My Wild Tribe

Chapter 576: The End of the Royal Family

Chapter 576: The End of the Royal Family

Boom boom ...

The thunder broke out, and Gou Chen rolled up and killed Lei Hai, holding the thunder soldiers, and opened the killing ring. The number of Tianjing clan who died in his hands was countless.

Nowhere can he stop him.

"Do not..."

In front of the ancestral land of the Tianjing clan, the Amethyst Emperor roared, his eyes were bloodshot, watching a large number of people being slaughtered, and his heart was angry.

But he couldn't stop, and couldn't do anything, he couldn't compete with the people in front of him.

Not to mention Gou Chen alone gave him a great threat, and to say that Gu Chen and Medusa who were drinking and laughing in the sky made him afraid.

"Imperial, save me ..."


The screams spread all over the place, and the old nests of the Tianjing clan were chaotically clumped. Numerous Tianjing clan people fled in fear, regardless of their age, gender, or gender.

At this moment, they are truly scared, afraid, and hopeless.

When I was enslaving and killing the human race before, have you ever thought of such a day?

None of them thought that they would be slaughtered by the human races in turn, killing blood and causing rivers, corpses, and houses falling down.

Fire and thunder were intertwined, and energy swept in all directions.

The scene was like Shura hell, where blood and water gathered into rivers, with corpses lying on their backs, their limbs broken and their arms scattered.

"Human race, you must not die!"

One day the crystal people snarled and struggled to resist, but unfortunately they were chopped into pieces and chopped into flesh.

"Devil, the human race is the devil ..."

Some old people of the Tianjing clan screamed in fear, drowned by thunder, and crushed relentlessly, leaving only a ash scattered.

Gou Chen was cruel and ruthless, without a trace of pity, killing and invincible, beheaded and killed countless Tianjing people, and hundreds of thousands of people behind him were indifferent, wielding a knife and killing.

A ruthless general and an army soldier led by him are all ruthless. This is the role of the general.

The general gives power, the soldier gives power.

Gu Chen looked at the massacre below indifferently. There was no fluctuation in his heart. The alien race is a creature. Isn't the human race a creature?

You can slaughter people, why can't they kill you?

In this world, the strong are respected, and the weak are strong.

The human race is weak, and they are enslaved, captive, and eaten by other races. What kind of anger and unwillingness is there when the human race is strong?

"Good reincarnation, who did Cangtian spare?"

Gu Chen muttered to himself.


As soon as the voice fell, a five-colored sky thunder struck the forehead of the sky, letting Gu Chen stumble.

Medusa on the side was stunned, staring blankly, staring blankly at the void, why suddenly a sky punishment broke Guchen?

Don't talk about Medusa, Gu Chen is stunned, I will say that I was chopped by thunder?

"I'm going, I praise you for being hacked?" Gu Chen's face rose with anger.

He glared at the sky and yelled, "I have the ability to split, this energy is not enough for me to plug my teeth, and once again punish me, or drop my condemnation."

It's a pity that the void was quiet and quiet. There was a sudden thunder just now. It was a little weird.

Medusa looked at him with a strange look, and for a long time he uttered a sentence: "Are you angry with you, why do you somehow split you?"

"How do I know?" Gu Chen rolled his eyes.

He regretted: "God thief, he hacked me at every turn, to see that I was not pleasing to his eyes, but to say a word of praise to him was actually hacked."

Medusa silently gave him a glance, and cursed: "You are also called praise God, obviously you are talking about yourself, who the sky has forgiven, and you just do not want to spare you."

She even wondered if Gu Chen had done anything angry.

"I didn't rob him of his wife. He hacked me at every turn. The clay figurine still had three points of fire, not to mention me, and he hacked me with you."

Gu Chen's stomach was full of anger, and his eyes stared fiercely at the ancestral land of the Tianjing clan below.

The Amethyst Emperor suddenly became cold, and looked up in horror, just seeing Gu Chen's fiery eyes, his heart almost burst.

He was terrified: "What do this people want to do, if the emperor is like this, he still wants to kill the emperor?"

Poor Amethyst Emperor was frightened by Gu Chen's eyes.

"Forget it, leave it to Gochen to grind." Gu Chen let out a breath.

He lazily rested on the bronze throne, his eyes looked at the entire battlefield indifferently, and the war was coming to an end.

Only the ancestral land of the Tianjing clan could not be captured.

"Amethyst emperor, like an emperor, come out and fight."

At this time, Gou Chen led a dense army of soldiers and surrounded the ancestral lands of the Tianjing clan.

