Little Farm Girl

Chapter 638: Inside

Chapter 638: Inside

Zhou's second room was messed up ... This thorny history and Qianhu are considered to be well-informed. Seeing that they still vomited dark on the spot, they were finally helped by officers and men.

Xie Xiaoning and Lian Yun laughed out of breath.

The ancients' mental capacity was too poor, and even this kind of small storms could force them to this extent.

Ying Qi looked at the gloating two, silently.

Because Lin Cheng's assassination history and thousands of households did not bother, Lu Yuheng was forced to come out and act as the principal.

His method was simple and rude, letting people go to the wells to get cold water and splash them on them.

The old Mrs. Zhou, who was dominated by medicine, woke up slowly.

When they found out what they were doing, they almost collapsed on the spot.

Xi Wei received Lu Yuheng's order and rushed in to tie them up.

Those in black who tried to kill Zhou Qi's family were also annihilated.

"Lu Yuheng, you beast!" Mrs. Zhou saw Lu Yuheng and yelled, "You are deceived by Zhou Qi's bitch, and you have created this kind of disregard for human relations. You must not die, you must sacrifice your grandchildren."

"Insulting the imperial court officials, applaud." Lu Yuheng said lightly.

A guard came up and opened his bow.

Mrs. Zhou screamed, her face swelled when she saw it.

Lu Yuheng watched coldly, unmoved.

He didn't stop until Old Lady Zhou couldn't call out.

This move was not only to make the people in the second room of Zhou's house chill, but even when the Wei guards met, they also felt cold.

The youngest assassination of Da Liang is so cruel, and Mrs. Chou is also the grandmother of his fiancee, without leaving a trace of affection.

"What's the matter, wait until the public hall to say it all, put it back and go to jail." Lu Yuheng ordered in a deep voice.

"Why do you want to do this?" Mrs. Tu's eyes were cracked on Tuesday, and she looked anxious to eat Lu Yuheng.

"You asked my official, who did my official ask?" Lu Yuheng asked, "My official was almost assassinated, and the murderer thought you bought the murderer."

"Stigma, all stigma, Lu Yuheng, you are astonished by the history of Tongzhou assassination.

"Slap the officer."

On Tuesday, Mrs. Zhou followed in the footsteps of the old lady and was swollen with cheeks.

The people in the second room were guilty, and no one dared to speak or resist, and was taken back to the prison by the guards with a look of fear.

Except for those who were loyal to the Zhou family's big house, those in the second and third bedrooms were hit by a net tonight.

Lin Cheng sent so many puppet guards, naturally, he awakened most of the people in the city.

After dawn, the Zhou family's affairs have been widely known.

Zhou Qin, who was locked in the chaifang, was deliberately ignored by Lu Yuheng.

When she woke up, she felt pain all over.

The sound of thunder in his ears made Zhou Qin slowly turn her head in horror.

She screamed hysterically when she saw the old, ugly and insignificant man.

The man was awakened by her, and when he opened his eyes, he thought he was sleeping in a beauty, and he could not help grinning at Zhou Qin, revealing his yellow teeth.

"Ah ..." Zhou Qin collapsed, grabbed it, caught the axe, and smashed the man's head with all his might.

Blood splattered.

The man's eyes narrowed and he immediately lost his breath.

And Zhou Qin was crazy, smashing desperately.

When people heard the sound, when they opened the firewood room, they were screamed in shock.

"Zhou Qi, I'm going to kill you!" Zhou Qin roared with a hissing noise, rushing out, grabbing the axe.

Seeing the situation, Fei also fled: "Not good, Miss Three killed, help!"

Zhou Qin, who was mad, was quickly kicked by Ying Qi, who was rushed to the ground, and fell unconscious when she fell to the wall.

Looking at the tragic situation in Chaifang, Ying Qi did not let Zhou Qi and Xie Xiaoning go in: "Don't look at this, the girl will have nightmares."

Xie Xiaoning didn't take it for granted. What death method had she never seen?

However, as a little girl, she was not too sturdy to scare the prince of the Crown Prince.

The government soon came, surveyed the murder scene, and quickly determined that the murderer was Zhou Qin, took Zhou Qin away, and also converged the man's body.

Lin Chengfu also rose to court and interrogated Zhou's second and third bedrooms.

Those in black didn't bother the government, they identified that they had received the money of the master on Tuesday, and they wanted to kill Zhou Yunfeng's family of three and blood-wash Zhou's house.

On Tuesday, the old man denied that he bit back Zhou Yunfeng, saying that it was Zhou Yunfeng who had set up a tactic to monopolize the property of the Zhou family.

As a result, the black man took out physical evidence, leaving Zhou's second room dumb.

Although Lin Cheng's assassination history is the same as Lu Yuheng's official rank, Nai He still has the title of Weining Hou Shizi, and he is still the same Prince. Lu Yuheng hinted that Assassination History tried the case publicly.

Therefore, the third floor and the third floor outside the palace are surrounded by ordinary people.

The second room and the big room of the Zhou family are two extremes. The big room is happy and kind, and the second room is plucked.

After hearing the case last night, Zhou Yunfeng sued Guo Chao again.

When the old Mrs. Zhou heard the name Guo Chao, she still passed out on the spot.

The people saw the uproar.

Gishi shot the gavel: "There must be no noise above the public hall, be quiet!"

"Mighty." Wu Yi shouted on the stick.

Quiet immediately outside the hall.

Guo Chao was arrested somehow last night, this will come to the suppressed public hall, can not help but have a while.

Zhou Yunfeng sued Guo Chao and his old wife Zhou to murder his father.

"Zhou Yunfeng, you are shameless!" The master yelled on Tuesday, "Where is my mother sorry for you, you are so bloody!"

"The Cao Min asked the adult to open the coffin, and asked whether to check whether his father died of poisoning." Zhou Yunfeng nodded.

Guo Chao, who knew how Mr. Zhou died, heard the words of Zhou Yunfeng, and his soul fell away.

In these years, because his wife and children are in Zhoufu, he has also lived a good life with pride and respect.

Once convicted, not only is there no good life, even life is taken up!

Almost instantly, Guo Chao made a choice.

He reconsidered the remarriage of Jiang's grandfather Zhou with his child, and shaped himself into a poor man abandoned by his wife. Later, because of his daughter, he came and went as a cousin.

"Father Zhou's death has nothing to do with Cao Min. All of them were done by Jiang. Cao Min once advised her, but she didn't listen to Cao Min's words. Cao Min was afraid and didn't dare to sue. Please ask Master Qingtian!

Such a hot gossip, from Guo Chao's mouth, made the people on the outside watching boil.

Zhou Yunfeng was scarred.

"This is stigmatization, begging the master to be aware of it." The master panicked on Tuesday and banged his head. "The surname of Caomin is Zhou, and this person has nothing to do with him.

"Drop blood to recognize your relatives!" The crowd didn't know who shouted.

Tsang Shi angry shot gavel.

The master also suggested that Shishi do this.

Lu Yuheng smiled coldly.

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