Dressed In The Palm Of The Ex-uncle

Chapter 655 Vaguely Glancing at Her Belly

Chapter 655 Vaguely Glancing at Her Belly

Chen Qiyu froze, and did not expect that she would talk to herself, with some surprises.

She was not seen by Chen Xuping since she was a child, and Lin Qingyuan didn't look down on herself. The two met in Chen Guogong's government before and ignored each other.

After a long while, she shook her head. "I'm fine." He paused, "Thank you."

Lin Qingyuan shrugged, "Thank me for what I did, I did nothing."

Chen Qiyu said with a twisted voice: "Thank you for your willingness to speak to me."

Lin Qingyuan heard the words and was a bit embarrassed. "I used to be too narrow and ignorant." She used to see Chen Qiyu everywhere because of Chen Xuping's relationship. Now when she thinks about it, she really didn't have the opinion and the whole heart. Turning around Chen Xuping, I just want to please him everywhere.

"You're not wrong, it's my own fault." Chen Qiyu shook her head and whispered softly.

She used to have a lot of things wrong, thinking about everything and doing things, now thinking about it, it really annoys her life.

"Well, let's stop talking about the past." Lin Qingyuan said.

The two looked at each other and walked slowly towards the city. Behind him, the guard of the East Palace drove the carriage behind them.

"Well, the last time you were taken away by a stun, I saw it. I also told Lu Liangwei that you can be saved and it has a lot to do with her." Lin Qingyuan remembered the incident and said suddenly.

Chen Qiyu was a little surprised. She really didn't expect that when she was taken away last time, she saw it, but—


"Yeah." Lin Qingyuan whispered, "I was almost killed last time to track the person who took you away. Thanks to her, my life was saved. You know, the emperor is very fond of Well, she and the emperor mentioned the yard, and the emperor would go to the yard in person. "

Chen Qiyu just realized that she was so surprised by the fact that she was taken to the yard.

No wonder that day, the emperor would appear in the yard.

"That's really thanks to her." Chen Qiyu said sincerely.

When she fell into the quagmire and couldn't get rid of it, she was redeemed the moment the emperor appeared, so she would never forget the emperor and emperor's grace.

They are all her benefactors.

After hearing that she was pregnant with the prince's child, the emperor sent someone to return her to the East Palace and erased the fact that she had been to the yard.

Whatever the Emperor's purpose was, she was grateful.

"Do you know who killed you for that crime?" Lin Qingyuan asked tentatively.

Chen Qiyu also did not hide, "Prince Princess."

Lin Qingyuan heard the words, and she breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "I used to make good friends with her, and thought how kind she was. For her, I was targeting Lu Liangwei everywhere. As a result, I was a idiot who was playing around The person Lu Yunshuang has a bad heart. You must be careful now that you are in the East Palace. I don't think she will let you go so easily. "Then, she glanced vaguely at her belly.

She heard Lu Liang slightly mentioned that she was pregnant.

With Lu Yunshuang's vicious heart, would he tolerate other waiters' children to be born first?

Chen Qiyu said positively, "Qingyuan, thank you, I will remember your words."

"Why did you become so polite?" Lin Qingyuan said unbearably.

Chen Qiyu laughed, and for the first time after going through the yard, she smiled so heartily.

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