His eyes were chilly, and he looked at the Amethyst Emperor in his ancestral land aggressively, and the words passed into it, making the latter full of anger.

The emperor, even being forced to this share, can be described as humiliating.

Gou Chen sneered: "As a party emperor, you dominate the clan, and you won't be able to fight when you curl up inside."

"You are far worse than your clan."

Gou Chen's words stimulated Amethyst once and again, his eyes spit fire, gradually glowing red, and lost his sense.

The Amethyst Emperor is all a party emperor. He was so humiliated that his dignity naturally made him intolerable.

"I was provoked in three or two sentences, no wonder the achievements were limited."

Medusa shook her head, a look of disdain in her eyes.

She looked down on Amethyst Emperor. With this ability, she was irritated and lost her mind in three or two sentences, even though the tribe was almost killed.

However, as the emperor, if he has the dignity and pride of the emperor, he would rather fight to death, rather than hide in it and watch the people being slaughtered.

This is not a qualified emperor.

"Ah ... the emperor killed you."

The Amethyst roared, and ran out of reason.

This scene made Gouchen's mouth smirk, and the thunder was filled with entanglement, which turned into a flash of lightning and killed him.


Lightning burst, energy aftermath swept out.

Gou Chen made a strong blow, making Amethyst Emperor smoke, and the powerful force of natural punishment poured into his body, making him wake up suddenly.

"Broken!" Amethyst was terrified.

He realized that it was not good, he ran out without being angry, and stupidly killed him, but he was severely taught and awakened completely.

Unfortunately, he was a little late to wake up.

"Amethyst King, go down with your clan."

Go word for a word, cold words came, and saw the sky full of thunder and thunder, drowned him.


Emperor Amethyst screamed and was bombarded by the punishment Lei Hai released by Gou Chen, drowned, and a chain of Thunder entangled his body.

Zizi was smoking, the flesh was blackened by electricity, the amethyst was bombarded with cracks, blood splattered, and the whole person was miserable.

"My Emperor is unwilling ..." Amethyst Emperor was extremely unwilling, glaring resentfully.

In the end, his eyes fell on Gu Chen in the void, and he shouted sternly: "Hu Chen Gu Chen, you are so cruel and killing, you will not end well."

"Whether it's my strong man, a saint, or another strong man of the race, I'll try to kill you."

"You can't live long."

Emperor Amethyst yelled madly, with a madness in her eyes, which suddenly detonated her own will and exploded directly.


A blast of light exploded, powerful energy swept through, shattered Thunder Light, overturned the ancestral land of the entire Tianjing clan, and completely destroyed it.

The Amethyst Emperor, as a party emperor, has a terrifying power.

Gou Chen was too late to avoid it. He was hit hard in the first place, and his whole body was in ruins, and he was almost killed there.

Gu Chen didn't make any shots, and he didn't stop him. The heavy wound of Gou Chen fell into his eyes. It wasn't coldness or ruthlessness, but the opportunity to sharpen him.

Anyway, I ca n’t die, other people have not suffered much casualties, because Guchen consciously cut off the aftermath of the explosion of Amethyst Emperor.

It was just that the ancestral land of the entire Tianjing clan was completely overthrown and destroyed by the blast of Amethyst Emperor.

Many things inside were annihilated, but there are still many good things. Inside, there is an ancestral land of the Tianjing clan with many treasures.

"Tianjing tribe is gone, strangling the rest."

Gu Chen's indifferent voice came down, waking everyone up.

"Ahem ..."

In the big pit, Gou Chen's flesh rose up faintly, his body trembled, his blood tickled and fell, and an electric arc appeared all over him.

He's not dead, he must be dead.

If it was dead, how could Gu Chen find such a killer?

"Clean up the battlefield and hang off the remnants of the Tianjing clan."

A hoarse, hoarse voice came, one word at a time, fully implementing Gu Chen's orders and will, and meticulously implemented them.

Gu Chen is very satisfied with this good subordinate, so good, just give him another dozen.

"What plans do you have next?"

Aside, Medusa asked softly.

Gu Chen moved his mind and looked into the distance, his eyes flashed inexplicably with a ray of cold light.

"Next, of course, take the opportunity to destroy the Dark Devil."

His words were full of sense of murder, and he wanted to take the opportunity to destroy the dark devil.

"It's enough to have Gou Chen here. Go, follow me to the Dark Demon Clan and see how many strong Devil Clan are?"

Gu Chen stood up and finished speaking, the bronze throne behind spread out, disappeared into the body and disappeared.


He ripped open the space, stepped in with them, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

(End of this chapter)