Dongbai Mountain

Chapter 159 Muchun Villa (5)

Chapter 159 Muchun Villa (5)

Dongbai Mountain's elixir is sold in the middle of the epidemic in the epidemic area. Of course, it is given to some victims free of charge. This kind of rescue work is handed over to Guanyintang. One of them is particularly prominent, known as He Xiangu. ...

Because Dongbai Mountain contributed to the suppression of the plague, Muchun Villa became more famous ...

The so-called long-term, its speed must be rapid.

The Minyue Kingdom originally had the heart to annex the East Vietnam State. In addition, the Linghu Gang lost sight of the base of Zhangjiajie. It also looked at the unstable East Vietnam State. The war is a harvester for living people, and the Linghu helped the animals. Blood as a bath, these have accelerated the development of the epidemic ...

Jin Hu, Sheng Wei, Chen Yong, etc. took the Dragon Gang to the south of Utra to intercept the refugees from East Vietnam. The purpose was to guide them to where they should go ...

The Shi family, the Jin family, and the Gongsun family of the Dahan belong to the Lima family, and they are mostly distributed in the key areas of the three dragon veins, including the garrison in the dragon head area. For example, the Gongsun family has been stationed in the Liaodong Peninsula (in fact, the Gongsun family has controlled the Korean peninsula until the Gongsunyu of the Three Kingdoms was destroyed ...)

The Jin family gradually rose in the south of Wushang, and later Jinhua gradually became a military place ...

According to Wuhan's experience, the Dongbai Mountain forces decided to apply the method of isolation and treatment for the plague of the East Vietnam.

The Zhoushan Islands were used to isolate some patients. Guanyintang researched and manufactured elixir in Meicen Mountain. Since then, some elixir for treating blast has been continuously delivered to patients in clean bottles ...

The image of Guanyintang has also been replaced by a "clean bottle". Some patients who came from the East Vietnam country were relocated to a place in Hubei. According to Wuhan's meaning, the people of later generations called Hubei people as "the heavenly nine Head bird, Hubei guy on the ground. " And this is similar to the character of Wenzhou people in later generations, maybe ...

In his spare time, Zhang Guolao is still keen to study the manuscript "Huaiji Mountain Xiuxian Legend", because there are a lot of interesting things in the book, and there are ways to learn immortality and analysis of herbs ...


"You are the family's business card. When people look at you, they will think of our family as a whole, so when you do things, you must think of the whole family behind you." This is the motto of Zhang Wei ’s parents, which is for Zhang Weiliang Tailor-made is also a required course for Zhang Wei.

"Dendrobium officinale is the immortal grass!" This is often said by grandpa Zhang Wei Liao Zhai, about some fairy grass and the like in the mountains.

There is a legend that Dendrobium officinale can save a dying person. As long as there is a breath, it will not be stumped. Are some grasses in the mountains really so amazing? Zhang Wei remembered the day that Taoist Fang Tao's care for Long Yincao was fond of form, which was beyond words.


Zhang Guolao and Shi Shenyi conducted a systematic research on herbs. Dendrobium officinale was also planted in Muchun Villa, and other snake beads were also used to rescue suffering ...


Coco was also watching "Legend of the Immortal of Hueiji Mountain", but she was watching Zhang Wei's experience of immortality in later generations ...


Out of curiosity, Zhang Wei would often go to the place where the Taoist priests picked the dragon's hidden grass. It was not clear that the small dragon cryptic grass was worthy of the Taoist priest's "thousand years waiting for one time". Valuable, a spore-like grass can also be cherished like gold, no! In his heart, much more precious than gold! Perhaps more precious than that grass than Dendrobium officinale! Zhang Wei guessed.


It was a clear morning, and the mountains in the distance were already dotted with green emerald bushes like gold, and the singing of birds was eager to rush.

And this water is surrounded by clear mist, and there is a feeling of being in a fairyland. This feeling is not inexperienced, and Zhang Wei has a sense of pride.

The sound of the frog at the water's edge was strong, and Zhang Wei felt strong, strange, and suddenly a four-legged snake emerged from the place where the last Taoist priest had picked Long Yincao.

Zhang Wei's six gods have no master. Is the four-legged snake related to the dragon? Is it related to Long Yincao? Zhang Wei looks like a new continent! If there were grown-ups together, Zhang Wei would definitely "ask the radish to take root".

There is drama! Zhang Wei has an inexplicable excitement! A four-legged snake is like a submerged dragon, so how can the dragon hidden grass turn against the sky?

Looking at the mini "Little Dragon" in front of Zhang Wei, he turned a blind eye, as if he was looking for something? As anxious as a mother looking for a missing child! Is it looking for the dragon hidden grass bud that once grew up here. Zhang Wei was a little overwhelmed. Perhaps for a four-legged snake, Dragon Hidden Grass is a treasure of heaven and earth, maybe there are enough dragon-covered grasses for a four-footed snake to evolve into a dragon? Zhang Wei was a little bit lost.

I don't know how long I stayed, Zhang Wei felt an aura coming towards him, as if the ghost of a dragon wrapped Zhang Wei like a fragrant soup, and the dragon in his heart was born in the consciousness of Yuan. At this time, Dan Tianqi had a feeling of restlessness.

With the repetition of breathing, Zhang Wei felt that the entering and exiting of qi seemed to be the exchange of the entire body with air, and at the same time Dan Tian was getting more and more full.

Zhang Wei has the urge to call out loud, and also has the feeling of jumping, flying like flying.

In the movement, qi wins the wind, and qi can pass through Zhang Wei's skin and reach Dantian. No wonder Dongbai Mountain has legends of the immortals who turned into immortals. How did Zhao Guangxin, Ji Boyu and other immortals cultivate immortals? Zhang Wei has a longing for a transcendent feeling. Dongbai Mountain has always been a Taoist place for immortality, which makes Zhang Wei feel enchanted .

