Dongbai Mountain

Chapter 163 Muchun Villa (8)

Chapter 163 Muchun Villa (8)

When Coco knew that the Zhang family moved the "headquarters" southward, it was a little sad, especially the Wang Mang usurped power. For this reason, Coco formulated a strategy specifically to allow Liu Xiu to successfully recover the Han ...

According to the Xiuxian snake appeared between Henan and Hubei in the past, Coco planned a map of the area ’s influence, and even inserted Taoist forces in important places. He also wrote the so-called prophecy, which is to reveal that Liu Xiu can be emperor in a certain period of time. ...

There is also a crisis of extinction in the Dou family, so he specifically asked Dou Qing to rename some elites and change their surnames, so there was the so-called Dou Zhou family ...

In addition, the ecological balance of the imperial court changed greatly. The eldest son Liu Rong fell out of favor because of the conflict between his mother and Princess Guan Tao, and Xiao Liu Che and Gillian's baby kiss were also hammered.

Wang Meiren danced with long sleeves, filial piety to the queen mother Dou, and she shared her worries with the emperor. Her daughter Nangong was also in love with the Huns, so Wang Meiren and her younger brother Tian Xuan extended the devil to the "enemy"

Li Fei's forces were uprooted, Dou Ying and Zhou Yafu's powers were also divided, Liu Rong was killed in prison, Li Fei also died, and Wang Meiren became the queen smoothly.

The Empress Dowager asked King Emperor King's brother Wang Xin to hold it. Feng Waiqi was not without precedent, but Jingdi estimated that Zhou Yafu would not agree and went to work with him first. Sure enough, Zhou Yafu vetoed it decisively. He said: "The emperor Gaozu once pledged blood with his ministers: if not Liu's and the king, if there is no merit, the world will fight it together."

King Liang and Wang Xin had a close relationship, and they hated Zhou Yafu so much that they joined forces to put Zhou Yafu to death.

Because in the imperial court, there was no choice but to retreat by instinct. After his resignation, Zhou Yafu's son bought 500 sets of armor and wanted to be used as a funerary for Zhou Yafu a century later. However, the emperor knew about this. He quickly sent someone to arrest Zhou Yafu and sent him to the trial department. The official in charge of the trial asked Zhou Yafu Dali Temple to interrogate in the court and asked, "Why do you want to rebel?"

Of course, Zhou Yafu who imposes "treason" by no means has been unable to make a comeback, and finally died of starvation in jail. He declared that he died of hunger strike, but it is unknown whether he intended to starve to death ...


The court's affairs are too complicated, Cocoa will continue to watch "Huiji Mountain Xiuxian Legend" ...


How did Lingyi know how many, Zhang Wei was a little strange, so wasn't their other spirit people so powerful?

Zhang Wei rushed to speak, because he knew a lot! This is the way kids do, they compete!

Zhang Wei has sorted out Zhang Tianshi's legends and compiled them into his own stories based on the previous narrations of Grandpa, Little Grandpa, Uncle, and Uncle.

After Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu became emperor, the Dongbaishan Taoist family became more integrated into the royal power.

The Zhang Liang family generally complements their descendants with the Liu family. Zhang Daoling is the eighth grandson of Zhang Liang, inheriting the family tradition and learning from childhood.

When I grow up, I have a career that is similar to that of a teacher, but it is a higher level. At the age of almost knowing his fate, he couldn't get used to some traditions at that time, and wanted his ancestor Zhang Liang to travel around the world with Taoists.

At that time, the dynasty was relatively weak. Zhang Daoling's word was supplemented by Han, which fully demonstrated the family's expectations for him, that is, to serve the royal forces well. Therefore, under the premise of the family's sense of responsibility, he took on the role of the strong men Heavy task.

The most important thing is that the Taoist forces in Huiji Mountain are in trouble. The brother-in-law forces of Emperor Guangxiu Liu Xiu want to control the Taoist forces. Liu Xiu's sister marries the Li family. They saw the strength of Taoist forces with their own eyes. Things in the Eastern Han Dynasty were like Lei Guaner, relying on the relatives of the emperor ...

Dongbai Mountain has always been the base of Taoist forces, and its roots are deep-rooted. Based on the excuse that Qin Shihuang excavated his royal power in Quzhou, the aura was a little unstable, and he decided to expand the power outward.

In addition, finding a place suitable for the development of Taoist forces has become a top priority, and it is good for Dongbai Mountain to exist as a hidden force of the royal forces, so Zhang Daoling has entered the stage of history.

Of course, the most important thing is that after the Liu family became emperor, the Taoist forces have always been the eyes of the Emperor forces. Many things in the folk are done by the Taoist family, such as some plagues, disasters, and so on.

Now Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi is another title of Dongbai Mountain. Dongfangmu corresponds to dragon in the Yijing, and Western gold is equivalent to white in the Yijing. The animal corresponds to the tiger, so the dragon corresponds to the east, and the tiger corresponds to the white.

According to Zhang Wei's verbal remarks, Taoist priests are the information system of the royal forces, and Longhu Mountain's role is to connect the Liu family dynasty forces in the Hueiji Mountains and the Liu family royal forces in Ganzhou, Jiangxi.

