My Wild Tribe

Chapter 573: Heaven and Man Fall

Chapter 573: Heaven and Man Fall

Rumble ...

The sky trembled, the power of rules interweaved, the frost filled, freezing everything.

Above the void, there are two great celestial beings at war, the force of the rules colliding, and a terrible aftermath spreading, causing huge casualties to the Celestial clan.


Suddenly a scream came, and an old figure fell from the void and smashed a mountain.

The smoke and dust scattered, revealing a large pit inside, lying on the bottom of the pit was a vague figure of flesh and blood, and his amethyst was cracked and miserable.

Uh ...

Immediately after that a muffled noise came, one figure after another fell into the void, and the body was dropped into ice sculptures.


With a roar, there were constant conflicts, killing the frost in the sky and rushing out of the snow country.

The man was embarrassed, scattered with a few pieces of ice crystals, his body was scarred, his face was distorted, and he was almost crazy.

He is the ancestor of the heaven and earth of the Tianjing tribe. Looking at the figures falling around, there are exactly eight. They are the ancestors of Tongtianjing who just awakened.

In addition to the two Tongtian Yae who can stand beside them, the remaining six Tongtian Realms have fallen into the void and frozen into ice crystals.

They were all dead and breathless.


Cold weather, snow and ice raging, a graceful figure fell from the sky.

Medusa fell on the void, stepping on a snow country, looking down at the three remaining Celestial Clan below, a terrible cold swept through, causing a kind of fear and shivering deep into the soul.

"Go on the road." Medusa's indifferent voice came, and she gently raised her hand and swept across the snow and ice.

"Do not!"

The ancestors of the Tianjing tribe were furious, and the power of the rules broke out constantly. As a result, the two remaining masters of the heavenly bodies beside them were stiff and their expressions were still.

Everything in the surroundings freezes instantly, and the two heavenly powers are transformed into ice sculptures, completely turning into an ice crystal statue.

"Old ancestor!"

Seeing the two frozen heavenly elders, the figure in the ice sculpture was full of horror, and his expression was still, which made all the people of the Tianjing clan panic.

It was their ancestral ancestor who had been frozen into ice sculptures.

"My ancestor has fallen!"

The Amethyst Emperor was stunned, looking at the two heavenly old men of the Tianjing family who were frozen into ice sculptures. They were dead with no breath and no sound.

Eight ancestral ancestors died in their eyes.

The strength of Medusa shocked the entire Celestial clan, leaving only the last heaven and earth, still struggling to resist the erosion of the terrible ice rule.

"Medusa, I can't spare you."

The last ancestor of the heavens and humans growled sternly, his eyes almost glowed red, and his body was full of dense rules.

He was so angry that he almost lost his mind. He suddenly killed eight Masters of Heaven, and suffered heavy losses. All were killed by Medusa.

"It's futile."

Medusa looked indifferently at the old man who was struggling to resist, and there was no expression on his face, and the cold air was in his eyes.

She waved her hand gently, and the sky was filled with ice and snow. The void and everything were frozen and turned into a white and snowy country.

"Frost, seal!"

With a light sip, I saw the endless cold current sweeping down. The old man who was struggling to resist the face of the heavens and the people changed his face, and his body condensed into ice crystals.

He was frozen, unable to withstand the terrible rules of ice, too terrible, everything was frozen, including the soul will.

In the end, he was still unable to resist. The Tianren ancestor of the Tianjing clan watched his body frozen, and then his soul consciousness was frozen.

"This seat ... not willing to ..." He growled suddenly in the sky.

Then, the whole person was completely frozen, without any sound, and still maintained the roar of the sky, turning into an ice crystal statue roaring at the sky.

There was no ray of aura in the empty eyes, the body and even the soul were frozen for a moment, and the consciousness was frozen to death.

Soul consciousness was frozen to death under the icy rules of Medusa. I can imagine how terrible her frost power was.

From the moment of appearance to the present, the whole process took less than a quarter of an hour, and the battle was less than a quarter of an hour. The eight celestial beings passed through the realm of heaven, and a celestial man fell like this.

"Dead, all dead!"

