After Wearing The Book, I Became The Prime Minister's Cannon Fodder.

Chapter 440 Chapter 440: Next Time Lets You Sleep Until Dark

Chapter 440 Chapter 440: Next Time Lets You Sleep Until Dark

But in this incident in the Prime Minister ’s House, Cheng Ningning ’s hand really made Ji Chengyu hate not being able to watch it on the scene. In addition, he got some reports about Cheng Ningning before. Ji Chengyi only thought that Cheng Ningning was very interesting, and some could not help but want to see See it at first to see what kind of woman this is.

It's just that it's not appropriate for the king to pretend to see the minister's wife, and it's not the right time, but I really want to see it, it's really interesting.

"It's a pity that Gu Qin didn't get into trouble with the Jin'an government." It's one thing to want to see Cheng Ningning, but this doesn't prevent Ji Chengzhen from taking Gu Qin as a sword. "But it doesn't matter, Jin'an Guogong married the woman There is no rest at all, and trouble is sooner or later. I really look forward to it. "

Ji Chengzheng This is obviously not a big deal to watch a movie.

"And this Gu Wei, this time I ate a cricket, I definitely have to do it. This is a person who doesn't suffer. So if I want to have a banquet, put them all in the palace and let Shu Fei again Play it? "

In the Imperial Study Room, besides Ji Chengyu, there was only his close eunuch, Changde, and Changde stood there with his eyes, nose and nose, without saying a word.

"This Gu Qin level is still too low to even participate in the palace banquet, so he is one level behind, isn't he looking for a way to promote him and go to the cabinet ..."

"Your Majesty, rising too fast is not good for Gu No. 1. He has just arrived, and his foundation is unstable. He is not stable in the cabinet." Seeing Ji Chengxuan's more and more outrageous, Changde had to speak, he might be scolded and might be jailed, But he didn't ask the Emperor Hu to come, and he had to die afterwards.

"Hey, I mean."

Changde shut up.

"It's really anxious to wait another two and a half years. Forget it, after so many years, it's not worse than two and a half years ..."


In the four seasons of the year, the least banquet in your circle is winter, because it is cold and everyone is unwilling to come out.

Unless it is a matter of seriousness, if it is fun or something, almost no one posts this post, because everyone is not willing to go out.

So even if you want to find trouble, you still have to wait until the next spring.

After all, there is a reason to look for trouble. Your circle has always been friendly and turbulent in private.

And it is now November, more than a month before the New Year, and nothing is more important than the New Year's Palace feast more than a month later.

So that following the promotion of Gu Qin and Du Ruofeng, the Kyoto area was surprisingly peaceful.

The heavenly dynasty is still very human. Seeing that the new year is approaching, all the civil and military officials are on vacation, and there is no need to go to work or go to the dynasty for ten days.

The approaching of the new year brings a joyous atmosphere throughout Kyoto, leaving people at home to go out regardless of the cold in winter.

Today is the first day of Gu Qin's holiday. It is only the first day. I was entangled with Cheng Ningning for half a night last night, so that today Ning Ning sleeps to three strokes a day.

Looking at the sun in the middle of the house, Cheng Ningning no longer wanted to speak, what can he say? She hasn't seen anyone for a long time, no, it should be said that shameless practice is shameless. Who knows this is the first time.

"Ningning, I was wrong."

Cheng Ningning didn't say anything, but Gu Qin knew that he had gone too far last night, and he directly acknowledged the mistake.

This is not the first time such a thing has been cut and played, Gu Qin has come to his rescue.

"Hehe ..." Cheng Ningning laughed twice without smiling, without turning his head.

"Ningning, I was wrong, and I promise next time ..." Gu Qin stopped talking about this.

Cheng Ningning, who did not want to talk about it, saw that he was silent and turned his head, "What about next time?"

"Next time let you sleep until dark."


"I ..." After seeing Cheng Ningning, Gu Qin wanted to say I was joking, but ...

"Don't wait for the next time. Let's continue this time. I haven't gotten up anyway, and it's already three strokes a day. I've lost my face." Said Cheng Ningning rushed back to Gu Qin's body and pulled him. The blouse, when it was really pulled, revealed most of its chest.

Cheng Ningning moved too fast. When Gu Qin responded, he had become the 'little pitiful' being bullied, but he was not struggling, but he looked like he was waiting for picking. "Then there is Mrs. Lau."

Cheng Ningning found that he was really worse than Gu Qin than shameless. Now he slaps Gu Qin's face and says, "You are so beautiful."

It was said that the quilt would be lifted to the ground, but Gu Qin grabbed his waist from behind. "I just want beauty, Ning Ning. I didn't turn my bow and didn't take it halfway."

"..." What did she do, just tore his clothes? "Okay, I'm not saying that we should go shopping today to buy, don't make a noise."

"No rush, it's the same tomorrow, Ning Ning, you have such a rare interest, how can your husband not stay with you?"

Cheng Ningning felt that Gu Qin's hand had penetrated into her shirt. Was this a stone of her own foot?

"I'm hungry. I want to get up for dinner."

"eat me……"


"Ningning ..."

With this call, Gu Qin had kissed Cheng Ningning's back neck, and the daughter-in-law asked, how could he not be satisfied?

Cheng Ningning wanted to resist, but for so long the couple, Gu Qin knew where the weakness of her submission had long been, so in this morning, she hit her own and sent herself to the tiger mouth to be eaten again ... ...

Cheng Ningning, who was still a little bit of energy, really didn't want to move at all after such a meal.

Fully guilty, Gu Qin was so guilty that he said, "I'll get you some food." As he said, he quickly put on his shirt.

"Don't eat rice porridge, I want to eat pastry." Cheng Ningning lay lazily on the bed and asked.

"it is good."


It was noon when we went out, and the sun was just warm.

The streets were crowded with people.

Some people come out for fun, while others come out for New Year's products.

When I was in Qixian, I didn't do the New Year's Eve, but it was completely unknown compared to Kyoto at the foot of the Imperial City.

Maybe there are many people, and maybe the afternoon sun is good, but it is not cold.

And this afternoon is very suitable for couples shopping together to buy New Year's goods.

What Cheng Ningning buys most is food. After all, in the New Year, almost everyone does not go out, and the food at home must be supplemented no matter what.

I have to say that the cuisine of Kyoto is really endless.

"I think it's a shame that he cannot come to Kyoto. He likes to eat so much. This place is just a paradise for food." Cheng Ningning couldn't help but sigh.

"Probably freedom is more important to him."

"Also, freedom is the most priceless, and food is everywhere."



Kyoto is quite big. It takes a long time to walk down a street.

But it was quite small, so small that I ran into the street to meet acquaintances.

If the relationship is particularly good, it just happens ...

(End of this chapter)