Dongbai Mountain

Chapter 160 Muchun Villa (6)

Chapter 160 Muchun Villa (6)

"Zhuji wood" became a tight seller, and those people in Zhuji were affectionately called "Zhuji wood". These "Zhuji wood" went south and north, and money moved to East Baishan ...

Especially some breezy priests playing chess, attracting countless heroes to compete, so chic, so absorbed, Zhuji wood began to sell "foreign" ...


The fire on the sand field invaded Hu Yue, and the seaside Yunshan embraced this city.

Wuhan is planning a war against the Huns, as the Han will begin to expand in a few years ...



Coco fell in love with "The Legend of Hueiji Mountain Xiuxian", especially Hetu Luoshu used the game ...


Because Zhang Wei wanted to fly, she wanted to go to the mountain, where she might have a chance to get in touch with the "fairy". After all, where have you heard of Baxian Chen, and it is your relatives who are engaged in that Baxian Chen.

So when the uncle came to Liao's house, he followed, and this time he was "home away from home" when he was reading the mountain, and he didn't need to be polite.

In Dushan Village, there is a sand tower on the top and a sand field on the bottom. There is a keyword "sand" here. It can be said that there are sand around that Dushan.

There are various opinions about this Dushan, and there are more sayings that there are seven fairies here.

And Zhang Wei was able to grind, so what I heard was mixed. For example, there were Taoist forces on the mountain who used Baxian Chen to fight against Jin Wushu's troops.

After Dayu harnessed water, powerful sands such as crocodiles and dragons were left under the sand here. The water flowing through these places became a must for these powerful men.

The current "Independence" mountain has become a "space for war" between people and animals. That's because there is a particularly hard stone on the mountain, which was used by some people at that time to smelt, and some people made it directly to make weapons.

The struggle between humans and animals is in full swing on the edge of this "independence" mountain. The animals here always come out to hurt people for no reason. How many people here have become victims for nothing? The mountain was called Tu Shan, also called Tu Shan?

Some people in Chaogou Mountain have domesticated wild dogs into domestic dogs. Chaogou Mountain is not far from here, and dogs often bark at some "strong ones".

At that time, the hook and the dog communicated, so the Chaogou Mountain can be understood as the Chaogou Mountain, which means that the dog is bred for domestic purposes.

Dogs become good friends of people, and people suddenly have more dignity than before. As the number of dogs increases, so does the power of man.

When the powerful animal under the sand moved, the herd of dogs surrounded and barked. Over time, the powerful animals under the sand near Natu Mountain slowly withdrew from the sand with the flow of water. "Shrimp Play" is an eternal philosophy!

Zhang Wei faintly heard that there was something big about Dushan. The problem is that many people are unwilling to say it.

And because of the former psychological shadow, or what reason, no one has been willing to stop beside Tu Shan, of course Zhang Wei does not know.

In the Song Dynasty, more and more people migrated to the south due to frequent northern wars. One of them, Zhao, settled here because he didn't know the historical factors here, but only saw the good fields and rich land resources.

Later, when the surnamed Zhao knew about some of them, he changed Tu Shan to read Shan.

Zhang Wei heard the above story at the junction of Laoshan and Shatian Ao. Zhang Wei had an uncle, an uncle, and an aunt in Dushan, and a young aunt in Laoshan. Between Weishan and Laoshan, Zhang Wei It is familiar with cousins, cousins, cousins, and cousins.

In the future, he would touch and listen to any story there.

Since reading Uncle Da to Liao's house a few days ago, it has been more than ten days since he took Zhang Wei to read the mountain. Zhang Wei went to Shatian to play alone.

He has a few good friends who can talk to each other. One of them is Huang Baisong and the other is Huang Jian.

The Huang Jian also joked that he was willing to marry Zhang Wei, but the following words made Zhang Wei creepy, and it turned out to be such a harsh sentence: "If you dare to bully her after you marry her, you will be kicked."

Can you say such hurtful feelings? Zhang Wei feels, dear! You still respect yourself, because the little Zhang Wei was so scared that he clamped his legs. Although his face was still, his heart was a little trembling.

Huang Baisong looks like a gentleman. When he meets, he will call a brother. The two have also done "big things", that is, they stepped on a small piece of rice when they caught Huang Zhi. I heard that he was also hit by an adult at home. Meal.

