After Wearing The Book, I Became The Prime Minister's Cannon Fodder.

Chapter 442 Chapter 442: Watch a play and pay for a meal

Chapter 442 Chapter 442: Watch a play and pay for a meal

"Mrs. Liu Shao." Guanglu Temple's surname is Liu, Gu Qin knows, and married women are usually named by their husbands.

"Gu Gongzi." Not in officialdom, Xu Rongrong directly matched his son.

This is a greeting to each other.

"Sister Xu, don't you look good, haven't you had a good night's sleep?" Xu Rongrong's complexion was so obvious that Cheng Ningning couldn't turn a blind eye.

"Are you there?" Xu Rongrong raised her hand subconsciously and touched her face, a slight wry smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, but it was fleeting, "Maybe I've been busy recently, isn't this about Chinese New Year? I'm busy buying New Year's products, and I still have to follow When my mother-in-law enters the palace for a feast, she sleeps less. "

"Sleep is not good for your health. Sister Xu must remember to take care of her when she goes back."

"Okay." Xu Rongrong responded with a smile, "I just saw you say hello and don't bother you, just do whatever you want, I just want to buy something."

"Okay, let's get together again in Kaichun." Cheng Ningning was also polite and said Gu Qin and left.

Seeing that Cheng Ningning was gone, Xu Rongrong walked towards Gu Yulian and Gu Yuzhu who were still in the store. They bumped into each other and greeted them. She did not have the courage of Cheng Ningning's banquet.

Gu Yuzhu's face was not good. At the moment, it was better to see Xu Rongrong coming, and she was not too embarrassed. After all, Xu Rongrong and Cheng Ningning were not the same.


Xu Rongrong's affairs, Cheng Ningning did not take too much of her mind, other people's affairs can not take care of her.

After separating from Xu Rongrong, what should Cheng Ningning buy and buy, and pulled Gu Qin together, unhappy.

"A fight, a fight ..."

"Who and who?"


"For what?"

Seeing that it was getting late, Cheng Ningning had just planned to tell Gu Qin to go home. The crowd suddenly surged and mixed with noisy shouts.

Gu Qin guarded Cheng Ningning in the middle of the road and retreated to the side of the road.

The crowd is surging forward. After all, the good people are not one or two people. In this world, there are many people who don't care too much about the fun.

Especially at the foot of Kyoto, a big melon is eaten.

"Should we go and see?" Standing on the street, Cheng Ningning turned to look at Gu Qin, "This movement is quite big."

"Want to see?" There was no slight change on Gu Qin's face.

"I didn't really want to see it, but it happened to be on the scene. What if it was lively? Isn't it very annoying to listen to people?"

"Too many people, a little crowded. It used to hurt."

"So, let's go, let's go home."

Gu Qin didn't say anything, but instead pulled Cheng Ningning back and walked along the side of the street for a few steps, and then went straight into a corner.

Cheng Ningning was a little hesitant, "Aren't you going home?"

"Don't you want to watch the fun?"

"What are we going into the restaurant?" This is a restaurant here, Cheng Ningning still knows, just saw it on the side of the road.

Gu Qin didn't answer, Cheng Ningning didn't continue to ask, so she let Gu Qin pull her all the way into the elegant room on the second floor, and then opened the window.

The room was just around the corner, and the messy street in the line of sight and the street behind it were clearly visible.

You don't need to ask anything, there are two people fighting in the sight. You hit me with one punch, and you really stabbed to death.

"Are there any resentments? Fighting is so fierce?" It was the first time to see a fight, and Cheng Ningning couldn't help sighing.

"Although it is a sister-in-law, it is the son of Shangbu Shangshu. It's a good show to fight someone for a woman outside."

As soon as Cheng Ningning finished booing, there was an argument going downstairs.

Cheng Ningning feels familiar with this identity.

"The other is not bad. The son of the servant of the Ministry of Industry is still a bitch."

"What kind of celestial beings did you say caused these two men to fight?"

"What is immortal, I heard that it is Lan Yuege's new top card."

"Oh, it's going to be a New Year for a prostitute. It really adds color to the two!"

"Isn't it?"

Cheng Ningning didn't know the people who were fighting, but some people in Kyoto knew it, and he just exploded the identity of the two who hated to kill each other without a few words.

"Why am I familiar with this son of the Ministry of Shangshu?" Cheng Ningning said slightly in confusion.

"Hushang Shangshu bitch, Xu Pingping's husband."

After the name Xu Pingping was mentioned, Cheng Ningning immediately remembered, "It turned out to be him?" After speaking, he felt wrong, and stared at Gu Qin, "How do you remember so clearly?"

Gu Qin Aiji held people in his arms, "How can I not remember who bullied you."

Cheng Ningning gave this answer a perfect score, and decisively turned to continue to look at the mess that is not far away, "Who is the other person, can you know?"

"The son of the minister of the Ministry of Industry, the younger brother of Wang Qianqian."

Cheng Ningning only asked a random question, but Gu Qin really did not know, but after listening, "how did the two fight, how am I lucky?" Cheng Ningning couldn't help but wonder.

Gu Qin Hei Shen's eyes flashed, slightly tightening his hand holding Cheng Ningning.


Cheng Ningning did not continue to struggle, "This young brother of Wang Qianqian ..."

"Wang Qianqian was not born that day, that is, Wang Qiao's. She lost her mother at an early age. Her mother was gone shortly after she was born. That was a stepmother. This younger brother was born to her stepmother. She was one year younger than her. Her stepmother was not nice to her. "

"No wonder I felt weird that day. That Wang Qianqian's mother didn't seem to care about her very much. It turned out to be that way." After that day, Cheng Ningning didn't deliberately do anything, or she was powerless. What can she do, here It is a rich and powerful Kyoto, and what you want to do is to produce evidence, not, "What do you say this will develop in the future?"

"It may sink into the sea, or it may ferment into a big event, depending on the subsequent development."

"It's all fighting, and is it going to follow?"

"Things between powers are far from being completed by a fight."


At this time there was a knock behind the door, interrupting Cheng Ningning's words.

Shen Fu opened the door, and Xiao Er delivered the meal.

"Let's eat, go back after eating, and don't have to eat at night." Gu Qindang pulled down Cheng Ningning and sat at the table. Fortunately, the table was also leaning against the window.

"OK." Cheng Ningning did not refuse.

Xiao Er's movement was fast, and he finished it after a while.

"Xiao Fu, eat together." Seeing Xiao Er gone, Shen Fu closed the door, Cheng Ningning greeted Shen Fu now.

"Mrs. Xie." Shen Fu did not budge, and only acted in accordance with etiquette.

"I still have to pay for a meal while watching a play. How can I feel a bit worthless?" Picking up the bowl, Cheng Ningning hissed.

(End of this chapter)