This Number Is Poisonous

Chapter 318 [Kendo Qualification 9: Innate Sword Body]

Chapter 318 [Jiandao Qualification 9 Congenital Sword Body]

The kitten closed itself.

Why is it that I was so embarrassed when I was crossing the robbery, but the young master is so light and light?

This feels like rushing home when it's raining, and the practitioners who have a little food don't have an umbrella in the rain.

Great practitioners have umbrellas, but they always wet their shoes and pants.

Cotai was amazing, he waved his sleeves ...

--It is bright!

The reason why Cat North and South closed itself was because she had just experienced the calamity of the sixth realm.

When she broke the third realm, she was shed by the Reiki vortex, and the cat hair fell to the ground.

When she broke the sixth realm, she was chopped by thunder with cat hair ...

Before going down the mountain, she ironed all the cat's hair straight, especially on her ears, to save her image.

However, she was happy for her younger brother.

Not to mention, the higher the repair, the longer the life span, so long as Lu Ling doesn't "halt" halfway, he will be able to eat more of his fried dishes for decades.

Suck! Think of it and feel happy.

The cat was standing in front of the north and south, and said to the back of Ji Li and Lin Chan with gracious heart: "You have a good look. It won't be long before you will get through the calamity, just take the experience ...

As she spoke, she turned her head and saw that Ji Li's eyes were full of little stars, and Lin Chan stared at Lu Ling intently, which seemed superfluous to what she had just said.

At this moment, Lu Ling's aura of absorption has reached a critical moment.

The dazzling aura poured into his body in a frenzy, bringing him a full range of ascension.

This process is not painful, but rather the same as when the [Immortal Fire] was tempered, it is very refreshing.

Because of the painful part, it has been “one-click skipped” by Lu Ling. The Reiki vortex is directly converted into pure Reiki, which is very comfortable, just like a hot spring.

Of course, the greatest pleasure of taking a hot spring is that there are people nearby.

This is not comparable to Reiki.

Fortunately, the whole process did not produce any moths, and it was no different from other practitioners when they were robbing.

It's just that his aura of vortex is more fierce and the gain is greater.

From this point of view, although Lu Ling [Swordless Man] is special, the heaven and earth will not seem to treat him as an alien.

To put it simply, Tiandao treats him as a person.

-Did not consider him a pure sword.

After all the surrounding spiritual powers got into the body and were digested cleanly, Lu Ling carefully felt his strength growth.

The overall 10% improvement is still obvious.

And he has obtained a lot of special attribute points early, and his spiritual strength and consciousness are very ambitious.

Today, he is far more terrible than the boss!

If players of the same level want to shoot at him, I am afraid that the group may not win!

In this regard, Lu Ling is very satisfied.

In the previous life, the 31-level fierce stickman, if it is in front of him, it is only for the second.

"Strange, why should I take my former self as the unit of measurement?" Lu Ling groaned in his heart.

Then he stood up and walked towards the three women in the distance with a smile.

It seemed that what he had just crossed over was not robbery, but just had a great meal.



Outside Lianhua Village, a voluptuous woman's royal sword flew by.

She was wearing a strong outfit, which was a more tight-fitting one, and she outlined her uneven body to the fullest.

In particular, those long, straight, long legs are eye-catching and belong to the kind that can be licked by the legs.

But if there is a player present, you will definitely find it-this beautiful girl is a red name!

The red name NPC can make players excited and bubbling.

It ’s so beautiful to cut with a knife. It ’s so wonderful!

A woman is an alien, her cultivation is at the pinnacle of the fourth realm, and it belongs to Xizhou, which is not bad, but it is not too eye-catching.

After all, the fifth realm is a watershed. Above the fifth realm, you can be called a great practitioner.

Otherwise, no matter how old you are, you can only be called a practitioner.

"Even if the waste of the Black Blood tribe is killed, there are still 18 people who died, even the altar was destroyed!" She was burning in anger in her heart: "who did it!"

She came here to see if there were any clues.

As she passed by the small lake, she felt her genius carefully, and then mumbled to herself, "The breath of the sword ..."

