Little Farm Girl

Chapter 636: Evil, Better Than You Girl Wednesday

Chapter 636: Evil, Better Than You Girl Wednesday

Yingqi informed Xie Xiaoning and Zhou Qi about the administration of Mrs. Zhou Qin's mother and daughter.

Xie Xiaoning chuckled out: "I can really count it!"

Zhou Qi snorted coldly: "I claim to be knowledgeable, and the head mother can also afford it. As a result, there will be some tricks, which is really a laugh."

"Don't say it, this trick is bad, but it is their fastest shortcut to Weininghoufu. Can they take the risk without hesitation? It is, the two-room chicken dog rises to the sky."

"What if you lose?"

"Oh, if you fail, you will push your sin on you. You are jealous of her and want to destroy her."

Zhou Qi's face was chilly, and he smiled: "I really can't bear it for a moment. Now that they have given up the opportunity, am I too sorry to miss them?"

"Come on, optimistic about you." Xie Xiaoning patted her on the shoulder, not intending to intervene in this matter, and wanted to see Zhou Qi's house fighting methods.

Although the members of Weining Hou House are simple, there is only one wife in the back yard of Wei Ning Hou, and there is no roommate, but there are too many people to stare at such a promising man as Landing Yuheng!

Zhou Qi's marriage in the past is not worry-free, and it is difficult to guarantee that one day will be calculated by an outsider.

Zhou Qi went out soon.

Yingqi asked Xie Xiaoning: "Are you really not going to help her?"

"If you don't add chaos, you will help." Xie Xiaoning picked up a fresh lychee and peeled it away. This freshly picked lychee was a rarity, juicy and sweet.

"Zhoufu is richer than I thought." Xie Xiaoning said again.

Yingqi looked at Xie Xiaoning and said nothing in silence: Do you have money in your heart? Sigh others? Had it not been for the courage of Donggung to force death to death, the master would have almost brought the storeroom to you!

"I feel you're scolding me." Xie Xiaoning squinted at Ying Qi.



Into the night.

Xie Xiaoning knew that there would be a big show tonight. He brought Lian Yunying 7 specially, took a large bag of melon seeds, candied fruits and fresh fruits and picked Zhou's highest position with the best view.

Ying Qi looked at Xie Xiaoning with some words.

She had never seen such a brazen girl, and she was ready to eat and drink.

"Ama, come sit down and eat together, but I went out to buy it in the evening." Xie Xiaoning still stood there when she saw Yingqi, beckoning her to come over.

Lian Yun smiled: "She is not as high-profile as you are."

"The people who eat melon must have the professional ethics of the people who eat melon. The most respect for them is eating and watching."

"You're right, I'm speechless."

Yingqi listened to Xie Xiaoning's conversation with Lian Yun, and quietly retreated to the dark, covering his body by night.

The dark guard must have the ethics of the dark guard, and being undetected is the greatest respect for the person being stared at.

Seeing this, Xie Xiaoning rested and shouted that Ying Qi came over to eat melons.

What Xie Xiaoning and Lian Yun said was strange to Ying Qi. She could understand every word, but how could she not understand it together?

Gua Zi smashed for more than half, and Zhou Fu's good show finally came on stage.

Xie Xiaoning immediately came to the spirit.

Zhou Qin carried a bowl of bird's nest and came to the yard where Lu Yuheng lived.

The room was still lit by candlelight, and Lu Yuheng sat on the window of the book case and cast it on the window. Zhou Qin took a deep breath.

Thinking of Lu Yuheng's relentless look in the day, Zhou Qin was a little timid.

Considering his handsome and unparalleled looks, his boundless future, and the power of Weining Houfu, Zhou Qin was at a loss.

Without taking this step, she has no chance to marry into Weininghoufu this life.

The servants who waited for Lu Yuheng had been secretly opened. Now in this yard, only Lu Yuheng in the house and Zhou Qin outside are left.

Zhou Qin stepped forward and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A pleasant voice sounded.

Zhou Qin took another deep breath and pushed in.

Lu Yuheng didn't lift his head, still struggling to write, the serious expression, charming beyond words.

Zhou Qin watched.

I probably didn't hear anything. After a while, Lu Yuheng raised his eyes and looked at Qin Zhou's obsessive eyes, passing a trace of impatience: "It's so late, if the girl is fine on Wednesday, please return, lest it be bad Gained Lu's reputation. "

Zhou Qin listened, and it sounded like her reputation was ruined.

She blushed and lifted the bird's nest up: "I heard that Lord Lu is busy with her official duties. This is the bird's nest stewed by Zhou Qin himself, and brought it to her to supplement her body."

Lu Yuheng looked at her: "No, Lu is not hungry."

"Master Lu taste it. This is the one I cooked after an afternoon."


Lu Yuheng chuckled.

Zhou Qin was somewhat inexplicable, but Lu Yuheng smiled really well, making her unconscious.

"I heard that the girl was brought up in accordance with the rules of the mother-in-law on Wednesday?"

"Well, my grandmother felt sorry for me, and she specially brought in the upbringing from the capital city, and also started to let me contact Zhoufu's Zhongfu early. I hope that I can help the husband and wife in the future.

Zhou Qin looked up, looked at Lu Yuheng shyly, and couldn't express the joy in her heart.

Look, she knows that she will not be worse than Zhou Qi, as long as people who are not stupid will choose her instead of Zhou Qi.

"Everybody in Beijing is also raised in this way." Lu Yuheng said.

Zhou Qin's heart beat wildly: "Really?"

"Well, but they are well informed, they will never make it to the outsider's yard by midnight, and they will not be alone in the same room."

Zhou Qin's face brushed white, and her heart fell to the bottom.

She stared at Lu Yuheng stunned, and it was incredible that such a mean words would be spoken from Lu Yuheng.

"Think I'm mean?" Lu Yuheng asked.

Zhou Qin shook his head subconsciously.

"I'm also cruel." Lu Yuheng laughed. "Don't let the rumors mislead, girl on Wednesday."

Zhou Qin heard that fear came flooding her.

She stepped back instinctively.

Lu Yuheng had already lifted the bowl of bird's nest and had a charming smile, but at this time it seemed a bit cold.

"Master Lu, it's getting late, I, I should go back." Zhou Qin wanted to escape.

Lu Yuheng reached out to stop her way: "It is too wasteful to leave without eating such a good thing? Do you know how many people in a bowl of silver in Changjin County can feed?

"I, I don't know."

"So, what I hate most in my life is the wasted person."

"Master Lu ..."

Before Zhou Qin finished speaking, Lu Yuheng pinched her chin and poured the bowl of bird's nest down.

Zhou Qin desperately wanted to spit out, but was just futile and struggling, and was choked by the bird's nest.

"Lu Yuheng, you are an evil spirit!" After Lu Yuheng released Zhou Qin, she fell to the ground, crying, covering her throat.

Lu Yuheng looked down at her condescendingly, "On evil, how can you compare to the girl on Wednesday?"

(End of this chapter)