This Number Is Poisonous

Chapter 317 【I Didn't Think You Are Such a "Dust"

Chapter 317 【I Didn't Think You Are Such a "Dust"

In the end, Lu Ling had no choice but to roam outside Lianhua Village.

The reason is simple. I'm afraid that some moths will emerge.

Anyway, it's good to receive the task reward within 24 hours, and there is still plenty of time.

He first took out the paper cranes, took the two girls and Cat Ear Loli, and went to the treasure hall closest to here.

Inside each Treasure Pavilion, there is a shop named [Seven Stars], which sells magic weapons on the surface. In fact, it is the contact point of the Seven Schools of Martial Arts.

Lu Ling is going to inform the two sword factions here and let them protect the Lotus Village.

By the way, help yourself.

Before leaving, Lu Ling entered the village and came to Abao's home.

After thinking about it, he left some silver coins on the wooden table.

No more and no less, it should be enough for both mother and child to spend these years.

He didn't leave much, because it was easy to cause trouble.

Although in the eyes of others, this is a gift from the fairy, but it is better to be safe.

After doing this, he drove the paper crane and flew in the direction of Treasure Pavilion.

Along the way, Cats curiously said, "Little brother, what shall we do at Jumbo Pavilion?"

Lu Ling replied, "I still have some things to deal with. I need to inform the two swordsmen. As for you ... just go shopping."

After speaking, he also asked: "Sister Four, do you have a spirit stone, if not, here I am ..."

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the cat from north to south.

She took out a storage ring and shook it off in front of Lu Ling, saying, "Before going down the mountain, the three brothers gave it to me, hehe!"

Come on, I was thinking about being generous, and I asked three chicks to go shopping, but as a result, the three brothers had already arranged.

It is worthy of being impoverished.

The cat put the storage ring back to the north and south and patted her small breast on the plate, and said to Lin Chan and Ji Li: "When you have something you like, just tell me, I'll buy it for you!"

It's so damn proud.

However, it can be seen that the cat is a simple hundred-year-old child.

If it's Luling, when someone asks if he has a spirit stone, he will say whether he has it in his pocket, and he will definitely say no.


The nearest Jumbo Pavilion is not far from Lianhua Village.

Lu Ling took out the Dougong from the storage ring and put it on. He split with the three female soldiers in two directions and walked towards the shop of [Seven Stars].

After entering the door, he directly presented his own Mozong token. The token had only one [one] on it, but it represented the special identity of Mozong Houshan.

The shopkeeper immediately greeted Lu Ling to Yajian and bent down to salute.

Lu Ling didn't make nonsense, and went straight to the topic: "Help me inform the disciple of Jianshan Ye Sui'an. There are evil spirits outside the Lotus Village, which has been removed by me. Trouble he sent someone to protect the Lotus Village."

"Okay, I'll tell you this," the shopkeeper replied.

After Lu thought for a while, he said, "Slow."

"What else does your lord command?" The shopkeeper asked.

"Remember to tell him that my surname is Lu, and that there is no need to speak out about it," Lu Ling said.

"Okay, I see."

Lu Ling nodded, and without a word, got up and left.

He acknowledged his identity in order to make Yijianshan and Wanjianshan more attentive.

To be precise, it is Ye Suian's heart.

If he knew it was the senior Lu, he would definitely do his best to contribute.

And since Lu Ling said he would never speak up, he should also understand.

The road seniors have always been low-key.

Although he is doing justice, but he doesn't want to keep his name, it is the model of sword repair of my generation.

In this case, it would be good if we silently sent someone to guard.

The road senior told me to do whatever I want.jpg.

For Lu Ling, as long as his identity is not revealed.

As for the so-called blessing, it should have been done by the two sword schools.

Lu Ling helped solve the altar, and the next chain reaction naturally required two swords to send.

Because the two sword schools sit in Xizhou, enjoy the power of Yizhou, and enjoy the resources of Yizhou, they must protect the peace of Yizhou.

