After Wearing The Book, I Became The Prime Minister's Cannon Fodder.

Chapter 443 Chapter 443: Impeachment

Chapter 443 Chapter 443: Impeachment

"You think about it the other way, how about having a meal and watching a play?" Gu Qin gave Cheng Ningning dishes and comforted her.

"This can be there." Cheng Ningning suddenly felt relieved, and then really eat and watch the theater.

Needless to say, it really hit me, I beat her for a meal.

"It's getting late, we should go home." After the meal was over, Gu Qin called Cheng Ningning home.

"Okay." It's enough to eat and drink, and the play is over, it's time to go home.

Although the play is somewhat single, that is, two people are walking around, but Cheng Ningning looked at Jolly, who told their family to count her. She was okay because she was okay, not that she didn't care, now that they are doing stupid things, Their home must be peaceful, so why is she not happy?

So this play is beautiful ...

Having been together for so long, Gu Qin has already been able to perceive Cheng Ningning's emotions based on the frequency of breathing alone. Obviously she is very happy at the moment. In this way, what he has done is worth it, and this is just the beginning ...


The son of Hushang Shushu and the son of the servant of the Ministry of Fighting fought for a prostitute on the street. Even if it is not due to the holiday now, the impeached zipper appeared in the emperor's royal case.

Regardless of the time, the imperial imperial impeacher is the one who is impeached to death.

The son does not teach the father the fault, but the son makes the mistake, but the father bears the consequences.

That's why it is necessary to be careful in words and deeds in officialdom, including family members, because often a small thing can be fermented into a big thing that destroys the world.

At this time, Ji Chengxuan must watch first.

I saw a direct joy. If he remembered the two correctly, no, it should be said that the two families had bullied Cheng Ningning in the Prime Minister ’s Office before. He had kept this in mind and waited. The thought of what really made him wait for it was that it took a little longer, more than a month, but it would not be a problem if it was done with two birds with one stone.

I wonder if Gu Qin did it?

"The mission, the Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and the minister of the Ministry of Industry have no way to deprive the palace banquet, punished Lulu for three months."

I don't know, but he looks very happy with this discount, no matter whether or not, this fanciful work is to be done.

It is a pity that the penalty cannot be too heavy.

Suddenly I didn't want to wait another two and a half years, I always felt that this time was a little long.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Chang De immediately ordered.

"Re-declaring the purpose, these years the palace banquet is too boring. I want to see new palace banquets, so that all ministers can show their sincerity. In addition, the palace banquet is down to seven grades, Manchu culture and military, no matter which department, Anyone who can reach the grade can come to the palace feast. "

Rules are dead, people are alive, he is an emperor, whatever he wants, a small palace feast will not cause big waves.

He wanted to see Gu Qin and Cheng Ningning.

Chang De stunned for a moment, but did not expect Ji Chengzheng to make this intention, as a slave, just obey.

"Yes, the slaves obey."

"All who must reach the grade are notified, understand?"

"Yes, the slaves will be notified one by one."

"Go on."

"Yes, the slaves retired." Chang De immediately bowed back.

He has endured for too long, don't want to endure it anymore, don't need to be too fast, even if it is a little bit, he must resist, this is his Jiang family.


The palace banquet has stipulated that the level of officials participating is at least five or more, and it is not without exception. Occasionally, the king is happy. He can do it once during the amnesty, but that is a thing of the past. Too.

As soon as the decree came out, the news was first delivered to the Queen Mother's palace.

At that time, the queen queen was listening to a singing song.

After listening to the news, the queen mother snorted directly. The little emperor hit her in the face. The front foot punished Shang Shu and the minister of the Ministry of Industry for refusing to come to the palace banquet. What is her face?

But just right.

"Go notify the prime minister and let Du Ruoyu prepare for it. Don't wait for the draft next year. It's just a blockbuster at a palace banquet today."

The emperor made a good excuse, and she didn't need to be sorry for him.

"Yes, queen mother-in-law."

"Okay, the rest will let the Prime Minister take care of himself. The two who did not care about their son, let the Prime Minister beat and beat. This time it is a small matter. It may not be necessary next time.

"Yes, queen mother-in-law."

The queen queen waved at the news, and then said to the singing man: "Continue."

The newsman bowed down, and Lingren continued to sing.

The queen mother narrowed her eyes with pleasure.



The emperor's will was aimed at the Shangshufu and Shilangfu of the Ministry of Industry, and the other was aimed at officials below the fifth grade, but the palace feast did not have any new ideas for the Baiguan to prepare properly. This is aimed at the Baiguan.

So whether it was because of the will or pure news, all the will of the emperor came to the Prime Minister.

Intent to pass on his position to his son, so Du Zhen took Du Ruofeng to discuss matters.

"Dad, what does this mean, Your Majesty? Did you deliberately put our faces down?" The front foot was punished by the minister of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Households were not allowed to go to the palace feast, and the index of the palace feast was lowered, which was too obvious.

"It doesn't matter whether they are able to do such a mess, they have to learn something. Now the focus is on your sister."

"Sir Lord, the queen mother came to talk over there." As soon as Du Zhen's words were settled, the whistle of Du Duan was heard outside the door.

"Come in."

"Yes." Du Kuan pushed through the door and entered the house, saluting Du Zhen and Du Ruofeng first, and then he reported, "The queen queen told the grandfather to hit the housekeeper Shangshu and the servant of the Ministry of Industry, and let the lady prepare to The palace banquet was a blockbuster, and the rest was left to the care of the grandfather himself. "

"I see." Du Zhen said in a deep voice.

Du Kuan immediately bowed down.

As soon as Du Kuan left, Du Zhen continued what he said just now, "Since the queen mother has the same meaning, then let your sister prepare for it. The blockbuster at the palace feast was shocked and entered the harem."

The early daughters were not the right age, but Gu Wei's little daughter was just right.

In order to make this astounding, the little girl has not been out in Fuzhong all these years.

"Okay, dad." Du Ruofeng did not resist at all.

"Go and talk to your sister in this matter. After all, she will help you in the future, just like your aunt helps your father."

"Okay, dad, son, go now."

"Go." Du Zhen waved.

Du Ruofeng bowed down.


The emperor said that the imperial decree had to be transmitted to every official residence with more than seven grades, so Changde must reach every official residence.

The decree was made in the morning. According to the decree from door to door according to the grade, fortunately, all the officials were gathered together, and some time was saved.

Gu Qin is now from the fifth grade, so it is relatively backward, and as such, the sunset has begun to go west when the decree is here.

(End of this chapter)