After Wearing The Book, I Became The Prime Minister's Cannon Fodder.

Chapter 439 Chapter 439: Huo Yiyi

Chapter 439 Chapter 439: Huo Yiyi

Especially before, he always prevented Huo Yuyu from seeking Cheng Ningning.

Because of something in his heart, Huo Yiyi's eyes were very deep, and the dark tide was turbulent, like a black vortex without seeing the bottom.

Huo Yuyu was embarrassed. "Big ... brother ... have I done something wrong ..."

In Kyoto City, Huo Yuyu dragged the sky, and the person who was most afraid was Huo Yiyi.

"Where did you meet Cheng Ningning before?"

Huo Yiyi's inquiry made Huo Yuyu's thriller instantaneously stuck, and there was a feeling of misreading, "What?"

"Where did you meet Cheng Ningning before?" Huo Yiyi asked again patiently.

Huo Yuyu knew this time that he heard it right, but he always kept himself away from Cheng Ningning's elder brother. Why did he ask this suddenly?

Suddenly thought of something, Huo Yuyu was anxious, "Brother, has Cheng Ningning offended you? That woman is not bad. She also helped us before. She just poisoned her mouth. Brother, don't take it to heart."

Looking at Huo Yuyu who was anxious to defend Cheng Ningning, Huo Yiyi suddenly understood something.

At first, he thought that Huo Yuyu liked Cheng Ningning, but he observed it. He didn't like it, but he didn't like it, but he seemed very close. Before he thought it might be Cheng Ningning, but now he doesn't think so.

"She didn't offend me. I'll check something. You tell me."

Cheng Ningning can't judge everything by his looks. Although he can judge almost everything, he has to check.

"What do you want to check?" Huo Yuyu was wary.

"Do not hurt her."

Huo Yiyi always talks, and if he doesn't hurt, he doesn't hurt, but Huo Yuyu can't help but spit out, "I didn't say you want to hurt her."

"Tell me where did you meet her?"

"Yunshan Town in Qi County, but I heard she said she belongs to Taoyuan Village in Yunshan Town. I don't know anything else."

"I know."

"Brother, don't hurt her, then Gu Qin can protect her, then Gu Qin is not a fuel-saving lamp, don't provoke him. Although you are not afraid of your brother, don't you often say that it is better to have one friend than one enemy. Those fools outside said that Gu Qin was promoted because he had lost the luck of Du Ruofeng, and he did not want to think that people rely on luck. That was because the imperial examination was in front of Du Ruofeng. I ’ve been caught by the handles and kicked out, one by one, without brains? ”

Huo Yuyu has long wanted to vomit, but his elder brother meant that both sides are good, so that he would not mingle with Gu Qin Cheng Ningning, he has never said anything. Since the elder brother said this, he could not help but utter a few words, this Doing it for a few days, weird.

"I know, I have a sense, you go."

"Then I'm leaving." He's going to buy a bird.

He said, Huo Yuyu turned around and left. Just after he reached the door of the room, Huo Yiyi's voice came back behind him, "Wait a minute."

Huo Yuyu subconsciously stopped and turned to look back at Weidou Huoyi.

"In the future ..." Huo Yiyi, who wanted to speak sharply, was hesitant. "In the future, if you want to go to her, just go."

Combining the words just now, Huo Yuyu instantly understood Huo Yiyi's words, but there was no surprise, only doubt, "Brother, do you have anything to hide from me? Why did you suddenly ask me to play with her? Don't worry about it?"

Huo Yuyu is playful, not a fool, especially for his elder brother, he obviously feels different.

"Did something happen at the banquet today and you changed your mind?"

Huo Yuyu thought about it. His elder brother was fine before going out, and changed after he returned. He even got him back when he went out to play.

"I'm not sure. When I find out and tell you, you don't have to do anything deliberately. If you meet her, look for her."

Huo Yiyi did not hide it, but he did not say clearly that although he has a certain degree of confidence, Hashi depends on the evidence. This is his habit of doing things for many years, and he will have to show evidence when he seeks her. Persuasive.

"Okay." Huo Yuyu didn't continue to ask, "Remember to tell me if there is a result." Although he didn't know what the result was, "It's not suitable for me to look for her deliberately for so long. Let's do it first. Save the woman smug, with a mouth, really ... "

Huo Yuyu really has fresh memories, Cheng Ningning's mouth is too poisonous.

After a while, Huo Yuyu didn't say anything, left his hand and turned away.

Huo Yiyi went into contemplation, and soon summoned people to command the task.


Gu Yulian and Gu Yuzhu had not been invited by Cheng Ningning to the banquet in her house before, and they kept suffocating. Their mother said they would clean up Cheng Ningning, and they just kept it.

Sure enough, until today's good opportunity, and my aunt also promised to do something, she even told them not to mess around, otherwise they would be dragged into the water.

Aunty shot, of course they listened, and this is the Prime Minister's House, they dare not mess around, otherwise the aunt will get angry.

Something happened, but Cheng Ningning had nothing. Gu Yuzhu and Gu Yulian were really dissatisfied. They went to see their aunt, but her aunt was not a guest, so she had to take a breath and follow their mother away.

"Mother, what does Aunt mean? It doesn't mean to help us, then how can Cheng Ningning have nothing at all?" Gu Yuzhu was not convinced.

"That is, mother, why isn't she unlucky?" Gu Yulian followed.

Gu Wei and herself passed the affair this time, and before they left, they also asked for first aid. Although Madam Jin Anguo was annoyed, she couldn't, but Cheng Ningning was too cunning.

"Don't worry, this time and next time, the mother still doesn't believe what spray she can turn out?" Mrs. Jin Anguo gave the two sisters a peace of mind.

"When is this going?" Gu Yuzhu was impatient.

"Yes, when?" Gu Yulian repeated.

"What's the anxiety, my mother didn't teach you, you need to be calm. How can you be a master in the future, and you're too embarrassed. When your father is optimistic about him, he will marry, don't frizz. In this way, how will you fight for your favor and learn from your sister? "

At first Gu Yuzhu didn't respond. When she heard the words of her elder sister, she immediately poked, "My elder sister is a concubine, and I am not."

"Who told you to give birth late? Did the mother not let you go to the palace?" Mrs. Jin Anguo was not afraid of running her daughter.

"Okay, I know. Mother, you have to remember to avenge me." Although Gu Yuzhu is not good, she also knows that her mother is her own support.

"Mother remembers." Gu Yuzhu's obedience, Madam Jin Anguo liked it the most.


Emperor Ji Chengyi knew about Cheng Ningning's medical skills and worshipping under Wei Lao's door. After all, he had investigated Gu Qin, but he didn't take it to heart. After all, his focus was on Gu Qin.

(End of this chapter)