Dressed In The Palm Of The Ex-uncle

Chapter 654: Lu Liangwei Will Not Have A Mustard

Chapter 654: Lu Liangwei Will Not Have A Mustard

Aunt Liu wanted to refuse, but she had to give up on her daughter's persistent gaze, "I'm fine, anyway, it's already this age, but it's you, outside the East Palace. Besides, there's the viper ... you have to be careful That is it. "

The words of the birth mother Yin Yin told Chen Qiyu to shed tears and hug Aunt Liu, some of them didn't want to let go, and really wanted to stop, as the mother left this place of right and wrong.

But she can't go now, nor can she.

Her revenge has not been reported. At least, she must see Lu Yunshuang's miserable end before she can leave.

"Mother, I'm pregnant with the prince's child." Chen Qiyu whispered in Aunt Liu's ear.

Aunt Liu was shocked, followed by a joy, holding her shoulders and asking excitedly, "Have you really?"

"Um." Chen Qiyu nodded with a smile.

While Aunt Liu was happy, she couldn't help worrying about it. Before her daughter just got the prince's eyes, then Lu Yunshuang persecuted her daughter so much. Now that she is pregnant, wouldn't it be more dangerous.

After seeing her worry, Chen Qiyu calmed down: "It's okay, don't worry too much, how can I be the first child of the prince, and the queen mother also attaches great importance." Then she paused, thinking of the prince's reaction yesterday, She has a little more confidence in her heart.

If the prince has never been better, then this child may become the only child of the prince.

She doesn't expect her children. One day, she can become the supreme person, but at least she is the only child of the prince.

But the premise is that she takes more precautions.

I didn't know before, after passing the darkness of the courtyard, she knew how vicious Lu Yunshuang's man was.

As long as she blocks her way, she can really do anything.

In this case, she needs a backer.

And this backer is not the prince, nor the queen queen, only ... Lu Liangwei!

Although Lu Liangwei and Lu Yunshuang are sisters, she doesn't think that after Lu Yunshuang's horizontal sword wins love, Lu Liangwei will have no jealousy in her heart.

And last time in Jing'an Palace, she was keenly aware that Lu Liangwei and Lu Yunshuang did not deal with it.

As long as she finds Lu Liangwei as a backer, the children in her stomach will be guaranteed.

Aunt Liu was very reluctant to take her daughter, but the official officer waiting to escort them on the road was already urging. She had to let go of her daughter and told him, "Yuer, you must be careful about everything."

Chen Qiyu nodded with tears. "I know that my aunt must take care. I will visit you if I have a chance in the future."

Aunt Liu nodded, and some of her tears stopped.

After a while, I don't know when, if there is any chance to meet again.

When Chen Guogong left, looking at Lin Zhenshu, he was a little bit rested. Finally, he waved his hand and said to the people behind him: "Let's go."

Chen Xuping has already been convicted of the death penalty and will be questioned soon. He asked what happened, and it cannot be changed.

The Lin Zhenshu family watched Chen Guogong's people go far before preparing to enter the city and return home.

Lin Qingyuan took a look at Chen Qiyu who was alone in the shadow, and said to her parents, "Daddy and mother, you go back first, I have something to say to Chen Qiyu."

"Well then, be careful yourself and remember to go home early." Madam Lin warned.

"Got it."

After waiting for a long time, Lin Qingyuan took a step and walked to Chen Qiyu's side, watching her eyes flushed, and said awkwardly, "Are you okay?"

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