Dressed In The Palm Of The Ex-uncle

Chapter 653: Faceless

Chapter 653: Faceless

Lin Zhenshu heard that he felt a little relieved. Fortunately, his old friend was a Horda. After encountering such a heavy blow, he could still look so open, which is very rare.

"There must be a chance. After you have settled in, remember to write a letter. I have time to go and visit you. At that time, we can have a good drink."

"Okay." Chen Guogong nodded, his eyes fell on Lin Qingyuan, with emotion.

There are many regrets in my heart, but when I think of what my son has done, I think it was a wise move that Lin Qingyuan lied to his death. Otherwise, wouldn't it hurt others now?

Moreover, Chen Xuping's jerk thing is blind and not worthy of Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Zhenshu took a bag from Lin Qingyuan and shoved it into Chen Guogong's hand.

The bag in his hand seemed to be heavy, and Chen Guogong had some wet eyes.

The Chen Guogong Mansion is also a prominent clan, but once it fell into the quagmire, the people who had made good relations with them in the past could not avoid it.

Only Lin Zhenshu could come and send him a helping hand.

Although Chen Guogong was finally pardoned, he was also seized by the pirates. Nowadays, he is even deported from Beijing. A family member is still waiting to eat. Chen Guogong did not pretend to evade the ground, but accepted.

"Benefits from Brother Lin Xian, Chen is unforgettable. If there is a place where I can be useful one day, I will never die!"

Lin Zhenshu was ashamed when he heard that.

Because when Chen Guogong was imprisoned, he couldn't help. Now giving some silver couples, he can only help them temporarily.

"What you said is going to make me feel complacent. I was ashamed that I couldn't help this time." Lin Zhenshu sighed.

"It's us who knows nothing about self-compliance. Before Xing Ping wanted to harm Qingyuan, fortunately, she was fine, otherwise, I didn't face you."

He not only felt that his son did not marry Lin Qingyuan, it was a great regret, but also deeply ashamed that his son had no eyes or eyes.

Lin Zhenshu didn't turn around because Chen Qingyuan was almost killed by Chen Xuping, and he is still very hard to find. Now he is willing to give money to Yin Yin. For him, it is a kindness.

"Things are over, you don't have to worry about it." Lin Zhenshu thanked his daughter for her fraud and escaped.

If not, the daughter would have been married long ago, and she would certainly be deported today.

He really looked away before, thinking that Chen Xuping was a good one. His daughter would be happy if she married him.

He was really blinded by the modest gentleman he showed.

"Well, isn't that Chen Qiyu?" At this moment, Lin Qingyuan's surprised voice pulled back the old people.

Everyone looked and saw that Chen Qiyu got down from a carriage and hurried over here.

Seeing this, Aunt Liu gave a happy face and greeted her.


Chen Qiyu flew into her arms, her voice choked, "Auntie ..."

Aunt Liu's tears shed, and she saw that her daughter was fine, but she finally let go.

Busy looked her over and thought of something, and asked, "Before I heard of you ... what's going on, are you okay?"

Chen Qiyu paused. She wanted to know what her aunty was doing, but she did n’t want to say more about what happened in the yard. She only said, “I ’m fine. The emperor saved me and sent me back to the East Palace. Remember me, I will take care of myself, but you, this journey is a long way to go, and it will be difficult to meet up in the future, my aunt must take care of herself. "Then, put a soft bag into her arms, "Take it away."

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