My Wild Tribe

Chapter 574: Struggling to Die

Chapter 574: Struggling to Die

Uh ...

The drums of war spread in all directions, shaking the world, and the forces of all parties were shocked.

"Tianjing tribe!"

"Human race is attacking Amethyst Royal?"

In Tianyuan, forces from all sides are boiling, and everyone who cares about this fleet sees a shocking scene.

The Terran Army is attacking the old nest of the Amethyst Royal Family, to destroy this branch of the Royal Family in Tianyuan.

"Naga, why are you mixing with the human race?"

Some strong men were horrified and witnessed Medusa's beheading of a celestial being of the Tianjing clan, eight heavens, terrifying the forces of all parties.

They were horrified one by one, the Medusa of the Naga tribe even united with the tribe to help the tribe kill the strong men of the Tianjing tribe.

Incredible, incredible.

Human race, is not a lowly race captive and oppressed by all ethnic groups?

Why is there a strong Naga tribe helping the tribe now? What does this mean? Medusa's every move shocked the alien forces in Tianyuan.



In the old nest of the Tianjing clan, a curtain of light shrouded, a rumbling vibration came, and a troll was roaring.

A troll slammed down with a bronze warhammer, making waves of ripples, and violent explosions kept coming.

But still did not break that energy light curtain, this is the last defense of the Celestial clan, connecting the terrain of this territory.

The powerful defensive light curtain blocked hundreds of trolls' onslaught, and went on one after another without breaking.

"Why don't you break it yourself?"

At this moment, a cold current struck, the scent of wind was blown on his face, and Medusa appeared beside Gu Chen.

The two stood proudly in the void, looking down at the scene below.

Medusa didn't understand. The energy light curtain that the troll can't break below, why didn't Gu Chen break the direct attack himself?

Gu Chen didn't speak, but just chuckled: "Do you think I can always attack on the front line, or do I need to break the enemy's defense every time?"

"Once, twice, but if I rely on my strength every time, how can my community grow?"

He asked back, and silenced Medusa.

Gu Chen looked at her frost-covered face and whispered softly: "Originally, I didn't intend to let you kill the strong of the Tianjing clan, but to keep sharpening my subordinates."

"But you and I just formed an alliance and need a statement. Since you said that it would help me to refuse you."

This said, Medusa was a little angry.

I worked hard to help you, but you said that it was not necessary, which made her very uncomfortable.

Gu Chen looked a little angry at her, and explained with a smile: "You don't have to be annoyed. I need to train my people to grow up quickly."

"The big war, the bloody battle is the necessary sharpening means, and it is the best place for them to grow up."

His eyes were scorching, a kind of sharpness and wisdom, war, always the best whetstone, bloody battles one by one can make his subordinates grow faster and better.

Gu Chen's heart is not thinking of doing it by himself every time, but also raising a group of subordinates in the future what to do?

In the end of the war, he only gave orders and gave the rest to his subordinates. This was glory and trust.

"I originally wanted to personally kill the old heavenly man of the Celestial Clan, and the rest of the heavens left one or two to sharpen his subordinates."

Gu Chen spoke word by word, and these words made Medusa shake.

Suddenly she realized that Gu Chen's methods and ideas had clear goals.

The main purpose of this battle is to train troops. If you do not practice now, how will you deal with a bigger and more violent battle in the future?

It is not always possible that the emperor Gu Chen killed himself in the end. In that case, his subordinates are expected to crash into the wall and die.

Your group of generals is useless, and every time the emperor fights, it's better to kill yourself than to kill him.

"In the future, you are not a strong man of the same level as you or me. You don't need to kill them manually, but keep sharpening your subordinates. The sea kings you subordinate, seriously, one of my generals can kill all of them."

After Gu Chen looked at Medusa, the meaning was obvious. It was not enough for your subordinates to kill someone.

Medusa refused, but remembered Long Yuan, and after a little comparison, she immediately knew that her several sea kings were not Long Yuan's opponents.

She was silent at this moment and had nothing to say, because it was a fact.

"You said that you want to unify the endless sea, but none of the sea kings under your control are able to sit in one side of the sea. If you don't change, even if you end the endless sea, no one will guard it."

