Dressed In The Palm Of The Ex-uncle

Chapter 656: This Is Just An Accident

Chapter 656: This Is Just An Accident

Lin Qingyuan looked a little embarrassed.

It was really strange to find Chen Qiyu who hadn't been greased and powdered again.

"By the way, I heard that Chen Xuping was asked to be chopped, and tomorrow is set, are you going to send him?" Chen Qiyu asked.

After hearing this, Lin Qingyuan gritted his teeth and said, "Of course I want to go, but not to send him, but to see the other person's head fall to the ground. That bastard has done so many harmful things, I just want to see him go dead."

Chen Qiyu sighed and said suddenly, "My brother and he are actually not poor people."

Lin Qingyuan froze and listened to her continue: "He has been blinded by Lu Yunshuang."

Lin Qingyuan smiled bitterly: "You're right. If it weren't for Lu Liangwei, I would still be stupidly lured by Lu Yunshuang and shot by her, but I don't know."

The two said goodbye to each other after walking for a while.

When Lin Qingyuan left, she reminded: "I saw you are different from before, so I said those things to you, Lu Liangwei ... No, queen, if you have something, you can find her, she may be able to help you, she People don't have shelves, they look cold-blooded, but they are actually very enthusiastic. "

Lu Liangwei, who was far away from the palace, couldn't help sneezing. He didn't know that Lin Qingyuan was troublesome, and he had troubled himself.

Chen Qiyu nodded and whispered, "I'm planning to talk to the queen about something."

Lin Qingyuan waved at her, "Well, I'll go back first, so be careful on your way."

"Um." Chen Qiyu nodded and watched her go away before she turned on the carriage.


The Empress Dowager Xiaojing turned the beads in her hand and looked at her sitting for a long time. The grandson with a different expression took a look and asked, "What's the matter, Chier?"

Long Chi came back to God and said, "Grandmother, grandchildren think that just letting Lu Liangwei not be pregnant with the uncle's child is not a perfect policy. In addition to Lu Liangwei, the uncle has other concubines and concubines. It's impossible to defend them all. According to grandchildren, we still have to start on the uncle. "

The Empress Dowager Xiaojing nodded, and flashed harshly in the turbid eyes. "What you said is very much, in fact, I also thought about it. Just two days later, it was autumn hunting. At that time, the emperor must take the minister to Xishan hunting. , That would be a great time. "

Long Chi narrowed his eyes. "Going to Xishan, there is a pass, where there is a cliff with a hundred feet. If an ambush can be set up there, when Uncle Huang passes by, his arrows will burst out, and his horse will suddenly go crazy. Rush into the cliff ... "

"This idea is wonderful. Although we are determined to the throne, we can't let it go. The emperor was taken off the cliff by a crazy horse. This is only an accident. Then you can successfully ascend to the throne without further obstruction." Thinking of this Point, Xiao Jing's slightly cloudy eyes suddenly glowed, as if this matter had been nailed down.

Long Chi also looked happy, but when he thought of it, his complexion was a little more gloomy.

The Empress Dowager Xiaojing didn't notice it. After thinking about it, she continued: "However, the Ai family thought that the matter had to be arranged on the return of the emperor. At that time, the autumn hunting was over, and it was the time when they had the least protection."

Long Chi nodded, "I still think about my grandmother."

The Empress Dowager Xiaojing turned the action of the bead, and couldn't wait to see the scene of Long Jue's burial cliff.

As soon as the evil barrier dies, her grandson can successfully ascend to the throne.


ps: Long Ye: You are all dead, Ye won't die!

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