Little Farm Girl

Chapter 635 As long as Weininghoufu swallows a dumb loss

Chapter 635 As long as Weininghoufu swallows a dumb loss

Mrs. Zhou heard the words, and her face was stagnant.

Zhou Qi almost couldn't help laughing.

If Lu Yuheng casually picked up the tea cup and took a sip of tea, Jun Yan still had a slight smile on his face.

"Is there a good-looking and good-looking brother like Shizi? Except for Xiao Wu, who is a tomboy chair in our family, the other girls are well-educated, and the wife is also able to afford it." Mrs. Zhou swept Zhou Chess at a glance.

Zhou Qi's forehead jumped: this dead old lady.

"The grandmother's words are too worrying. If everyone is at home to enjoy the blessing and no one goes out to make money, who will maintain such a big expense for Zhoufu, how can the silver make the girls dress up?" Zhou Qi slightly lip "Is it cheap, but is it good?"

"Wumei, how can you talk to your grandmother like this? We as juniors, it is taken for granted that we respect the elders." At this time, Zhou Qin, dressed in clothing, came in with a shy gaze on Lu Yuheng's face, and immediately closed. come back.

Zhou Qi smiled indifferently: "So what did the three sisters honor the grandmother? Is it for the grandmother's silver, clothes for the grandmother, or grandmother's jewellery? If you say a thousand words, you might as well do it once!"

Zhou Qin's face changed slightly: "How can Wumei be so vulgar?"

"It ’s vulgar to talk about money? The three older sisters grew up eating wild fruits and drinking dew? Not to mention anything else, you just dress up and down, no less than a thousand and two, without silver, these things are falling from the sky Come down? "

"You make sense!"

"Sister, alive is to live, live, eat, live and live. Leaving aside these talks and flowers, you are not afraid to dream."

"Presumptuous!" Mrs. Zhou was furious, "Who made you talk like this? It really is a person who ran out every day and it is difficult to discipline. Grandpa Shizi must be surprised, this week's heart has run wild, and we as elders have also Can't say. "

"I think the small five words make sense." Lu Yuheng said leisurely, "Only if you have nothing to worry about, you can talk about the wind and the snow, and other common things like silver are indispensable for people to live."


"Presumably Zhoufu is rich and wealthy. I have never seen the days of poor people. When Yuheng was in Changjin County, he deeply felt the importance of silver. Yuheng is also a layman and likes silver."

Lu Yuheng blatantly helped Zhou Qi, making all the people in the room except Zhou Qi's father and daughter completely black.

Zhou Qin couldn't even say a word by Lu Yuheng's words.

She looked at Mrs. Zhou as if for help.

Mrs. Zhou hoped that Zhou Qin would marry Weining Hou to replace Zhou Qi.

Under the circumstances now, naturally she was trying to win Zhou Qin with her old face.

"The third girl is simple in nature, but it is not as good as the fifth girl. The grandfather of the world must laugh at him. Since childhood, the three girl has been trained according to the master and mother.

When this man marries a wife, he should marry such a virtuous helper. The five girls love to figure out how to make money. I feel that it will be better for the third girl to marry Weining Houfu with the five girls ... "


Before the old lady Zhou had finished speaking, Lu Yuheng slammed down the tea cup and interrupted her.

"The old lady said cautiously." Lu Yuheng looked indifferent. "I am married to Emperor Wu Nai. Do you want the girl to marry me on Wednesday to resist her?"

Lu Yuheng's stern gaze made the old lady Zhou fearful.

"Even if I am satisfied, I can no longer find the Zhou family's girl, not to mention that in this life, I only want to marry Zhou Qi, a couple in my life. I just hope that the old lady will say more!"

The blood on Zhou Qin's face faded quickly, and she looked eagerly to land on Yuheng, and her eyes were still crying.

Lu Yuheng didn't even look at her.

"Yu Heng has something to do, go ahead first." Lu Yuheng stood up and arched his hands, turned and walked out.

"Master Lu." Zhou Qin called up his courage and shouted at him. "Zhou Qin doesn't have to be a fame, I just want to accompany the adult, and add red sleeves."

Lu Yuheng paused, but didn't look back, just said lightly: "I'm just a layman, I only think of silver and common things in my heart, and I have no time to take care of the wind and snow."

"Master Lu, I can do anything."

"May you find a good relationship with Jinyu!"

After all, Lu Yuheng didn't go back.

Zhou Qin's tears fell down, and she turned her head to the seemingly non-smiling glance of last week's chess.

Zhou Qin couldn't stand it. He rushed forward and wanted to play Zhou Qi. He was pushed by Zhou Qi and fell to the ground fiercely.

"Zhou Qi, are you going to rebel?" Mrs. Zhou yelled, "Zhou Yunfeng, look at your good daughter!"

Zhou Yunfeng just sneered and said to Zhou Qi: "Let's go."

"Okay, Dad." Zhou Qi followed Zhou Yunfeng, and Shi Shiran left.

"Stop me!" Mrs. Zhou growled behind her.

Both father and daughter turned a deaf ear.

Mrs. Zhou shivered with anger.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Viciously said, "Zhou Qi, this little bitch, is so proud that I want her to not cry immediately."

"You shut up for me." Old Chou yelled at her.

Mrs. reluctantly did not start on Tuesday.

"Give me down, both of you." Old Lady Zhou withdrew everyone and named for Mrs. Zhou and Qin Zhou to stay.

Zhou Shu was very unconvinced, but was timid in the eyes of Mrs. Zhou, and followed everyone away.

"Grandma ..." Zhou Qin cried aggrievedly, "Zhou Qi must have begged the world son to humiliate me like this, grandma, you have to decide for me."

"This matter can't be counted like this, you will wait." Mrs. Zhou, with a dark face, got up and went inside.

Mrs. Zhou held Zhou Qin on Tuesday, comforting her so that Zhou Qin gradually stopped crying.

After a while, Mrs. Zhou came out with two small porcelain bottles, one white and one black.

White handed it to Zhou Qin, and black handed it to Mrs. Tuesday.

"I bought these two bottles of medicine for a lot of money. As long as I take a drop, the chastity virgins will also become prostitutes." The eyelids of Mrs. Zhou looked very vicious, "As for how to use them, It's up to you. "

Zhou Qin firmly held the porcelain bottle in her hand, as if it was her life-saving straw.

"Three girls, whether you can marry into Weininghoufu depends on your own fortune." Mrs. Zhou said, "Those who have achieved great things are not sticky, even if they are in Zhouning as Weiqi, it is worth it. As long as Weininghoufu swallows this dumb loss. "

Zhou Qin understood her meaning.

The thought of the handsome and immaculate young man in Yushu, Zhou Qin blushed and decided to marry him no matter what he did!

In the future, she will be married to her husband and become a fancy woman and become a superior. Such grievances are nothing.

After leaving the old lady's yard, Zhou Qin began to plan the matter.

Lu Yuheng could not stay in Zhoufu for too long. She must seize this opportunity to climb onto Lu Yuheng's bed. At that time, Lu Yuheng could only hold her nose to recognize.

(End of this chapter)