Little Farm Girl

Chapter 637: Drama

Chapter 637: Drama

Zhou Qin was cold all over, shrinking in horror.

"Afraid?" Lu Yuheng chuckled, "So you're afraid?"

"I know I'm wrong. Lord Lu asks you to let me go. I promise I won't sway in front of you in the future. I'll be hiding from you, please." Zhou Qin banged his head.

"Well, I saw tears when I saw the coffin. Unfortunately, it's too late." Lu Yuheng regretfully said, "If you didn't step into this yard tonight, I might let you go."

"I, I will go right away, and I promise not to leak this out."


Zhou Qin was shaking.

Lu Yuheng laughed so terribly.

"Everyone in your family is thinking of destroying my fiancee. Now, a fluttering sentence will immediately get out of my sight, and I will let you go? You are really business geniuses, so you will catch the wrongdoing."

"Master Lu, I really know that you are wrong. Let me go." The medicine in the bird's nest has begun to take effect, and a wave of enthusiasm came up, making Zhou Qi shocked and afraid.

"You're asking for the wrong person." Lu Yuheng said brutally, "Zhou Qi has given you so many opportunities, you don't take it seriously, and now regret is useless."

Having said that, Lu Yuheng held up his sword and Zhou Qin lost consciousness.

Lu Yuheng mentioned that Zhou Qin left the room, jumped forward, and quickly disappeared into the vast night.

At this time, Zhou Qi's yard was not very flat.

A wretched middle-aged man kneeled in front of Zhou Qi and kept begging for mercy: "Miss Five forgiveness, I was forced by Mrs. Er, if I don't, she will kill my entire family."

The thick liquor on the man made Zhou Qi almost vomit.

Just now, the man attempted to break into her boudoir and behaved against her.

Zhou Qi was well prepared. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he was taken down by an ambush.

In the past two years, she has walked outside and met a lot of martial arts people. In addition, she usually speaks with morality. Whenever there is something, those big brothers come to help.

Even if this Zhou government is under the control of Mrs. Zhou.

Those family members can't stop these high martial arts people!

As for the supplemented bowl of tonic sent by Erfang, she hadn't touched it, and still placed it quietly on the table.

"Miss Five, if you want to calculate the account, just ask the second lady to do it, just treat me as a fart!"

"Cao, your mother, keep your mouth clean for Lao Tzu!" The big-faced Han Han punched the man with two teeth.

"Brother Liu, don't kill him, it will still be useful for a while." Zhou Qi saw Dahan and started to stop it.

The second room gave her such a big gift. If she doesn't send it back, then I'm really sorry for the second room!

Zhou Qi turned into the room, took the bowl of supplements out, and handed them to the man: "Drink, I let you go."


"Can't die, if you don't drink, I'll send you to the government!"

"I drink, I drink ..."

As soon as he heard about going to the government house, the man took it in a hurry and filled it with a breath.

"Fei, please send this person to Chaifang." Zhou Qi said to a small man.

"to make."

Brother Fei raised his palms and stunned the man, and immediately carried him out of Zhou Qi's yard.

Zhou Qi stuffed Brother Liu with two silver tickets: "These brothers are distributed to the brethren, you go down first, there will be fierce bandits later, and you need your help."

Brother Liu was not polite to Zhou Qi, and happily accepted: "Relax, Girl Zhou, Liu will definitely keep your Zhou government tonight."

"Thank you."

Brother Liu arched his hands and turned away with his brother.

Zhou Qi took a deep breath.

In order to grab the family affairs of Weininghoufu, the second room really did everything.

Knowing that Lu Yuheng was in the house, in addition to prescribing the medicine, he did not have the brain to emulate Yang Youyuan Tu Qi's full door, trying to kill their big house!

In these years, she really used to know the size of the old woman's family and thought that the big houses were fools.

Zhou Qi did not go to Chaifang, but Lu Yuheng went.

The man who wanted to defile Zhou Qi and Zhou Qin threw them into the firewood room.

Probably fell hard, the man and Zhou Qin woke up,

The medicinal effect had already begun. The man touched Zhou Qin and had a brutal hair.

The flying brother who originally planned to keep the firewood heard the voice inside, blushed and scolded the grass, and jumped to the tile surface not far away, so as not to hear the movement in the firewood.

"Well, Lord Lu is really a spoiler. Such a delicate girl is thrown to a wretched middle-aged man." Xie Xiaoning sighed deliberately, "Luohua deliberately flows ruthlessly!"

Lian Yun glanced at her: "Is Xiao Wu still your friend? You just want Yuheng to care for her?"

"Isn't I sorry for Zhou Qin? Good dreams turned into nightmares all of a sudden, oh, I wonder if she thinks of going crazy with an old man in the chaifang?"

"That was her fault."

"It really deserves it. Before, I was worried that Xiao Wu's heart was soft and soft. Now it seems ok."

"The second room is also very lively." Lian Yun looked at the direction of the second room yard with a smile.

Zhou Qi asked her for more severe medicine, and cast it in the supper of Erfang, which was a little far from the courtyard of Erfang, and could only hear the voice from there.

As for who suffered, it is unknown.

The enhanced version of her drug is not a joke.

Yingqi Youyou said: "The scene was once chaotic."

The ear is too good, and the whole movement of Zhoufu fell into her ears.

Confusion is not enough to describe, it should be messy, all messy.

I don't know who and who.

"Big play!" Xie Xiaoning and Lian Yun looked at each other, and they saw excitement in each other's eyes.

It's a pity that excitement returns to excitement, but they are not interested in watching the live version of that spicy eye.

"Come here." At this moment, Yingqi suddenly jumped out a sentence without a word.

Xie Xiaoning stood up and, under the cover of night, a group of people in black quietly surrounded Zhoufu.

They pushed the front door and back door of Zhoufu without any effort, apparently someone had left them in advance.

"After watching the show, it's our turn to play!" Xie Xiaoning moved his wrist and smiled authentically.

However, the next moment the group of people in black entered Zhoufu, a sudden rush of horseshoes sounded in the street, completely surrounding Zhoufu.

Then, Zhou Fu staged a show where evil was crushed by justice.

The screaming movements stunned Zhou's neighbors, and sent people to see what was going on.

As soon as the door was opened, he saw a forest-covered Lincheng guard who was so scared that he hurriedly closed the door and did not dare to ask questions.

After Xu Wei controlled the group of men in black, Lin Cheng's assassination history and Qianhu personally entered Zhoufu.

Then they witnessed an unsightly picture.

(End of this chapter)