The Liu family in Hueiji Mountain and the Liu family in Ganzhou, Jiangxi are in the same line as Emperor Guangwu, and the Liu family in Ganzhou, Jiangxi is regarded as an old force in the Western Han Dynasty. The Zhang family is relatively real. Zhang Daoling feels like a fish, so the real purpose of Zhang Daoling is to compete with the Li family for power On the surface, it is the integration of the southern forces for the royal family.

This action was in line with the royal forces, so Zhang Daoling's all actions were strongly supported by the dynasty, Zhang Daoling was also very hard, and his Wang and Zhao's apprentices also cooperated seamlessly.

With the cooperation of the emperor forces, the reputation of the Taoist forces has become stronger, and the Taoist forces have moved from behind the scenes to the front. The ruler also made a name for himself, Zhang Daoling was called Zhang Tianshi.

Of course, there are many folk legends about immortals. Zhang Wei thinks it is better to retain opinions, because after all, it is not in line with the current popular culture. The influence of Taoist forces after Zhang Tianshi became more and more important in the later society, such as Eastern Han Dynasty. Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao rebelled at the end of the year, and Zhang Lu was the best in Han Dynasty.

Later emperors generally did not dare to offend the Taoist family, such as those in the Tang Dynasty, which were quite outrageous. At that time, the more prominent families had to learn Tao at a certain age, which is the Taoist culture in the high society. Is the most common culture.

Zhang Daoling was also sealed off again and again by the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, and the status of Heavenly Master was increasingly deified.

Song, Yuan, and Ming also blocked Zhang Tianshi from being unwilling to fall behind. In fact, they wanted the Taoist forces to serve their rulers, and they did not oppose each other. This all illustrates the terrible existence of Taoist forces.

After Ming Chengzu Zhu Xi became emperor, the former emperor was protected by Taoist forces. Ming Chengzu Zhu Xi finally left it, which fully supported the horrible social status of Taoist forces. Even the expensive emperor has to give up three points.

As soon as Ling came out, she said that it was very fresh, that is, Zhang Daoling was flying through the Eight Immortals Chen Chen. Using the geographical environment of Longhu Mountain, Baxian compiled an air net, so Zhang Tianshi flew up, but Zhang Wei thought the so-called flying up was incredible, but did not say it.

Next, it was very lively. Zhang Wei shared with them Zhang ’s anecdotes in his own language, mainly with his own experience and additions, as well as many good legends. Glittering.

And Huang Baisong also talked about some legends of Zhang Tianshi. He said that there was a disaster, and the Taoist forces were there to save the disaster. Zhang Wei said that this was to win the hearts of the people on behalf of the ruler. When the ruler was not authentic enough, the Taoists would also Disgusting, such as Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao's brothers rebelled.

Hu Zi is not satisfied with the stories of Zhang Wei and Bai Song, because he believes that Zhang Tianshi is a god, and at least he should fly.

Huang Jian pouted and laughed, it should be that someone came out to vent her dissatisfaction for her.

Now they say that they are telling stories. In fact, they ca n’t do anything like chatting with children, because there is really no such thing as Zhang Tianshi ’s story.

Hu Zi later told a legend about the road from Laoshan to Chen Cai. On the road from Laoshan to Xishan, there was a Huanggongtang. In fact, the emperor first lived there. Great characters have appeared. Zhang Wei was enthusiastic as soon as he heard it, because it was his grandmother's house. He heard that the high stride of the Meichuan Mountain was once a building of great power.

In various stories, Zhang Wei discovered a secret that Lingyi's vision and hearing were particularly good. Zhang Wei remembered a trick that Lingyi once taught himself, which was produced in a certain way of watching Lingyi. With inspiration, I found that I made rapid progress and made a surprise!

Zhang Tianshi, who Lingyi just added, can use Feixian Chen Fei to get up, maybe it is really possible! Not because I believe in the legend of Zhang Tianshi, but because I believe in Lingyi, because I have received practical benefits!

The transformation of a person may be a hearing and speaking in the invisible, or a realization in the unintentional. This is the sweetness and bitterness of growth. Sometimes everything is beyond words, because everyone's experience is different. Some people only pay attention to the results, while others value the process.

Zhang Wei is the person who values ​​the process more than the result, because the result is often out of control, and the process can learn lessons. After all, failure is the mother of success, and a mother character shows that failure is an indispensable part of success. , So not afraid of failure is really the top priority of a person.

The things that flew up, if the ancients can really do it, then I believe it should be possible now, Zhang Wei self-consolation.


Coco found that the limitation of the future generation of Xiuxian lies in the absence of snake beads, that is, the extraction of resources cannot be sustained. The volcano in Dongbai Mountain will soon go out. Perhaps the snake that swallowed the sun will not be able to reproduce in Dongbai Mountain ...

Obviously, Wang Mang ’s usurpation of power was due to the decline of the power of the Dongbai Mountain, and the reason must be that the volcano was extinguished and the snake that swallowed the sun could not cultivate the snake beads. It must be planned early ...

In Muchun Villa, cocoa decided to plant precious medicinal materials. Perhaps for the future generations, the development and utilization of herbs is the most practical ...

(End of this chapter)