan, and clear up this obstacle for Guchen.

She said yes before, the heavenly people of the Tianjing clan should be killed by her, and after three days, they would take the dead body of the heavenly people of the Tianjing clan to Guchen.

Today is exactly the third day, she arrived as promised, went straight to the old nest of the Tianjing clan, and stepped on the snow country to kill the powerful man of the Tianjing clan.


On that day, the old crystal tribe was full of anger and trembling with anger, "You just entered the realm of heaven and earth, and you were arrogant to kill this seat. It seems that your Naga tribe is arrogant.

"This seat will let you die here today."

The heavenly clan's old man shouted angrily, and a terrible radiance erupted all over. The brilliant crystal light had stirred the sky since the sky.

A crystal kingdom emerged from behind him, colliding fiercely with Medusa's frost and snow country.

咚 隆!

The two worlds collided with each other, causing a terrible scene of a great collapse. A wave of annihilation swept across all directions, the landslide broke, and the entire nest of the Tianjing clan shook violently.

Fortunately, a hazy crystal mask emerged, blocking that terrible aftermath without causing much casualties.

Even so, it has scared and shocked countless people of the crystal family.

"You are old and you should sleep in the ground. Why wake up? Now that you are awake, this seat will help you and let you sleep forever."

In the snow country, Medusa's cold voice came, endless cold, sweeping half the sky, frozen into a white world.

Countless ice crystals and snowflakes fell, like a sharp blade cutting the void, chopping the mountains, cutting the flowers and trees and leaving a crack.

Uh ...

Here, crystal sharp blades turned into torrents, and when they collided, they made a terrible sound of golden iron and iron attack.

The two heavenly men are fighting fiercely, with their own means entering and exiting, the power of rules interweaving and colliding, and the power of two different rules are fiercely fighting.

Medusa's coldness is terrifying, and everything freezes under the rules of ice.

"court death!"

The celestial people of Tianjing clan raged, and the light of the first crystal of crystals gathered and turned into a rune of heaven to form a sea of ​​light that drowned the past.

The power of the rules he realized was extremely weird, and he penetrated the barrier of infinite frost and went straight to Medusa.

"Fengrui rules?" Medusa's indifferent voice came.

I saw her pointing out, the terrible light curtain immediately stopped, flooded by endless frost, and instantly frozen into ice crystals.

The power of the two rules constantly collided, and the two could not be separated from each other. For a time, there was nothing they could do to each other, so that the Tianjing tribe's strong man changed his face slightly.

He felt that the power and horror of Medusa far surpassed his guesses and estimates.

"You, are you one step up?"

As if thinking of something, Tianjing tribe shouted in horror.


The result was just finished, a cold current struck and banged on him, instantly hitting it into the sky, and half of the body condensed into ice crystals.

However, he was also powerful, shattering the ice crystals, removing the cold, and his face became extremely gloomy.

Medusa's strength exceeded his expectations. This battle was dangerous.

"Wake up and fight and help this enemy kill."

He suddenly yelled, the ancestral land of the Tianjing clan trembled, and the powerful breath that was asleep in it suddenly awakened.

Pieces of crystals flew out, and the inside was sealed with an individual, all of which were the powerful heritage of the Tianjing clan, and all were awake.

Eight full-strength strong men appeared, broke the crystal and jumped out, exuding torrential weather.


As soon as the eight powerful Tongtianjing powerfuls came out, they saw Medusa and felt the terrible atmosphere and coercion of their faces.

"Old ancestors, why are they in conflict with the Naga?"

A powerful Tianjing tribe asks solemnly.

However, the Tianjing strong man in the Tianjing family shook his head and said coldly, "She wants to destroy my Tianjing family, which is obviously related to the human race."

"Stop talking nonsense, kill her!"

The heavens and the heavens of the Tianjing clan roared, and the eight powerful heavenly powers spread out all together, exuding soaring light, forming a powerful formation.

Headed by Heaven and Man, the formation of eight heavenly realms, powerful, horrifying, and light breath can make the emperor panic and despair.

Facing such a powerful battlefield, Medusa had no expression at all, as if it would always be so indifferent and trembling.

"Square formations, with the power of the rules of the heavens and the earth, is like slaying this seat?"

Medusa sneered, and as soon as her voice fell, she saw that she raised one hand, and gently pressed her palm down.


The snow country repressed, the rumble of voices trembled in all directions, and the terrible cold swept away, freezing all directions, and solidifying the powerful battles one by one.

"Damn, what a terrible cold!"

Shouting in horror, Tongtianjing started to freeze with the cold.

Similarly, the other strongest heavenly powers, the weakest three have even directly turned into ice sculptures, unable to compete with Medusa's terrible ice rules.


At the critical moment, a roar came, and the celestial strongman of the Celestial family roared, activated the battle, shattered the terrible cold current, and awakened the frozen person.

"Together, this seat needs your strength to kill her."

The heavenly man shouted angrily, and a crystal brilliance bloomed on his body, intertwined with the breath and strength of the other eight heavenly powers.

As if the strength, will, and whole body of the eight men flowed into his body, turning into a terrible power.

There is an infinite power between his hands, the power of rules intertwines, boils, blooms an infinite amount of light, and reveals the breath of destruction.


The old man of the Tianjing clan snarled and waved his arms, and the annihilation of the glare from the world slammed into the snow country where Medusa was.


With a loud noise, the snow and ice collapsed and disappeared, and the snow country collapsed, unable to withstand the terrible energy of extinction.

The terrible torrent flooded all directions, swept the world, and everything was lost.

(End of this chapter)