Little Farm Girl

Chapter 634: Zhou Qi's Marriage

Chapter 634: Zhou Qi's Marriage

"Master Lu?" Zhou Qin did not respond for a moment.

"Weining Hou Shizi, he's here, too," the girl said anxiously.

Upon hearing the five words of Weining Hou Shizi, Zhou Qin looked at it suddenly, and saw Zhou Yunfeng followed by a young man in black, with a handsome face and unparalleled looks.

Her heart beats a little uncontrollably.

This clearly looks like an ideal husband!

When Zhou Yunfeng saw Zhou Qin there, he frowned slightly.

Just about to take Lu Yuheng out of the way, Zhou Qin had already got up, and the models came to Zhou Yunfeng to see Li: "I've seen the uncle, I've seen the son."

When Zhou Yunfeng saw this, what else didn't he understand?

His face was a little dark.

Lu Yuheng nodded slightly, without a wave.

"Uncle, I don't know what this boy is? It seems that I have never seen it before." Zhou Qin saw Zhou Yunfeng didn't mean to introduce it, and asked again.

"Weining Hou Shizi." Zhou Yunfeng said coldly.

Zhou Qin seemed to know it, and hurriedly saluted again: "I have seen the grandfather, please forgive Zhou Qin's ignorance."

"It doesn't matter." Lu Yuheng cherishes words like gold, not even looking at her, "Father-in-law, is the place here?"

"Oh, right here." Lu Yuheng's reaction eased Zhou Yunfeng's face slightly.

"Let's go." Lu Yuheng made a please gesture.

Then he passed straight by Zhou Qin.

Zhou Qin was ashamed, thinking that he could notice Lu Yuheng this way, but unfortunately he could only pay Dongfeng.

Lu Yuheng's eyes never stayed on her face for a moment.

Zhou Qin is also immersed in his own world.

If it weren't for the girl's reminder, she wouldn't have known that Lu Yuheng and Zhou Yunfeng had gone.

She glanced at the aunt severely: "Stupid!"

Yayi bowed her head aggrievedly.

Zhou Qin was angry at the girl-in-law by the shame Lu Yuheng ignored, and reached out to her waist with a stern blow.

The girl was in pain, biting her lip and not dare to make a sound.

After venting his anger, Zhou Qin settled down and turned resolutely to keep up with Lu Yuheng and Zhou Yunfeng.

"What is Shi Zi looking for? Zhou Qin can do the work for him." Zhou Qin volunteered. "No one knows this better than me."

Lu Yuheng's eyes passed a trace of impatience: "No need."

"San girl, you go back to the room, Lord Lu is in trouble, don't bother."

Zhou Yunfeng directly ordered the guests.

Zhou Qin did not seem to hear it, and stood silently no longer speaking.

Zhou Yunfeng was angry.

After Lu Yuheng inspected the jujube tree, he let Zhou Yunfeng take Qiufang's place of residence.

Zhou Qin still kept up.

Qiu Fang is Zhou Qi's eldest sister-in-law, naturally living in Zhou Qi's yard.

So Zhou Qi was not surprised when he saw Zhou Qin following Lu Yuheng and Zhou Yunfeng.

She knew that Zhou Qin was jealous of her and must do everything possible to brush the presence in front of Lu Yuheng.

"Dad, Master Lu." Zhou Qi stepped forward to salute, then looked at Zhou Qin, "Three sisters."

Lu Yuheng's eyes were so cold and gentle, he looked at Zhou Qi with a clear smile in his eyes.

Zhou Qin noticed this, and her hate was itchy, and her heart was jealous and resentful.

"Yu Heng said to go to Qiufang's room to see, why don't you take a way?" Unlike Zhou Shufeng, who claims to be a self-proclaimed family, he does not allow the two of the relatives to get along. He wants Lu Yuheng to know how good Zhou Qi is.

So as not to be used by some people, it will cause unnecessary trouble.

Zhou Yunfeng glanced at Zhou Qin without a trace.

Because the marriage decree had already been issued, Lu Yuheng was already Zhou Qi's fiance, and she could not help feeling a little shy.

If it was normal, she would definitely quit.

But now there is Zhou Qin, who is jealous, and she can't take care of that much.

"Okay, please come with me." Zhou Qi also wanted to give Qiufang a fairness earlier, and don't let Qiufang die in vain.

Zhou Qin stared at Zhou Qi's back, his fists squeezed tightly: this bitch!

However, Lu Yuheng did not have much communication with Zhou Qi. When he arrived at Qiufang's residence, he gathered his smile and searched for clues carefully.

Zhou Qin did not dare to go in and waited outside, even quietly stepping back a few steps.

Seeing Lu Yuheng's posture, Zhou Qin felt cold.

Lu Yuheng stayed at Qiufang's residence and came out.

"How about, did you find it?" Zhou Qi asked urgently.

Lu Yuheng nodded.

Seeing this, Zhou Qin was sweating cold and almost fled.

At this time, Lu Yuheng looked at her intentionally or unintentionally.

As soon as Zhou Qin's legs were soft, she almost fell down.

At this moment, the girl next to Mrs. Zhou came over and said it was to let Zhou Yunfeng pass.

Zhou Qi frowned unhappyly.

This old lady really don't want to be too obvious!

Orally asked Zhou Yunfeng to pass by, but as a junior or her fiance, Lu Yuheng could not go without seeing him.

"Okay, I see." Zhou Yunfeng perfunctoryly said.

"The old lady asked the uncle to go right away." The girl lowered her head.

"I just want to see the old lady, father-in-law might as well be together!" Lu Yuheng said.

"Let's go."

When Zhou Yunfeng heard this, he could only respond.

Zhou Qin breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time received the wink from the girl-in-law.

Zhou Qi followed along to the courtyard of Old Lady Zhou.

The second and third ladies are here, as are Zhou Shu and Guo Xiuli's daughter, not to mention other girls.

One by one dressed up, Mrs. Zhou wanted to grab Zhou Qi's personal relationship.

Zhou Qi was secretly funny.

She knows better than anyone here. Lu Yuheng is not a superficial person. On the contrary, he is very clever, and a pair of seemingly affectionate peach blossom eyes can understand people's hearts.

Think you can hook Lu Yuheng away if you look beautiful?

So long as others in Tongzhou have succeeded, can they get their turn?

After Lu Yuheng saw the ceremony, Zhou Shu followed them, and blessed themselves with shame.

Lu Yuheng: "..."

Where is his fiancee? What are these girls blushing?

"I have heard about Weining Hou Shizi's magnificent appearance and extraordinary manners. I saw it today and it really deserves it." Mrs. Zhou said kindly. These are your sisters and sisters, and you need to take care of them in the future. "

Lu Yuheng said: "They are in trouble, although they told Xiaowu that where they can help, Yuheng will do his best."

Mrs. Chou's face was not bad.

Lu Yuheng didn't seem to see it.

Seeing this, Zhou Shu and others scrambled to introduce themselves.

Even the second and third wives quickly helped out, boasting their daughters like nothing else in the world.

Zhou Yunfeng suddenly turned black.

Lu Yuheng smirked and waited until they had finished speaking, and then said, "I will let my mother pay more attention to the son of Jingcheng. If it is appropriate, then I can help the old lady with palms and eyes. I do n’t know what is required of you?"

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