Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Chapter 197 Touching Fish in Muddy Water

Chapter 197 Touching Fish in Muddy Water

The Prince Prince understood the meaning of the four princes, and if he was transferred to the Fuzhong guard at this time, I was afraid that Xuan Yuanbo would find a hole.

"Four younger brothers said that, that ..."

When Master Zhang heard that the tone of the Prince had changed, he cried even harder, and kept gimmicking: "If the Prince does not care about the old minister, the old minister will not be able to live."

The prince was in a dilemma, so he looked at the four princes. The four princes grasped and helped Mr. Zhang to appease him: "Mr. Zhang said that nothing is trivial. He said that the security of the capital is not strict and people are worried. If he stresses it, he may endanger the safety of the emperor in the palace and the queen's wife. Mr. Zhang still has to resign in the morning, asking him to dispatch troops to investigate the matter thoroughly. "

"But ..." Mr. Zhang was afraid he would come again, tomorrow is too far away for him.

The four kings of the cave watched the fire and continued: "Master Zhang is reassured that the tartars will not dare to return today. The responsibility of the guards in Beijing is ultimately a security camp, and you must go there to seek asylum. I have sheltered you, and it is inevitable that the father and the emperor will form a party with suspicion, which will do you no good. "

Master Zhang heard his face more panic than before, and had to leave with anxiety. He came to the door and saw hundreds of people in black jumping to the hospital. Mr. Zhang sat on the ground with his buttocks, and stepped on the ground to make himself back again and again, screaming in astonishment: "It's them, it's them ... they're here ..."

The people present were both surprised and suspicious. How could the comer be a bandit, shouldn't it be Xuan Yuanpe's horse? At this time, the prince waited for a stinking smell, and then looked away, seeing a large piece of wetness in front of adult crotch. The Crown Prince disdain: "Waste!"

Where did he know the fear in Lord Zhang's heart, he was tumbling over the beauties, and was mentioned by several men in black. The people around the courtyard outside looked around and watched the lords and imperishable ladies who were so high on the weekdays thrown away. It's rare that Mr. Zhang didn't hit the pillar immediately.

The four princes had no time to talk to Master Zhang and said to the prince, "Here!"

Just when they were planning to do a big fight, they came to gain personal gains, and a large group of men and women came outside the villa. These people are in the same order, and the order is huge.


With a loud noise, the villa door was knocked open.

The four kings almost thought that they had read it wrong, but they came from the security camp. Xuan Yuanbo dare to use such security camps with such fanfare? In a moment, the four princes of kung fu understood: "Oops! They want to stir the water."

The leader of the security battalion is Ye Feng, the leader of a battalion. He led the Bailai and shouted at the gate of Yishuishanzhuang: "Bold hair thief, dare to do evil in Beijing, and you will not be arrested. Give it to me, and protect it Prince. "

For a while, the guards of Yishuishanzhuang, the men in black, and the security guards mingled in a mess.

The situation is even more out of control than Grandpa Prince, they expected. The four princes had to protect the crown prince first, and at the same time, they must take down the man in black.

At this moment, a tall figure visited around Yishuishanzhuang. He was extremely quick, and it was almost impossible to detect his presence. He rummaged through more than half of Yishui Mountain Villa without any trace of Xiyan. He didn't dare to think about all the possibilities, and he couldn't regret it. If he was late ... if ... no, no, no, no time.

At the time of mixed feelings, a thin, dark figure in front of him blocked his way: "You are finally here."

(End of this chapter)