"It was made by Jian Xiu." She concluded.

As she was preparing to continue her inspections, several sword lights flew from a distance, which was particularly eye-catching.

She tried to hide herself, only to find a man in a blue shirt, who looked very handsome.

The other party is obviously lower than herself, but she is keenly aware of her existence.

This alarmed her.

Fortunately, the man just glanced at him casually, treating her as a Xixiu ordinary sword repair, and then continued to fly forward.

"It looks pretty good and conforms to my mind." After the woman Chang Shu sighed, she said in her heart.

Of course, she also recognized the identities of these people through the costumes, they came from the two sword schools!

The woman took another look at the back of the most eye-catching man in the crowd, and then gave a slight glance.

They actually flew to Lotus Village and landed at the entrance of the village!

what's going on?

Combining the breath of the sword at the small lake ...

"His--!" The woman took a sigh of cold air and came to a conclusion:

— "The altar was destroyed by two sword schools!"

She didn't even think about it and fled here quickly.

This matter is no longer qualified for her.

Even this place must be regarded as a forbidden place for aliens and cannot be returned!

If the two swordsmen are brought to the attention again, the plans of the whole Xizhou area may be affected.

"The big picture is important!" She decisively chose Congxin.


On the other side, outside Lotus Village.

Ye Suian stood at the entrance of the village, and after thinking about it, went to the village.

Yes, after receiving the news from Luling, he not only made the arrangement immediately, but also came here in person.

"The matter of Lu's predecessor is that of Ye Sui'an. Not only should we pay attention to it, but also give him a beautiful appearance!" Ye Sui'an thought so.

Perhaps this is the power of idols.

Came here to protect you, the sword repairers of Yijianshan and Wanjianshan did not hide their identities.

As a giant in Xizhou, what are they hiding?

The best in Xizhou is them. They directly identify themselves and say: Here we are!

This effect is the best.

As the swords fell from the sky, the villagers naturally thought that they had encountered the gods again.

The headed Ye Sui'an is a charm 9, and when you look at it, you will feel fairy, which is in line with everyone's imagination.

It is ... a little worse than the god of black robes the other day.

Ye Suian first learned the situation from the village chief.

The village chief didn't know much, not even that Lu Ling had killed 18 more people in order to protect the village.

They only knew that Lu Ling rescued Abao's mother from the wicked, and nothing more.

But who is Ye Suian?

He is not a fool.

"Since the senior Lu asked me to send someone here to protect him, it was impossible for him to be just because of an evil practice."

"I want to come because Lu Lu also did some feats, but just didn't let these villagers know."

"Well, these villagers don't even know the names of seniors, and it's not clear who helped them."

Hidden strength and name.

After Ye Suian expressed his reverence for Lu Ling in his heart, he specifically asked the village chief to take him to Abao's home.

A Bao's mother has awoken, and a sudden change in her home has made this hot woman who seems to be hot every day looks like a person.

The man she hated left.

She would no longer have to sew clothes for that stupid donkey man during the break.

But why is it so uncomfortable in my heart?

Had it not been for Luling to leave the dates behind Houshan, Abao would have softened and dunked, and let the woman eat one, supplementing her energy and spirit, she might have a serious illness as a result.

In terms of comforting people, Ye Suian didn't have any talent, so he didn't know what to say for a moment.

He only saw a date in front of the spirit card of the dead man in the house.

He recognized that it was a date from the backstory of Mozong.

When Lu Ling was traveling with Lu Ling, Lu Ling also received dates with him.

Lu Ling gave Abao three, because Abao wanted to have both Ama and Adie.

It's a pity that Dad can't eat anymore and can only be placed in front of his tablet.

Ye Suian looked at the boy, speculating in his heart: "It seems that Senior Lu should like this child quite well."

He walked in front of Abao like a ghost, squatted down, and gently nodded the boy's brows.

This is probing his qualifications.

The next moment, the waves rippled in the air.

A total of eight!

This surprised Ye Suian.

What surprised him most was that he felt a breath similar to himself on this boy!

——The breath of innate sword body!


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