This Number Is Poisonous

Chapter 321 [I am a practitioner]

Chapter 321 [I am a practitioner]

"Nine-Life Cat?" Lu Ling gave a slight stun.

He has also heard that cats have nine lives.

There are many explanations for this in modern people. One of them is that cats have strong survivability. Jumping from extremely high places can also be intact. In other aspects, there are special magical things. The expression of nine lives symbolizes that it is difficult to die.

Of course, this is a fairy world.

So, the so-called Nine-Life Cat is likely to have nine lives.

"Sister Four, do you have nine tails?" Lu Ling quipped with a smile.

"How is it possible! I'm not of the fox family, so there are so many tails," the cat replied from north to south.

Then she said ruthlessly: "I warn you, don't hit my tail, that's a place you can't touch!"

"Okay, how dare I." Lu Ling smiled.

At the same time, he said in his heart: "It's okay if you don't say, I want to touch it when you say it."

Unfortunately, he doesn't have the terrifying strength of the second division sister, he can't break the north and south transformation of the cat.


After a little sigh in his heart, he did not continue to talk about the topic in depth.

About half an hour later, Ai Qing's voice came from afar.

"Ji Li, who has not cleared customs, is ranked 59th."

"Well done!" Lu Ling smiled and opened the prize.

"Yes, it didn't shame me to Mozong, huh!"

Ji Li, however, has just arrived in the second level, which has just reached the minimum requirements for entering the copy.

In this case, it is still outstanding.

Lin Chan sat aside, looking at the smiling Master, silently remembering in his heart: "Excellent in [Jing Zhongyue], you can get Master's praise."

She decided to practice well the next day, and strive to get a good result when she comes to [Ji Zhongyue] to break through the barrier.

After about a minute, Ji Li transmitted from the copy.

She looked around until she saw the Cotai sitting not far away, and trot towards him immediately.

Watching her trot all the way, she dazzled Lu.

"How many levels have you reached?" Lu Ling asked.

"The third pass, didn't break through." Ji Li answered honestly.

"It's pretty good, and it's doing very well," Lu Ling praised.

There are so many people here, Ji Li doesn't show much, just smiles sweetly.

If only she and Lu Ling were two, she would not only happily stamp her feet, she might also be tempted to turn around.

Fortunately, she is already a big girl, knowing that she has to be restrained outside, she can only shake her invisible little tail at Lu Ling in private.

Lu Ling looked at Ji Li and asked, "Do you have any thoughts after going through the barriers? Do you need to find a place to retreat for a while?"

Ji Li nodded, not concealing and being polite in this regard.

With her qualifications, I went through [Jingzhongyue] and couldn't get nothing.

I believe it won't be long before she can take a big step forward in kendo.

"Let's go," Lu said.

Then, with a signature smile and a kind smile, he said goodbye to Ai Jie and his disciples in the two sword schools.



Wumu City is a small city in Xizhou, where Cotai found a rather quiet inn, and took Ji Li and others to stay.

Ji Li is estimated to be in retreat for a few days, and in the past few days, Lu Ling can make full use of it to harvest the leeks in Xizhou.

After coming to Xizhou, he has been busy and busy, and has not had time to go to the sand sculpture players in Xizhou for a while.

He opened the forum and took a look, and found that players in Xizhou posted a lot of posts about Baidi in the forum.

"He said that he is coming to Xizhou. Has Baidi released our pigeons?"

"Bai Di, Bai Ge, you don't know, silly!"

"I beg Baidi to show up! The buddy who posted that Baidi came to Xizhou to broadcast live shit has been very arrogant recently. Relying on Baidi, he hasn't shown up. He put a word in his post and has changed one day's shit to eat three. God, it's crazy! "

Lu Ling looked at these posts, smiled slightly, and felt a little urgency in his heart.

Because the players are actually upgrading very quickly, these low-level skills he bought can only be popular for a short period of time, or it will be out of date.

Although the cost of getting up early to pay back has long been profitable, but how dark is Lu Ling's heart, can he be too much?

Lu Ling's running illusion [Way of Heart], soon changed, and became the vest of Baidi.

Nowadays, his [Charm] attribute has been increased to 3 points, and he feels more and more handy when he casts [Free Heart].

Even if the realm is much higher than him, he may not be able to see through his illusion!

After making all the preparations, Lu Ling quickly came out of the city.

Then, I found a place where the players are more dense, and arrived.

"Well! There is an NPC there, the back looks so handsome." A female player said.

"Bottom! It's Baidi!" A brawny player yelled.

"Oh! It's Baidi! Chong!"

With a sound of exclamation, Lu Ling quickly gathered a group of players in front of him.

Many players also posted Baidi's coordinates on the forum. It is estimated that many players will immediately rush to this side when they see the post.

Next, it's the same.

With an altar of spirits, you can learn skills.

In addition to gaining a lot of experience, Cotai can also bring the spirit wine from Xizhou to the Eastern Region for sale.

We do not produce wine, we are just spirit porters.

In Xizhou, sword repair is the mainstream, and most players will choose to learn sword.

The reason is very simple. Most of the ancestral gates in Xizhou are also kendo gates. There is no sand sculpture in the kendo gates, but it is a minority after all.

Therefore, the group of players surrounding Cotai is basically a sword in their hands, ranging from short to thick, thick and thin, hard and short, and various.

Today, he was in a hurry to go out. Lu Ling came out of the city to cut leek in the afternoon. He also looked at the sun and was about to go down. He decided to do so today.

You have to go back and cook!

In Lu's eyes, feeding is a must-do.

The sand sculpture players in front of them form a long line. It is estimated that in reality, there is no such quality in the game.

Lu Ling, who changed into a middle-aged Confucian student, said, "That's all for today, and the old man will come back tomorrow."

"Ah?" Players who didn't line up just felt like they wanted to vomit blood.

There was a riot at the scene.

The idol star looks like an autograph to the fans. After signing for a while, he is ready to leave. The fans who did not get the signature are desperately trying to squeeze in, trying to stop the idol.

Lu Ling watched the players converge on themselves and said:

"Back down!"

Next, he ran the small sword in the sword's heart, exerted power on the sword repair players' swords, and gave them to Zhenfei.

At the next moment, a large number of players only felt that a force gathered on their bodies, pulling them backwards and pulling them back together several steps!

This power made them unable to resist at all!

When they hold their feet, where is the figure of Baidi?

Players, look at me, I look at you, everyone's face is fierce.

With just two words, so many people have retreated?

How did you do it?

Soon, many clever players came up with a very reliable guess:

——Baidi is a great practitioner!

Baidi must be a great practitioner on the fifth level!


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