Zhang Wei felt a little big about this. On that day, the whole body was muddy and was beaten by her grandma, but she was just smiling. Is there a way to do it? This is a family relationship!

Things are always so secretive that the friendship between Zhang Wei and Sha Tianyi is unexpected. It is a friendship that cannot be replicated because it is a major event that has aroused neighbors.

The three-person group used Yi Jing's Luo Shu to make a stone game, with nine sets of one, three left and right seven, two and four as shoulders, six and eight as feet, compiled with five-centered recipes, but it killed everyone child.

For a while, the children's toys and other money were fooled by the three-member group.

Slowly older children also joined in. Some children brought revenge. As a result, the three-person group used the money to taste some delicious things in Sheshan.

It's weird. This is a fair game. Many dissatisfied people come one after another and the butterfly effect comes out.

"Good things don't go out, bad things spread thousands of miles!" Soon after Grandpa Zhang Wei knew this, he knew the principle of the Book of Changes. The incident was over, but the trio's fame spread.

Regarding this matter, Grandpa Reading Shan taught Zhang Wei a pass. He taught Zhang Wei that anything can be divided into two, one good and one bad. The key is the people who use it. For example, the good aspect of this game is puzzle, but gambling is the source of all evil.

There are certain things you can't touch as a person. Gambling is one of them. Don't treat evil as one of the fundamentals of life.

Success and failure often lie in small details, so every word and deed should be selectively chosen. Only those who really understand the choice are the dragon among people. Remember! Remember!

When talking about some truths, I also suggested how to be a qualified leader, that is, you must not take the people below, and you must make a thoughtful plan. Take every possible way to bring the people below, and use the metaphor of warfare as an example. Good leaders matter to millions of lives.

Later, I also asked about some recent experiences, so Zhang Wei told Grandpa about the Long Yincao and what he learned, and also communicated about the longevity of Guidao.

Grandpa Zhang Wei is very happy. He also told Zhang Wei that the principle of Luoshu was taken from turtles. Turtle path and longevity are issues worth exploring, and I hope Zhang Wei can continue to explore some of these details.

Some of the exchanges between grandpa and grandson are flavorful, which may be the importance of inheritance.

Zhang Wei sometimes felt that such communication was a pleasure, because the encouragement and demands in it were loving at the time.

Grandfather Reading Mountain also asked Zhang Wei about the Gua Gua he had previously told, and Zhang Wei also truthfully told him that the meaning of mountain can be potential.

This excites Grandpa a bit, and at the same time shows that everything comes from nature. Wan Fa naturally is the basis for learning together. I hope to see more changes in nature in the future, so that many studies will change like heaven and earth.

Grandfather Reading Mountain raised another question, linking mountains and sky to analyze and see what kind of layout there will be. That is to say, Gua Gua and Qian Gua are connected to analyze some things in the natural world. Zhang Wei readily agreed to this test, saying that after returning, he would slowly research and develop, and strive for more understanding to return to Grandpa's education.

Zhang Wei found that Grandpa nodded silently, and his heart could not help but fluctuate a bit, yeah, many things go with the flow. From Liu to Jin, and Zhang Wei from Jin to Zhang, it's a bit inexplicable! But for Zhang Wei, who has a "Dao" mind, these are indifferent.

Because the true essence of the Tao is the Tao of change. Just like the Yijing, change is the essence of the eternal Tao.

When he saw Grandpa happy, Zhang Wei asked Baxian Chen.


There have been so many changes in Dou Shan in the future, and the same mountain in later generations should be Tong Shan! Because in the Han Dynasty, many lacquer wares needed tung oil, and the squeezed tung is a strategic product. Some wooden barrels are easy to leak after drying, and tung oil can solve this problem ...

In Muchun Villa, Coco was worried about the fate of the Dou family, because according to Wuhan's memory, the Dou family would be destroyed ...

Muchun Guest House is located at No. 152, Liao Zhai Village, at the foot of Dongbai Mountain. Looking up at the towering beauty of Dongbai Mountain, looking down at the greenery inside and outside the homestay, you can see that the crucian carp swims in the river, which makes people feel refreshed! Muchun Homestay is a good choice for friends and family living and leisure.

In addition, the bamboo rice in Muchun Villa has been booked ...

(End of this chapter)