My Wild Tribe

Chapter 575 Sky is angry?

Chapter 575 Sky is angry?

"King Wang Jie?"

Medusa said in amazement, her eyes exposed a touch of light, watching the thunderclouds converge, all of a sudden became a day punishment.

That terrible atmosphere of heaven punishment shook the old nest of the Tianjing clan, and Tianwei was mighty, revealing a terrible breath that destroyed everything.

Heaven punishment, Gouchen's punishment came.

He was already powerful, killed countless times in his life, and the robbery was even more horrible. Once the king robbed, it immediately became a terrible punishment.


"Run away!"

A loud roar spread, awakening countless dazed Tianjing people, all screaming and escaping in fear.

They were afraid, and no one could survive the punishment.

If it is locked in the sky penalty, it will really be completely dead, and the emperor will die in it, because the sky penalty will take the lead to clean up the others.


A red sky thunder struck, and dozens of Tianjing people disappeared on the spot.



The screams came, and a large number of Tianjing people panicked, desperate, screamed and fled, and were bombarded by a thunder above their heads, and they were destroyed.

Robbery, robbery, failing to get over is a mess of robberies.

In the old nest of the Tianjing clan, the imperial city was shrouded in heaven punishment. The people inside the Tianjing clan were filled with fear, screams, screams, and growls.

Unfortunately, they were drowned under the punishment of heaven, and turned into fly ash.

"Human race, demon, you are all demon."

A loud sorrow came, with a kind of resentment, cursing, straight into the sky, stirring up the heaven punishment to form a more terrible atmosphere.

The resentment of the Tianjing clan has caused the expansion of the natural punishment.

"My emperor curses you, and you shall never live."

"Curse you, let your spirits fall away under condemnation."

"Curse you..."

The old Emperor of the Tianjing clan was mournful and mournful, and was stabbed by thunder and thunder, and the whole man was exposed to infinite thunder, extremely miserable.

Before he died, he sent a vicious curse, burned his soul, and cursed Gou Chen, hoping to let him fall under the punishment of the sky.


A cold humming blew up Lei Guang, revealing Gou Chen's powerful figure.

He stood proudly in the sky, bathed in the thunder of hundreds of thousands of days of punishment, and looked like a god of thunder, and ruled the thunder and punishment of the world. There was nothing at all.

Gou Chen's face was expressionless, and his indifferent voice came: "A curse, what is it to me? You kill more than tens of millions of people, but you do n’t see God destroy you?"

"Heaven will not destroy you, I will destroy you."

As soon as the words settled, the thunder and thunder in the void converged and gathered around Gou Chen's side, as if they were going to descend into a thunderbolt.

With a loud bang, the sky punishment converged into a party of thunder, and the sky punishment poured in, forming a terrible scene of extinction.

Thunderstorm came, and instantly swallowed up a large number of Tianjing people, including the two sorrowful mourners, who continuously issued curses.

"No ..." A Tianjing emperor screamed, his body shattered, and it was dissipated into a void.

An emperor fell, and there was a burst of wailing in the void. Under heaven punishment, there was inexplicable resentment soaring into the sky. Numerous grievances gathered and formed under the law of heaven.


The emergence of resentment led to the violent punishment of the sky, the infinite punishment of the Thunder broke down, resentment, resentment, and curse were all wiped out and disappeared.

Under heaven punishment, any breath and strength with resentment cannot exist.

"You dare to guard against the power of heaven punishment and the power of stealing the sky, and one day will be condemned to death."

The last emperor roared in the sky, thundering all over his body, and burst into pieces, disappearing into ashes.

His last words made Gou Chen disdain and condemnation, if this day really came down to condemn him, even if it came.

"Amethyst King, it's your turn."

Gou Chen turned his eyes and locked a figure in front of the old nest ancestral land of the Tianjing clan, which was the emperor of the generation of the Tianjing clan, Amethyst Emperor.

He retreated to the ancestral land, using the powerful formation defense of the ancestral land, resisting the destruction of the heavenly punishment.

"Human race, if you do this, you will be uprooted by the upper levels of my race."

The roar of the Amethyst Emperor looked very angry, watching countless Tianjing people, soldiers, and tragic death under Gouchen's punishment.

His heart was dripping blood. This battle may be wiped out by his community. Without accident, he would fall.

"Oh my God, the emperor is not willing, why can the human race guard the heavenly punishment, and why can't he destroy him?"

Emperor Amethyst growled and yelled at Tian Tian Fang, sending out his unwillingness.

He was really unwilling to accept why Gouchen was not destroyed by the natural punishment, but used the natural punishment to attack them, which is unique.

Unfortunately, he didn't understand. If he knew that Gu Chen's punishment was even more terrible, he might be scared to death on the spot.

"Day punishment is just a manifestation of a rule. How can it not be manipulated?"

Gou Chen looked disdainful and scorned: "You killed countless human races, and now we are the devil, on the other hand, what are you?"

"What about the devil, if I can kill you, if I can rescue hundreds of millions of people from water and fire, I will go and become a demon and slaughter all of you."