The amethyst emperor stayed, her heart roared, and her brain buzzed.

The ancestors on which they lived were all dead, one by one and turned into ice sculptures, and were beheaded here by Medusa.

Numerous Tianjing people are sluggish, frightened, and collectively silent. The entire nest of Tianjing people is quiet, only the snow and ice are drifting.

Rumble ...

At this time, there was a roar of sound in the distance, the clouds burst and rolled over.

All the people of the Tianjing clan were awakened together, and suddenly looked away, and saw a bronze battleship descending from the sky and bursting through the clouds.

"It's human!"

"The Terran Fleet is here!"

The Tianjing clan blasted the pan, and the sound of horror kept coming, all of them terrified.

With the emergence of bronze battleships, one after another bursting through the clouds, scaring countless days, the Jing people couldn't help fear and despair.

As soon as the ancestors died, the Terran fleet was killed.

"Human race!"


"You guys are united?"

Emperor Amethyst roared with an unwillingness, anger, and hatred, looking at the dense bronze warships, hunting flags and killing the sky.

Gu Chen led the army to the Tianjing clan's nest, and rushed straight here, but was surprised by the situation here.


On the flagship, Gu Chen looked at the void in front of him in amazement, and a peerless Qianying stood proudly in the country of ice and snow, surrounded by ice.

She was filled with frosty rules, and her breath was frightening.

Around Medusa, there are ice sculptures floating in the ice, one figure after another, all of them are the strong of the Tianjing clan.

Eight celestial realms, one heavenly man, exactly nine of the elites of the Celestial clan, all fell into her hands.

"Eight heavens, one heavenly man, all killed, the task of this seat has been completed, and I will leave it to you."

Medusa's cold voice came, and with a wave of his hand, nine ice sculptures flew together in front of Gu Chen, landing on the flagship.

Gu Chen looked at the nine ice sculptures in front of him, and was speechless for a moment, marveled at the strength of Medusa, and the heavenly man killed him when he said that.

"Thank you, I'll leave the rest to me." He nodded softly to show that he knew.

This scene made the Tianjing people below silly. The human race really made an alliance with the Naga of the Shui.

Not to mention the Tianjing clan, even the Gou Chen and others who accompanied this battle were shocked and aggressive, and their own emperor even formed an alliance with a powerful heavenly man master.

And they also took the lead to help them kill the powerful threat of Tianjing clan, and nine ancestors were killed, which completely eliminated the biggest threat of Tianjing clan.

"Tianjing tribe, your end is here."

Gu Chen's eyes sharpened, looking down at the old nest of the Tianjing clan below, and the sound came, which made countless Tianjing clan people panic.


With a whistle, Gu Chen drew a finger and shouted, "From now on, Chaos Tianyuan will have no sky crystal family."

"Give Chen orders, kill them all!"

Gu Chen's indifferent order was undisguised, his eyes showed a cold light, indifferent, ruthless, and cruel.

This is the war of race and race. There is no mercy, only killing.


Gou Chen growled loudly, his eyes became cold, and his whole body was swept up, and a generation of star killers gradually developed.

"Drums, attack!"

"Take peace!"

Gu Chen drank and conveyed the order. On the battleship behind him, the trolls carried out huge bronze battle drums.


Uh ...

The war drums throbbed, and the roaring drums shook the world, revealing a terrible killing, which scared countless people of the Crystal family.


With a scream of thunder, Gou Chen rolled out and thundered in the sky. Behind them, a bronze battleship opened with a torrent of torrents flowing from it.

Hundreds of thousands of clan armies were killed and they had to settle down the old nest of the Tianjing clan.

"Defense, defend fast!"

"Open the formation, and stand still!"

Within the Tianjing clan, a loud roar came, and the strong organized the clan's defense.

The Amethyst Emperor even personally opened up a powerful battlefield, and the light shrouded the entire nest of the Tianjing clan, guarding it firmly.


With a loud noise, the old nest of Tianjing trembled, and the energy mask boiled violently.

Hundreds of trolls roared, wielding a bronze warhammer on charge, struggling hard on that energy mask.

For a time, the landslide broke and everything was deaf.

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