To be precise, this is the rule.

It is the rule of all martial arts in the entire skydust continent.

Just like Mozong is in the Eastern Regions, if something happens in the Eastern Regions, the Mozong will naturally stand up as soon as possible.

The practitioners of Tianchen Continent have always been very low-end.

When they get resources, they don't even think of this as an offering to mortals, but as an employment relationship.

You are willing to let us get resources, then we are your bodyguards, it's that simple.

Lu Ling still remembers very clearly that when he crossed, [Interracial Invasion] had reached a later stage.

A huge war broke out in Xizhou. The aliens wanted to enter a big city, and they seemed to have what they needed.

The sword repair stationed inside the city was blocked out of the city and died outside the city.

The video was recorded and posted to the forum.

The deacon Jianxu of Dacheng screamed through the clouds:

"Xizhou, draw your sword!"

Suddenly, countless sword repair swords pulled out the sheath, the sword gas like rainbow.

Hearing Lu Ling's scalp!

You can see that Lupin's scalp is numb!

Below this video post, there is a comment like the highest.

"The sky is about to fall, and naturally the people on my mountain stand first."

——People are on the mountain for [Immortal].



After leaving the Treasure Pavilion, Lu Ling was surprised to find that Cats North and South with the two girls did not buy anything practical, just that everyone bought a beautiful fairy dress.

Before waiting for them to ask questions, Lu Ling admired: "It looks good!"

To be honest, it really looks good.

The three have different styles and different looks.

It's impossible to choose.

"Now, buy one for you, too." The cat opened the storage ring from north to south and took out a black robe.

There is not much difference between this black robe and Cotai, except that there are golden lines on the cuffs, and the details are prominently luxurious.

"Well, I like it. Who picked it?" Lu Ling asked.

Ji Li put her hands behind her, gently stomped her toes, and blinked.

"Good vision." Lu Ling praised.

Such a simple sentence is expected to make her happy all day.

He took the black robe, took off his robe directly, replaced it, and said, "I'll put it on, then I will go to the ground."

"Ah? Didn't you just close the retreat, Master Xiao?" Cats North and South asked.

"Sister Four, I can't help it, brother I feel a lot." Lu Ling smiled. "It should be to break through the third realm."

"Ah? Let's go, I'll protect you." Cats North and South.

Then, the paper crane flew to the distance, found a deserted hill, and found a quiet place for Lu Ling to break through calmly.

Along the way, Lu Ling also inquired about the cat from north to south. When she broke through the sixth realm, she might have a robbery.

The cat told him with a smug look from the north and the south, saying, "Naturally, it's a robbery! But your sister Shi Si is so powerful, isn't it easy to do it?"

She was proud that the ears of the pair of cats were straight, and if the tails of the cats were still there, it would probably be tilted.

Lu Ling smiled and said nothing.

After finding a place that was fairly clean, Lu Ling simply cleaned it up with dust removal, then sat down cross-legged and opened his own character panel.

He first clicked to submit the promotion task, and then clicked to upgrade again.

The next moment, the surrounding Aura was disordered in an instant.

A small aura of vortex formed, rushing in the direction of Cotai.

This is the ferocity of the third realm, to carry the baptism of aura.

The cat was standing in the distance from north to south, looking forward to seeing the younger brother tremble.

Because the more powerful you are, the harder it is to get through. When she breaks through the third realm, she is also busy, and the terrible aura of vortex even made her lose a lot of cat hair!

The cat looked at the opera from the north to the south, and did not forget to say Ji Li and Lin Chan came over to watch the fun together.

When Reiki swirled around Cotai, I saw him suddenly open his eyes, then raised his hand and waved the sleeves of his black robe.

Then he directly received the reward for the promotion task.

For a moment, under this sleeve waving, a mysterious ripple spread from him to the center, directly crushing the Aura Vortex!

The violent aura swirled into a little pure aura, flashing golden light, and quickly poured into Lu Ling's body ...



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