This is Wonderland! So in the near future, there may be the birth of immortals here, such a scene can not help but think wildly!

Be calm! calm! restraint! restraint! Zhang Wei thought carefully, what to do! How to do! A feeling of moving is overwhelmingly strong!

On the contrary, the sensible Zhang Wei sat down quietly. He believed that the most important thing now was enlightenment, and he had to comprehend a way of his own.

Zhang Wei closed his eyes, at this time he used his heart to feel the world around him.


In a pond, the dragon was under the water, the fog on the pond locked everything, and the water and the fog were linked together. At this time, the fog rolled up with the dragon's breathing. Slowly, the dragon's water came out with the fog. Haha, the clouds drove the fog, Zhang Wei jumped onto the dragon's back, and there was a momentum of calling the wind and rain.


"Squeeze! Squeeze!" Zhang Wei, who was thinking, opened his eyes and stared at the little squirrel on the pine tree not far away. Well, you little squirrel, even disturbed my grandpa.

Zhang Wei rushed to the pine tree with a bang, and hit the tree three times, five times and two times, and like a monkey and a squirrel you chased after me.

Of course, Zhang Wei is quite forced, and there is a sense of pressure peeling in speed! The squirrel was mockingly "squeak! Squeak!"

Zhang Wei had forgotten why, and gradually realized that Zhang Wei was lighter than before. In particular, I feel that I have a little handy control over Qi, maybe it is out of the stage of Qianlong, at this time Zhang Wei is interested.

Time passed slowly, and Zhang Wei realized something. The current situation should be a little different from the previous state of Qianlong's consciousness. This is a feeling that has never been experienced before, and it was originally a way of self-awareness, the so-called dragon way. .

I have n’t had any experience, so let ’s first consider that Qianlong has been in Yuanyuan. If the process of Qianlong in Yuan has already passed, how will the situation of seeing Dragon in Tian be developed? "The Shu Road is difficult, it is difficult to go to the sky!", Shu Road in Zhang Wei's heart just didn't know where the road was? There is no way! Haunting like fog, even if it is fog, you have to set foot in it. Zhang Wei thinks that he can't be soft-hearted, absolutely not!

Sweat soaked in clothes, Zhang Wei felt a little hungry, go back! Zhang Wei's leisurely look, and unconsciously, saw Longtan again, as if there was a kind of concern. A concern from the bottom of my heart.

When he got to Longtan, Zhang Wei couldn't help standing on top of Longtan, watching the momentum of the water pouring down, Zhang Wei's heart moved, the water molecules gathered together is a dragon condensing together! Is there anything normal? Then it can be said that clouds and fog can be another existence of dragons!

Dragon hidden grass, four-legged snake, gas, water, Zhang Wei himself can actually be considered to be another kind of dragon. When you see the water above Longtan, you will know that this water cannot be blocked, no wonder Yu was able to realize the correct strategy for water management.

Yeah, cultivation is actually letting the natural exchange of breath and the body go along with it, and in the process of exchange, man gets the aura of heaven and earth, and evolves his body on this basis.

So how did Peng Zu realize and live long? Zhang Wei was shocked! For today's people, this is the top priority!

Zhang Wei had unknowingly reached the bottom of Longtan. At this time, Zhang Wei looked at the sand at the bottom of the pond, and felt a little guilty. The crystal clear water could balance with the sand that washed away the dust. No wonder Dayu treated the water. It can govern the entire country.

On the rock, the black stone frog and the rock are in one piece. The grouper at the bottom of the pond is leisurely free. "Zi Fei Yu, the joy of An Zhi Yu." Zhang Wei laughed at himself!

Gui Pengzu, holding Pengzhu, Gui Pengzu, Zhang Wei silently read.

"Turtle!" Zhang Wei shouted, and a little turtle was drilled out of the sand at the bottom of Longtan. "Haha, you can't run away!" Zhang Wei moved like a rabbit, and caught the little turtle alive.

Zhang Wei, who took the little turtle back home, found a bucket for stocking. Zhang Wei thought that studying this turtle might have unexpected effects on the way of longevity.

Think about the true potential connection between Peng Zu and Turtle Peng Zu. Turtle and Peng Zu are afraid that they have the same way, a way of longevity, as long as they strive to pursue those natural understandings.

Maybe the password will be released in the near future, Zhang Wei calmly!

This environment is a fairyland, so there will be fairy?

Where are the gods, then where does the god live?

Zhang Wei's desire to fly is still ...


Coco arranges the traversers at the Golden Wave in Dongbai Mountain, because that area has a good circulation system.

Muchun Villa has gathered a lot of cultivators. Their purpose is to study the feasibility of cultivating celestial beings, especially in the later generations.

It is because of research that I understand more methods of cultivating immortals, such as wanting to be an animal, combining guidance with the environment, etc ...


There are a lot of Zhuji people in the lively place of Dahan. They played chess and mahjong in twos and threes. They devotedly researched those "Zhuji woods", which made the onlookers envy ...

"Zhuji wood" became a tight seller, and those people in Zhuji were affectionately called "Zhuji wood". These "Zhuji wood" went south and north, and money moved to East Baishan ...

Muchun Guest House is located at No. 152, Liao Zhai Village, at the foot of Dongbai Mountain. Looking up at the towering beauty of Dongbai Mountain, looking down at the greenery inside and outside the homestay, you can see that the crucian carp swims in the river. Muchun Homestay is a good choice for friends and family living and leisure.

In addition, the bamboo rice in Muchun Villa has been booked ...

(End of this chapter)