This Number Is Poisonous

Chapter 320 [Demon Great Saint]

Chapter 320 [Demon Great Saint]

Lu Ling didn't know what happened in Lianhua Village.

After he reached level 31, the first thing he did was adapt to his improved strength.

Therefore, it is not only cats north and south, but even Lin Chan and Ji Li have been trained by him as a companion.

That night, he fought the three women for three hundred rounds, and he had a precise understanding of his current strength.

In the battle with Lin Chan and Ji Li, he clearly felt that his suppression of Jian Xiu had been strengthened.

In the discussion with the cat, he can feel the improvement of his spiritual power and consciousness.

At the same time, because he obtained 1 [knife path qualification], he can also exert a subtle suppressive effect on cats with a knife.

"Little Master seems to be getting more and more powerful." Little Loli thought in her heart.

This completely eliminated her pride after breaking through to the sixth realm.

Lu Ling progressed too fast, and the ghost knew if he would catch up with her someday.

In order to maintain her dignity as a sister, she did not want to be overtaken by her younger brother.

Because she couldn't beat her sister, she was often crushed and deformed by her sister, turning her into a little black cat, and then stroking her.

She felt that the younger brother and the second sister had the same bad taste!

If he surpassed him, he would be stabbed!

In the hearts of the cats north and south, there was a hint of urgency.



The next day, Lu Ling woke up early, took a deep breath of the fresh air in the morning, and then took out a set of tools and ingredients from the storage ring to prepare breakfast for everyone.

A man feeding three women. There is also endless fun.

For Lu Ling, the thrill of feeding can hardly be said to bring him a pleasant mood.

Today, I made glutinous rice balls. During the course of eating, Lu Ling said, "Nothing is happening now. We might as well go to [Jingzhongyue], and we will leave Xizhou after the Ji Pear trial is over."

Of course, before leaving, he had to go to the border of Xizhou to bid farewell to the boundary monument.

It's a pity that Lin Chan's current practice has not yet reached the minimum requirements for entering [Jing Zhongyue]. Otherwise, it is possible for Xiao Chaner to participate in the trial.

As for the [Sword of Inheritance], which was obtained from the boundary monument Di Da, he has not given it to Lin Chan now.

Because this thing looks extraordinary, [鹧鸪 天] is definitely not an ordinary broken sword. He thinks it is better to wait until he returns to Houshan before taking it out.

Save any unnecessary trouble in Xizhou.

Of course, no one objected to Cooper's suggestion.

So, after eating the glutinous rice ball, Lu Ling drove the paper crane and flew towards Jing Zhongyue.

After arriving at the place, Cotai landed a little farther away from the sword mound, so as to save the heaven and earth vision that caused another sword to contend.

They have loud voices and sound too loud.

The disciples of the two major sword garrisons stationed here immediately greeted when they saw that it was Lu Ling.

Consistent with the last time I came to [Jin Zhongyue], the resident disciples are from the same group and have not yet changed shifts.

They have reverence for Lu Ling, and they are naturally particularly enthusiastic.

And Yijianshan and Wanjianshan compare everything ...

Therefore, one match one enthusiasm!

Lu Ling looked at the leading disciples of the two sword schools and smiled, "I'm here to accompany the juniors here to test, I wonder if I can enter the hall of [Jingzhongyue] together and wait in the hall. As an escort? "

He did it mainly for cats north and south.

[Jing Zhongyue] Only Jian Xiu can enter, and cats cannot go north or south without relying on tokens.

"Senior Lu is a noble guest, naturally it is okay." Yi Jianshan's leader took the lead.

When Wan Jianshan's leader saw Yi Jianshan scrambling, he immediately pulled out his own token and said, "Senior Lu can use my Wan Jianshan's token."

Lu Ling: "..."

With these two teams stationed here, are you sure you will not start an internal fight first?

It doesn't feel very reliable ...

It wasn't until he entered the lobby of the replica that Cooper realized a problem.

This is not our own [Guishou Shou], we are from outside.

Outsiders come to pass the barriers to "buy tickets."

Last time I looked like ... Didn't pay?

And with Ji Li coming through the barriers today, the other party did not mean to charge me?

How sorry?

In the future, people who meet Yijianshan and Wanjianshan will be polite.

Although as a "swordless man", Tian Kejian Xiu, don't stare at Yijian Mountain and Wanjian Mountain.

As in the last time, as soon as I entered the copy hall, I saw [zhen shou] Ai sauce.

Ai sauce is a wormwood into a monster, the full name is Ai Qing, a weird name.

The strength estimate is less talked about, and there is also the peak of the sixth realm, which may also be the seventh realm!

After he appeared, he first nodded his head, and then turned his eyes to the cat sitting on the shoulder of the cat.

At the same time, the cat was looking at him from north to south.

After a while, Ai Qing stooped slowly and solemnly walked towards the cat north and south.

The cat first glanced north-south, then got a clear look, and said, "You have actually seen it."

After saluting, Ai Qing slowly got up, and said, "Fortunately, she has awakened some abilities and is more sensitive."

"So it is." Cat North and South.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Lu Ling was in the mist.

"I don't understand!"

He didn't understand why Ai was saluting cats north and south, and he didn't understand what they were talking about.

After Ji Li entered the copy, Ai Qing did not stay here, it is estimated that she went somewhere to monitor everything in the copy.

Lu Ling and others were waiting outside. He asked curiously: "Sister Four, what's wrong with Ai Qing?"

The cat choked his cat's ears north and south, and said, "He is very conscious and he senses the holy blood in my body."

"Holy Blood?" For the first time, Lu Ling heard about it.

The cat nodded slightly from north to south, and continued, "Mr., didn't you tell you, in ancient times, the great demon who reached the ninth realm was called the great demon of the demon race."

Lu Ling nodded. The husband did say that, the last time he asked him about the origin of the green beads, he said.

The cat sat next to Lu Ling, saying: "The so-called holy blood is actually the inheritance of the ancient holy saint. Obtaining the holy blood is equivalent to obtaining the holy mantle."

"So, in fact, he is not saluting me anymore, he is expressing his respect for the ancient saint." The cat sat on the stone bench, shaking his feet in the air.

"Amazing four-sisters, there is still the legacy of the demon tribe." Lu Ling smiled, trying to reach out and rub her cat ears.

The cat slapped his big hand from north to south, and he was not allowed to touch it.

But Lu Ling still stuck her hand forward. After she symbolically hid, she let Lu Ling gently squeeze her soft furry cat ears and said:

"What's so good, I just accidentally acquired the heritage in the ruins before transformation, which caused me not to grow up!"

"It's annoying!" She stomped angrily, but because her legs were short and she couldn't touch the ground, she turned into a kick in the air.

It turns out that the reason cats can't develop from north to south is because of this!

Anyway, now is waiting for the end of Ji Li's breakthrough, everyone is idle, and Lu Ling asks:

"Sister Four, what kind of inheritance did you get? What kind of race is that Great Saint?"

The cat did not hide from north to south, saying: "It is the predecessor of my cat family. In ancient times, the only great holy cat cat."

— "Nine-Life Cat."


(End of this chapter)