Gu Chen paused, watching Medusa silent, apparently listening.

He went on to say: "How big the entire endless sea is, you know best. There are countless aquarium forces in it. If you want to annex, you must have a strong subordinate who can sit on the side and not have to do it yourself every time."

"It's easy to beat the mountains, but it's hard to defend the mountains!"

Gu Chen murmured, inexplicable emotions, but made Medusa like lightning strikes, the whole person was stunned, like a gimmick, the whole person suddenly opened up.

That's right, Gu Chen is right. If no one can stand alone and defend one side, you will lose the territory you hit again.

"I see." Medusa glanced deeply at Gu Chen, a hint of complexity in her heart.

This ancient dust is indeed the fastest-rising character in recent times. She has risen step by step from Baiman Mountain. The speed and strength make her all shocked.

His remarks awakened Medusa suddenly and realized that the gap between him and Gu Chen was a gap of consciousness.

That's right, she can't do it herself every time, right?

Just like this time, if she has a powerful subordinate, she does not have to come in person, but sends a strong subordinate directly.

As a hegemon of a party, you have to take care of yourself in every battle, and you have lost face.

Gu Chen has now let go step by step. If he doesn't let go, a group of men will be completely useless without hope.

Boom boom ...

Below, hundreds of trolls hammered again and again, it was impossible to break the energy light curtain.

But Gu Chen is still calm and calm. It is impossible for the battle to be smooth and smooth. A defense cannot be broken, so why use them?

Gu Chen and Medusa quietly watched the battle below, feeling calm and silently watching this battle of genocide without any intention of shooting.

Even though there are still a large group of strong men in the old nest of the Tianjing clan, the Amethyst Emperor is organizing the clan's defense, and there are powerful figures breaking out of the ancestral land.

Although these Tianjing clan powerhouses are not through heaven, they are all quasi-imperial powerhouses, and even there are two emperors who are about to decay.

"Human race, you won't succeed."

An elder Emperor Tianjing shouted in anger, covered with black crystal light, and covered with a layer of black crystal armor.

The other, wearing a fiery red crystal armour, was soaring in the sky. Although it looked stale and old, he was shocking.

The three emperors stood together, and their faces were decisive, as if they were going to make preparations for death. In this battle, the heavens and the heavens fell, and they had no chance to escape.

"This battle will die!"

"Call your clan, tell everything, we wait for the arrival of the clan's strong."

The two emperors who had just been awakened spoke these words, but the amethyst emperor was gloomy and somewhat unsightly.

"What?" The black crystal emperor asked.

Amethyst emperor smiled bitterly: "It can't be transmitted because the space is blocked by an inexplicable force here."


"Then fight hard!"

The two old emperors shouted in anger and exploded together, and countless Tianjing people roared indignantly, each one showing a determined look.

In this scene, Medusa E frowned and asked: "There is really no need to take a shot. The Tianjing clan has been inspired to die. Such a battle must be fatal."

"Anyway, look at it!"

Gu Chen waved his hands, his face was calm and calm, and he didn't care at all, as if the crystal heart of the Tianjing clan was futile.

"Come, sit down and drink, they can't stand the waves, they are dying."

Gu Chen said sitting down, showing a strong self-confidence all over his body. Even if he didn't shoot, he couldn't turn the waves, this space was blocked by him.

Medusa sat aside, Gu Chen put on the Linguo, barbecue, and the two of them drank and looked at each other with laughter.

"Thunder for nine days!"

At this moment, a loud shout came, the thunder exploded in the void, and a thunderous thunder erupted.

The bottle of wine in Gu Chen's hand was a meal, his eyes narrowed, and a slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

When Medusa looked, she stared in surprise, immediately attracted by the thunderous sky in front of her.


I saw the thunder that swept the sky, rumbled together, and there was a person condensing hundreds of thousands of days of punishment on the energy screen of the Tianjing clan.

That was Gou Chen, he shot.

The peerless killer that Gu Chen just accepted, was shocked by the shot, and the sky fine was rolling, which made Medusa move.

(End of this chapter)