Go word by word, the sound of slaying and killing shook the world, and the punishment for the day was one, as if shaken by this terrible will to kill.

It was a determination and will to kill all the other races. It was terrible. The shocks of the heavenly punishments shivered, and the infinite punishments gathered, brewing a more terrible atmosphere.

The natural punishment has been changed, because the will to kill all living beings and to kill all the other races has caused a change in the natural punishment.

"It's a strong killing gas." Medusa couldn't help frowning, and her heart moved.

She did not expect that there were such terrible killing generals under Gu Chen's seat, every word and deed, every move carried a terrible will to kill people.

Such characters are okay if they are friends and allies, but terrible if they are enemies.

Medusa glanced at the ancient dust beside her, the old god was there, drinking wine calmly, as if had been expected.

"You subordinate, the future is doomed to oppose heaven, aren't you afraid?" She asked softly.

After hearing this, Gu Chen chuckled and smiled, "What's the opposite of heaven? Isn't heaven facing our people now, if this day is going to destroy us, then destroy him first."


A thunder exploded, and a shock came from the sky punishment, as if Gu Chen's sentence had caused a more terrible mutation.

The sky punishment mutated again, just like Gu Chen's sentence annoyed God.

"Angry?" Gu Chen sneered, with a disdain in his face: "Heaven, how can there be anger and sorrow, if there is anger and sorrow, then you are not heaven."

"Now that you are angry, make you even more angry."

As soon as the words fell, Gu Chen's figure disappeared on the bronze throne.

With his eyes narrowed, Medusa suddenly turned his head and saw that he didn't know when a figure was added under the punishment.

That's Gu Chen, which appeared in the center of the natural punishment, and caused the infinite force of natural punishment to come together, and even produced terrible mutations.


Gu Chen shouted, the sky was shattered, a majestic suction was laid, and the endless punishment was swallowed up.

Almost instantly, the sky punishment in the half of the sky was sucked away, and it turned into a vortex into Gu Chen's mouth and devoured it.

That terrible scene stunned countless Tianjing people, all dumbfounded, aggressive, and their brains crashed.

"He, he ... he he ..."

Amethyst Emperor was horrified, her eyes widened, her eyes almost glared, and she saw a scene that shocked him.

Gu Chen actually swallowed the sky punishment, and that terrible sky punishment produced mutations. The mutation was stronger and stronger, but it was still swallowed.

Rumble ...

The violent violent punishment of heaven was like the anger of the heavens, filled with a ray of five-colored thunder, and terrible figures appeared in it.

It was a human form of heaven punishment, holding a thunder soldier, and rolled down the sky and killed him.

Unfortunately, as soon as these human-shaped celestial punishments rushed in, they were drawn into it by a suction force, one after the other, rushed into the torrent and sucked into Gu Chen's mouth and swallowed it.

With just ten breaths, the sky punishment was swallowed up, and there was a boiling breath sweeping across the void, intertwined, and regular boiling.

Unfortunately, it had no effect, as if coughing there, and eventually dissipated, disappearing with a deep unwillingness.


Gu Chen swallowed the last punishment, and there was still a humanoid punishment in it, but he was swallowed.

"Yes, it tastes better this time."

He murmured with satisfaction, looking at Gou Chen beside him, with a grimace.

"I, my queen, I ... I haven't absorbed it yet." Gou Chen said something dumbfounded.

Gu Chen stunned after listening, with an embarrassment on his face: "Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I ate it all."

Suddenly he remembered that Gouchen could use this time penalty to become stronger, to make his own power of transfiguration change and become stronger, and as a result swallowed up by Gu Chen.

This is all right, Gou Chen can't help crying, this emperor, how to run out to grab his day punishment, and make him want to absorb it.

"It's all right, I'll leave you halfway, then."

Gu Chen smiled, and waved the five-colored thunder in one hand. The rumbling drowned Gou Chen, and scared countless people's hearts.

"Thank you for your gift!"

The sound of Gou Chen's surprise came from Lei Guang, which made Gu Chen a little embarrassed. He grabbed the people's punishment and finally thanked him for something weird.

"I found out that you eat everything?"

As soon as Gu Chen returned, he heard Medusa's cold voice.

He shook his head and smiled, "Everything in this world can eat as long as it is energy."

Medusa is speechless, do you see any energy you eat, the demon soul, the divine thoughts, none of them come to an end, and all of you are eaten.

"Offense, step out of the Sky Crystal Family!"

Guchen was seated high on the bronze throne, and an indifferent sound came, which made the hook Chen Chen bursting out of the shell from the five-colored thunder light.

"The Emperor has orders to step down the Tianjing clan!"

"Generals, you will kill them all!"

Gou Chen coldly ordered and transmitted Gu Chen's killing order. He was the first to kill Thunder Soldiers into the Imperial City.


Hundreds of thousands of clan soldiers, under the charge of hundreds of trolls, directly entered the nest of the Tianjing clan, broke the imperial city, and crushed it all the way.

Tianjing clan, it's over!

(End of this chapter)