After Wearing The Book, I Became The Prime Minister's Cannon Fodder.

Chapter 441 Chapter 441: Is Your Way?

Chapter 441 Chapter 441: Is Your Way?

"Brother." Cheng Ningning took the lead in speaking this time. Although it had been more than a month since the last incident in the Prime Minister's House, she kept it in her heart.

She didn't go to him specifically, so she kept it in her heart.

"Sister." Wei Yixiu stopped and responded, looking a little alienated from the last time he met on the street.

"Thank you for your visit to the Prime Minister's House last time, but I have not been able to ask you to thank you in person." Although she may not necessarily need it, the other party has shot it, and she has to bear it.

"Everything you need to do is keep your sister safe, don't worry about it."

"Isn't the younger brother coming home for the New Year?" Cheng Ningning also didn't say a word of thanks. After all, she is no longer in a disadvantaged position now. Instead of thanking her by mouth, it is better to express her thanks when she needs it.

"The road is long and the holidays are not enough." Of course, this is an excuse.

"Is Master back recently?" Wei Yixiu knew that she lived in Wei's house.

"It is said that it will take years, but the time is uncertain."


Speaking of which, there seems to be nothing to say between the two.

"Shen Fu, accompany his wife to take a look at the front." Gu Qin spoke at this time, and the opening was to let Shen Fu take Cheng Ningning away.

For more than a month, Gu Qin did not deliberately go to Wei Yixiu, but he knew that sooner or later he would run into it, and when it happened, he was at will.

Cheng Ningning did not refuse, signaled farewell to Wei Yixiu, and staggered to walk with Shen Fu toward the stall in front of the street.

"Purpose, you are not as enthusiastic as you are." Gu Qin didn't meander.

"A friend is better than an enemy." Wei Yixiu didn't meander.

"Do you think we are good friends?"

"Nothing is inappropriate. Common interest, don't you think?"

In business words, business words eased Gu Qin's eyes slightly, but only a little.

"I'm not in a good situation right now, you're suffering with me."

"I think the prospect is good, my own choice."

Gu Qin fixedly watched Wei Yixiu for a moment, and then, "I still want to accompany Ning Ning to go shopping and say goodbye." Gu Qin did not continue, leaving behind such a sentence and missed Wei Yixiu walking towards Cheng Ningning not far away.

Wei Yixiu stood still for a while, then proceeded forward.

When Gu Qin came to Cheng Ningning, Cheng Ningning and Shen Fu were choosing the buns on the street. They were carved in wood and very delicate. Cheng Ningning liked it.

When the shadow struck, Cheng Ningning looked up subconsciously and saw Gu Qin, then looked back again, "What did you talk to Wei Yixiu?"

"Ask him for his purpose."

Gu Qin's sentence provoked Cheng Ningning's lowered head and turned back, "Is this so direct?"

"Nothing to turn around."

"What did he say?"

"mutual benefit."

"Also directly."

"Want to buy?" Gu Qin did not continue the topic, but changed the topic.

"Buy, I like it, but it's a bit tangled. I don't know which one looks good, or should you help me choose?"

"No, buy it if you like it, just use it instead."

"..." also seems to make sense, "these are all needed." Cheng Ningning immediately tangled, and said something to the boss.

"Anyway, a total of one or two dollars, Madam, wrap them up for you."

A few wooden rafters are so expensive. The price in Kyoto is really not covered, but it is also exquisite.

"This hand string sent me, I bought so much." Reason is such a reason, but how can there be no reason to buy things.

"Ma'am, this ..."

"Give me everything, don't give me ..."

"Okay, ma'am, my wife will be here next time." The boss is also a business person, and he should wait for Cheng Ningning to finish speaking.

Cheng Ningning handed things over.

It was Shen Fu who took over, and it was also Shen Fu who paid.

Mu Ningzi Cheng Ningning didn't insert it into his head, but put the string of wooden bracelets on his hands, and then dangled in front of Gu Qin's eyes, "Can't you see?"

"It looks good. Everything you wear looks good."

Cheng Ningning gave Gu Qin a glance, but his mouth hung up happily, and no woman did not like to listen to sweet talk.


"Oops, some people say that she is sore and does n’t admit it. Whose jewelry is either gold, silver or jade, and the first time I saw someone wearing wooden, hey, it ’s really a laugh, so poor It's useless to argue. "

"Yes, it is."

Cheng Ningning thinks that she probably didn't read the yellow calendar when she went out today. This time, she really has a narrow road. If she meets anyone who is not good, she will have to meet her sister Gu.

"Sangong, let's change the clothes for another family. I don't like the clothes in this family."

I wanted to buy two new clothes in the clothing store. Now Cheng Ningning does n’t want to buy them. Although I do n’t like sisters Gu, but this is not a wayward place. I ca n’t afford conflict but I ca n’t afford conflict. Evidence cannot be blamed on the heads of Sister Gu's family.

"Okay." Gu Qin should do whatever Cheng Ningning said.

Seeing that Gu Qin and Cheng Ningning were leaving, Gu Yuzhu, who was only a sandy instrument, was quitting, so it was so easy to catch an opportunity. How could he let people go?

When I swiped it, I rushed to Gu Qin and Cheng Ningning and stopped.

"Miss Gu, you're blocking the way, letting you bother." Ming Huanghuang stopped in front of him. Cheng Ningning couldn't think he hadn't seen it.

"Is the road yours? I love standing here." Gu Yuzhu held her head high, like a peacock who had always felt most beautiful about herself.

"Yes, is the road yours?" When Gu Yuzhu was there, there must be a follower Gu Yulian, but it was only two steps slower.

"Then you stand here slowly." After that, Cheng Ningning pulled Gu Qin and went directly to the other side to go out.

Gu Yulian had to stop again when she saw this. At this time, a call was heard outside the door, "Sister Cheng."

Cheng Ningning heard the sound and saw Xu Rongrong.

"Sister Xu." Cheng Ningning responded immediately.

Gu Yulian didn't expect to meet an acquaintance, and she stopped to stop. Cheng Ningning said hello or took the opportunity to pull Gu Qin to the clothing store.

Xu Rongrong just didn't notice Gu Qin. At this moment, when he saw Cheng Ningning came out and pulled Gu Qin, he froze for a moment. I don't know if he saw Gu Qin for a moment, or saw the hands they held together.

It is rare for a husband to accompany his wife to go shopping, not to mention such close and intimate involvement. Not only has she never seen it, but most of them are civilians, and it is the first time that the official family has met.

"This is my prime minister and Gu Qin." When walking to Xu Rongrong, Cheng Ningning introduced Gu Qin first. "This is Xu Rongrong, the daughter-in-law of Guanglu Temple." Cheng Ningning also introduced Xu Rongrong.

Gu Qin actually knew who Xu Rongrong was when Cheng Ningning called Sister Xu.

(End of this chapter)