This Number Is Poisonous

Chapter 319 [Indispensable Things in Practice]

Chapter 319 [Indispensable Things in Practice]

The disciples who followed Ye Sui'an to the Lotus Village and looked at the eight ripples rippling from the air were shocked first, then a ecstasy!

Found the treasure! Found a genius!

They did not know the specific reason for coming to the Lotus Village, but looking at the ripples on Abao's body, they only felt that the trip to protect the village made a big deal!

They don't know now, Ye Suian has already felt the breath of the innate sword body on this boy, otherwise, they might be so speechless.

Ye Sui'an took a deep look at A Bao, and the child was also looking at him.

The boy wondered why the fairy wanted to squat down and suddenly poke his brows.

Ye Suian was even more puzzled.

He didn't know whether he had picked up a sea relic, or did he say that ... this was left to him by senior Lu?

The latter seems more likely.

Senior Lu was born with a sword, and his disciple, Lin Chan, was born with a sword.

And I am a congenital sword body, and now I meet another congenital sword body ...

-Accept him! Accept him as a disciple!

Ye Suan'an felt such an idea in an instant.

He wants to take A Bao as a disciple!

In this way, it can be considered a match with senior Lu.

——Double Sword Tire and Double Sword Body!

"That's good!" Ye Suian said in his heart.

He kept squatting and said in a soft voice, "You're A Bao, right?"

"Well," the boy replied ignorantly.

He didn't actually understand why the fairy clicked his eyebrows and rippled in the air?

Ye Suian continued: "A Bao, my teacher inherits Yijian Mountain and Wanjian Mountain. It is the only successor of Jianshan today. Will you be my first disciple?

After listening, Abao was even more embarrassed.

Yijian Mountain and Wanjian Mountain are famous in Xizhou, and mortal people are like thunder.

But he is a little boy, but he has no concept.

Instead, the woman aside looked up, shocked.

For this woman who has lost her husband, the child is all she has.

She never thought that her son had the opportunity to worship the immortal as a teacher.

This is an opportunity that can change a lifetime and even the fate of the entire family!

If this is the case, she would be accountable to men a hundred years later.

Therefore, the woman immediately got up, knelt directly in front of Ye Suian, and then pulled Abao's sleeve hard, saying, "Abao, kneel down and worship!"

Ye Suian quickly lifted up the woman, which made it impossible.

But Abao's kneel bowed his head and he accepted it openly.

The disciples of the two major sword schools looked at this scene, but felt that Brother Ye was indeed Brother Ye, decisive enough!

Suddenly added talent to our two sword schools!

After a lot of ups and downs in the mood, the woman just felt a little weak on her body. She leaned on the wooden pillar, holding her hands with her hands behind her, and looked at the child who had finished the ceremony, tears in her eyes.

She summoned great courage before asking: "Xian ... Xian Chang, I wonder when you will take Abao on your journey?"

"Can ... let Abao have another meal at home?" She trembled, nervous.

The man has gone, and now even the children have to leave themselves and follow the fairy to practice.

She wanted to make a meal for Abao and make his favorite egg custard.

Ye Suian looked at the woman and smiled, "You are A Bao's mother. You can just call me Ye Ye. As for A Bao, I will send someone to teach him to read and write in the village. In the year he was older, I will bring him back to the Zong. "

"Really ... really?" The woman cried.

But at the same time, she had some troubles.

She covets the time when the child stays with her, and fears that because of her greed, the immortal will forget him after a few years, and let Abao miss the immortal fate.

Ye Suian is not stupid. He can guess one from a woman's expression.

He smiled and said, "A Bao is a wizard who has no other practice, and I attach great importance to him. But he is still young, and according to the rules, if his parents are alive, he cannot take him back to the mountain so early. "

After speaking, he also added: "This is the rule left by the patriarch. From the patriarch's point of view, the child's childhood needs a close companion."

To be precise, in the Dust Continent, many gates have similar rules.

The road to spiritual practice is long, and the moment is short.

Such rules are not only good for the state of mind of the practitioners, they will also be of great help to their lives.

After all, the so-called life is the grandest practice.

The life of a practitioner is too long.

When you are afraid of cultivation, when you look back at the world, you will have endless regrets.

It's not a problem to practice a few years too late. It just happens that I can learn a little more during these years without harm.

The woman heard that her eyes were red again, and she sent her head to salute again.

Abao was also happy to see that she could stay with her.

For him at this age, if he left A-Ma, he would be afraid of sleeping at night.

As for reading and writing, Abao has always longed for it, but at this time, he saw the suona hanging around his waist, and thought of the father who taught him to play suona.

"God ... Master Fairy." A Bao was timid and authentic.

Ye Sui'an crouched down again, looking up at the newly-loved lover, and asked, "Remove the word" fairy. "

"Oh ... Master ... Master."

"Well, what is it?"

Abao gently fiddled with Suona hanging around her waist, and said with a very light and trembling voice: "Can I, when I finish reading, can I take time ... to practice Suona?"

"Aye said ... said it was an ancestral craft."

"The goddess who previously saved Granny also told me to practice well."

Ye Suian heard the words, glanced at Suona, and frowned slightly.

"Did you still have such words?"

"Ancestral craftsmanship should be inherited."

"Senior Lu really is a gentle person in his bones." Ye Suian thought in his heart.

And just as Ye Suian thought about it, A Bao glanced at the woman timidly.

When Dad used to teach himself Suona, Mom always could not help saying a few words on the side. Although it will not come to stop, but the mouth will not stop.

But today's granny said nothing.

He even went to Master and wanted to kneel down again and begged.

The useless man left such a skill for his son.

The craftsmanship left by the ancestors!

Ye Suian quickly hurriedly said, "No need to salute anymore, even if you want to practice after you come back with me, don't forget to practice."

"Thank you ... Master Xie," Abao said in a mosquito-like voice.

Ye Suian patted his head gently, smiled and didn't speak.

At this time, he remembered a very important thing!

"A Bao should be a nickname, I don't know the name of my apprentice, it's really confusing!" He said in his heart.

He continued to squat, looking up at his apprentice, and said, "Abao, are you a nickname? What's your name?"

A Bao looked at Master, whispered his name, and told Master why his own father had given him the name.

When Ye Suian heard this, he slowly nodded and said, "Good name, your dad didn't tell you anything wrong. I hope that you can live up to your expectation of your dad."

After that, he added: "You have to remember that the person who saved your grandma is called Lu Ling. He and your teacher's chances were also given by him. Do you remember?"

In fact, in Ye Suian's view, with the talent of Abao, both sword genres owe a big favor to Lu Ling!

Although Bao Bao didn't understand, he nodded honestly and said nicely: "Remember."

He actually liked the fairy wearing a black robe, because he was very gentle and people looked good. He also saved Ama and gave me dates.

He'll remember the name all his life.


A few years later, a sword was repaired in Zhenzhou.

One of his most praiseworthy things is his willingness to take revenge.

The most strange thing is that this powerful sword repairer always likes to have a suona hanging around his waist.

The sword is called Li En.

The graciousness of the gratitude.


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